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The Assassin's Enemy Lover

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Chapter 1 - A glimpse at the main character

In an ill-lit five square meter room with grey walls and a small table was a man silently seated with his head hung low. He was well dressed in a tailored suit and expensive hair cut making him unsuited for this gloomy environment.

His long side-swept fringe covered part of his eye that was closed shut. With his neck elongated on one side, it exposed the tattoo right under his collar. It was a three-star tattoo that seemed alive. A better way to describe it would be a 3D tattoo done to perfection.

On his wrist was an expensive vintage watch from thousands of years ago when earth still existed. It had simple leather straps giving of the illusion that it was cheap but upon closer inspection, you could see its worth.

Its bezel was formed from brilliant diamonds set back to back forming a powerful significant presence. The watch on its own was a rarity in this era that the rich sought after for prestige.

His hands were crossed together on his chest as he slept. On his right thumb and middle finger, he wore black rings with barely visible patterns that were hard to make out.

In conclusion, his entire person shouldn't be in a place like this that closely resembled a prison cell. One would think they had arrested the wrong person and that it was all a misunderstanding but the brace on his neck said otherwise. That was the only thing on his body that looked out of place.

It was silver all-around with a bright red light in the front. This confirmed his status as a suspect that had been apprehended. The graveyard silence soon came to an end as the sound of the automated doors sliding open reverberated in the air.

A man dressed in a black combat suit with a lot of military badges across his chest entered the room. This suit was nothing like what the military in old earth wore. It was a high tech suit fitted to his body and equipped with countless concealed weapons.

He sat down opposite the man who was sleeping peacefully like he wasn't being held against his will. Annoyed for his presence not being acknowledged the soldier knocked the table to wake the man up.

It seemed his method worked because the sleeping man slowly opened his eyes as he swept back his fringe and revealed a superb face that could bring down nations. He stared at him with his peach blossom eyes as a sly smile spread across his face like an alluring temptress trying to lure him to the dark side.

"And here I was thinking the Marshal would honour me with a visit," he said in a low husky voice that could get a girl pregnant just by hearing it.

The soldier licked his dry lips as he averted his gaze reminding himself who this man was and what he represents. The shell was splendid but the insides were spoilt. This spoilt rotten man was Zi Han, a former high ranking sergeant of the Onyx Interplanetary Federation Army.

He was the cream of the crop rubbing shoulders with great people like Marshal Yi but at some point, he fell from grace just as the saying goes the bigger they come, the harder they fall.

For years his face was plastered across the empire as the federation's most wanted man with a fat bounty on top of his head. And the crime? He murdered the prime minister of Loch Ness star in front of a live audience during the re-christening of a warship called Foyer.

He was part of the security forces who were meant to be protecting the prime minister but midway through the minister's speech he suddenly came forward and took out a legendary sword known as the Executioner of Blight. With great force, he aimed it at the man's back.

This soldier would never forget what Zi Han said back then. With bloodthirst eyes, he had said, "Under the authority of the Bloodgarde," followed by a loud shing sound as the sword thrust into the man's flesh. Blood splattered everywhere as the sword emerged from the man's abdomen.

Zi Han kicked the man's back as he withdrew the sword from the prime minister's body and he said, "I hereby exact punishment for your crimes against the royal blood."

At the time everyone was frozen not knowing how to react. This Bloodgarde was the secret guard that protected the royal family ever since they led the expedition to this distant planet and established the Onyx an interplanetary federation with four major planets under its jurisdiction but that was over two thousand years ago.

The royal family had gradually lost power as society gravitated towards a democratic state. The last known royal had died an accidental death twenty years ago and thus the Bloodgarde had vanished that is on the surface only.

Underground the group was especially active and had been rumoured to have changed into a tight-knit group of assassins. That said one can imagine the shock of the entire Onyx when one of their best graduates from the military assassinated one of their prime ministers in the name of Bloodgarde live. Till this day no one knows how this person escaped and why he was never caught until now.

The soldier who never thought he would be able to interrogate Onyx's most wanted man was especially excitable as he rained insults on Zi Han trying to get him to talk. Leaning forward with a condescending gaze directed at Zi Han he said,

"Why would the marshal waste his time entertaining a treacherous piece of shit like you? He has much better things to do with his time."

As he said this the corner of his lips rose into a malicious smile. Sliding his palms off the table he sat back down with a hint of satisfaction when he saw the look on Zi Han's smug face freeze.

Zi Han gulped down the emotions threatening to spill out as he glared at the culprit with bloodshot eyes. 'Busy with what? Is he busy with that bitch he has been photographed with on Ion Starnet,' he thought on the verge of exploding.

He suddenly chuckled as he wiped his mouth averting his gaze. The soldier sitting opposite him leaned back into his chair with his brow knitted wondering what was so funny.

The throaty chuckle died down abruptly and the man who was bound like a prisoner loosened the cuffs on his wrists and unlocked the neck brace as he lunged forward to grab the soldier's collar choking him.

One has to understand the function of this indestructible neck brace in Zi Han's hand to fully grasp how terrifying he was. This neck brace was a device running on a server independent of the rest of the Onyx federation army's highly secure network.

It was meant to suppress the prisoner's mental power and directly blow their head up at any sign of resistance. This meant that it couldn't be hacked remotely plus one couldn't casually take it off without authorisation.

Yes, it seemed a bit excessive but it was designed for the worst of criminals, the scum of the federation. But it only took Zi Han a second to remove it and to top it all off he threatened a soldier of the federation army.

The soldier who hadn't expected this plot twist almost peed his pants as his body was pressed hard against the wall with his face plastered on the one-way mirror.