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The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

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Chapter 1 - Experimental Subject of the Apocalypse

Starting from 2095, the Earth's internal magnetic field began to disrupt, causing the global temperature to rise abruptly. Subsequently, it triggered a series of natural disasters, like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and ice droughts. In just a few short months, the earth was in a crisis, and mankind was facing a huge danger.

On New Year's Eve of 2100, the apocalypse finally broke out!

Civilization and order were destroyed overnight. New order surfaced with the awakened among the survivors and the undead among the victim. There were mutations among flora and fauna too. Animals expanded in size, and plants became hostile. The civilized world collapsed. The rule of survival in this ruined world instantly changed!

It was the survival of the fittest!

There were the awakened who were superior to others, ordinary people who lived in the post-apocalyptic world, horrifying and ugly zombies who ate people, and animals and plants that would attack indiscriminately.

However, no matter which species they were, they all needed food, whether it was humans, zombies, or mutated animals and plants.

Therefore, a new round of cruel plunder began!

Lin Xinlan was 26 years old. She was an ordinary white-collar worker with ordinary family background, ordinary looks, and an ordinary body. However, in this horrifying post-apocalyptic mutation, she was lucky enough to become an awakened with a wood-based superpower. The awakened were the most likely to survive in the post-apocalyptic era!

In order to protect her boyfriend of two years and her best friend, who were both normal people, Lin Xinlan would accept high-level missions from the base. She'd come back after a day of exhaustion with the nuclei dug out from the heads of high-level zombies or mutated and ferocious animals in exchange for a day of food to feed her boyfriend and her best friend.

Five years passed just like that.


"I hate it so much!" Tied to the cold operating table, the cold silver chain reflected the bone-deep hatred in Lin Xinlan's eyes.

She was injected with the drugs the research institute used to control the awakened. Her power was suppressed. She couldn't even take down a normal person, much less escape from the lab that was scarier than hell.

That day, the mad people had injected another cocktail of drugs into her body. It made her whole body feel like it was being torn apart, and her blood was boiling.

She was in so much pain that she wished she could die! However, at that moment, she couldn't even die! She could only become their test subject and be manipulated by these crazy researchers!

A man in a white coat walked over. He was wearing a mask so his face couldn't be seen. He looked at Lin Xinlan, who was bleeding all over, and frowned. Then, he turned to an old man in his sixties who was also wearing a white coat but didn't wear a mask. He said, "Professor, the medicine is not right. The experimental subject is in great pain." There was no pity in his voice, only coldness and ruthlessness.

The professor said crazily and excitedly, "No, this proves that our medicine is right. I heard that the development of space requires an object or a symbol, which can be activated through the medium of blood.

"This Lin Xinlan's space is unlike the space of the other awakened, which can only store dead objects. Her space can not only store living things, but I also heard from the couple that her space contains pure land that can be used to grow food.

"What do we lack the most? Food! If I could develop more users of her superpower, then I, Lu Lin, will become a hero of this era and a hero worshipped by millions in the future!"

Professor Lu Lin's eyes were burning with madness. He had gone insane from imagining the future glory.

The other man in the mask had a fierce light in his eyes. Then, he looked at Lin Xinlan, who was still bleeding all over, and asked, "Professor, what should we do now?"

"Continue to increase the dosage!" Lu Lin said fiercely.

The man wearing a mask took out a vial of blood-red medicine and pushed it into Lin Xinlan's veins. He was cold and merciless.

Lin Xinlan cried out in pain. Her eyes were filled with hatred and anger as she looked at the two figures intertwining outside the lab window!

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