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Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

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Chapter 1 - Transmigration—Selling Children?

Rain pattered against the leaves.

"Mother, wake up, wake up."

The woman lying on the bed listened to the tender voice sobbing softly next to her while she was shaken gently.

An Jiuyue, who was in deep sleep, finally frowned. Her sharp eyes snapped open and her gaze fell upon the two children kneeling by the bed.


Although the two children were only three or four years old, they were highly vigilant.

Although their adorable eyes were filled with worry, they involuntarily lowered their heads and bit their lips as An Jiuyue's piercing gaze swept over.

"Mother, Rong'er is afraid."

One of the two children whispered to An Jiuyue.

An Jiuyue remained silent.

Right now, all her emotions can be summarized in one sentence: I want to die!

What… is going on?!

She remembered that the organization had arranged for her to take a "vacation". How did I end up sleeping here?

"Mother, please don't sell Rong'er. Rong'er knows how to light a fire and cook… and big brother knows how to wash the vegetables and do the dishes. We will definitely work more and allow you to enjoy life at home, Mother."

The child named Rong'er saw that his mother did not speak even though she had opened her eyes. He glanced timidly at the calculative old woman standing at the side.

He thought that his mother was thinking about how much money she wanted to sell him for and he pleaded with her hurriedly.

He did not want to be sold. Although he had been living in the deep mountains with his mother and was on tenterhooks every day fearing a wild beast attack, he really did not want to leave his mother, much less his brother.

Upon hearing Rong'er's words, An Jiuyue frowned again. She finally accepted the fact that she had… transmigrated!

"Be good, Rong'er. Mommy won't sell you off. No matter how horrid I may be, I won't sell my son!" She reached out and caressed his tender face as she consoled him gently.

But as her last words fell from her lips, she turned her sharp gaze to the old woman standing in her house.

She remembered now. The Host fainted because of this old woman named Aunt Wang. She had received news from somewhere that a family in town wanted to buy a boy to carry on their family line.

The old woman could not bear to sell her grandson, so she set her sights on the Host who had two sons and whose hunter father had just passed on recently.

The Host was a weak and gentle woman who spoke softly. The old woman intimidated and lured her by the promise of gain—the Host had never been met with such a scary situation before. As she refused to sell Rong'er, the old woman pushed her and caused her to hit her head!

The Host, An Jiuyue, had a tough life. However, she was thought to be a wealthy person by many.

That was because…

An Jiuyue was originally the daughter of a county magistrate. She was the offspring of a mistress but she never had to worry about food and clothing. She could live a rather good life if she married into an average household.

However, An Jiuyue was lucky. One day, while on the way to burn incense, her mother saved a young man and died after taking a knife blow for him.

Before she died, she told the man which household she belonged to and begged him to take care of her only daughter.