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Rebirth: Stubbornly Fufilling A Promise

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Chapter 1 - CH. 1: 'Hi! It's Your Turn'

'Oh the famous mister truck strikes again.'

Blood flowed on the asphalt under the bright sun.

It was a warm sunny day but her body was turning colder by the minute.

Bones broken from the impact of being hit and tumbling on the ground.

Eyesight slowly darkening, ready to welcome that eternal slumber.

Her beautiful gray colored eyes stared blankly in the clear blue sky, losing the luster they once contained.

Her once smooth and beautiful platinum blond wavy hair was so messy from a year of not caring for it and the impact of being hit. Now being dyed red.

Her fair white skin, snow white if not for the years of neglect, was now pale and stained with dirt and blood.

People started surrounding her.

It was a busy road in the middle of the day, people were rushing here and there.

Most, after seeing how dirty she looks, brushed her off as a beggar.

Others looked at her with pity for such an unlucky death.

That truck suddenly swerved and rushed to the sidewalk.

She was so unlucky that she had just tripped when the truck hit her and the impact caused her to fly.

After she had realized that she was hit and was on the brink of death, her first thought was actually a joke instead.

She had read so many novels where that mister truck would hit them and then they would find themselves in another world.

But oh how painful this was, it was never said that being hit by mister truck was a pain coming from hell.

And hey didn't they say that you will go numb somehow?

She felt like cursing at believing those novels, what feeling numb are they talking about?

She wants to laugh at this but she couldn't even muster the strength to do so, as her consciousness was close to drifting away.

She actually thought of the novels first instead of people or moments.

Quite pathetic if she might say so herself.

Because she was left with no one right now.

No one cares if she dies.

No one cares if she lives.

No, she didn't live like a villainess, who tormented the dainty heroine.

She didn't even raise her hand against the maids.

She was not a villainess...

Or maybe in one person's mind she did live as a villainess.

Taking the rightful place of his beloved.

As if she was the one who plotted it when all along she was innocent.

She only clung on to it because of something she had to do, her stubborn personality didn't want to give up at all.

She thought that it was her chance but she ended up not having a chance at all.

And the one who should be blamed acted like it was fine for her to be there. Making him take the responsibility even though both of them were the victims.

Until it was revealed that she was not the person they thought her to be.

From then her life went downhill.

Tumbling over and over until she hit rock bottom.

Yet she didn't want to give up.

She even tried to change herself just so she could do what she had promised.

But in the end everything was for naught.

Instead of fulfilling a promise, she lost more.

Maybe it started there.

When she tried to change herself to fit into the new world.

To get close.

Maybe she really shouldn't have changed after all.

She should have just stayed the same.

Then she would have seen it clearly.

That there is still a way to do things differently.

But it's too late to think about that now.

And no.

Before this, dying didn't cross her mind.

Suicide had disappeared from her vocabulary no matter how bad things went for her.

After that day many years ago, suicide never crossed her mind again.

Instead, she was actually thinking of starting over again.

She was already 30 years old.

But that doesn't mean it is too late to do anything.

She was still strong.

She has talents she had hidden because she tried to change.

She was thinking of using them again.

To maybe even just for a bit, even just half of it.

She would be able to fulfill her promise.

Yet the Goddess of Luck didn't smile down upon her.

She just decided today she will start her change and was on the way to get some proper hair and body treatment when she suddenly tripped.

When she looked up mister Truck was already right in front of her.

The bumper and headlights looked like the face of the truck, smiling at her as if saying, 'Hi, it's your turn.'

And then boom, she went wonder woman and flew from her original spot.

'If you had one wish, what would it be?'

Close to breathing her last, these words suddenly came to her mind.

As she slowly closed her eyes, she thought of it.

'A wish?... Since I am a stubborn fool, I still want to fulfill it... Go back to before he reached his boiling point... There I will start again...'

As long as she still has the chance to stay by his side then she wouldn't mind.

She laughed bitterly in her heart.

She wished to go back there because she knew going further back she would have more difficulties in getting close.

That is why she is stubborn, she still chose to receive his hatred, not to its maximum, than to become a stranger again.

Wishful thinking in such a realistic world indeed.

But she really does wish for such a thing.

Because she wouldn't have reached this age without him.

And that's when everything went black for her.

No more noise, no more pain.

A promise unfulfilled.


Heather Relish.

The youngest child and only daughter of the one leading the Relish Winery.

The top Winery Company of the country.

Pampered and bathed with love.

But in the end was disowned.

No one disclosed the reason behind it but some rumors still spread.

That she had chosen her lover who left her after she was disowned.

That she was actually a problem child, who threw a tantrum everywhere, throwing her weight all over the place.

And that her parents thought of it as enough was enough.

Many more rumors circulated but no one could confirm it.

Heather Relish lived her life in a village in the western side of the country.

Some mocked her for throwing away such a wonderful life because of her temper.

While others mocked her for being poor when she was supposed to be a princess.

After years, everything about her died down until...

"Heard she became desperate and slept with the CEO of Porter Medicines."

"How disgusting."

"Since then the CEO hated her to the core because his mother insisted that he marry her for he had taken her purity."

"The CEO had a lover they said, he loves her too much despite their status being worlds apart and because of her he was forced to break up with his lover."

More and more words and news came out painting her in a black light over and over again.

Just as the people mocked her outside, she was hated on the inside.

Some people tried to reach out to her to help her but she stubbornly refuses, wanting to solve this on her own.

Cyrus Porter.

Current CEO of Porter Medicines.

Porter Medicine being the top conglomerate in the whole country, even having a higher status than Relish Winery.

They dabble not just in medicines but also in other chemical stuff and even organic minerals, herbs, and plants.

A wide variety of things that could be incorporated with the medicine.

Having developed different kinds of medicines that improved the medical world.

Despite being only 19 then, he was already accomplished enough that the company was handed over to him.

With an early graduation he studied the company's dealings until it was handed to him. And he pushed it to higher heights.

Through him, the company became known worldwide. Though not entirely well known, they are starting to have a footing.

It took him only three years to establish his name, from 19 to 22.

Many women wanted to get his attention but it was the nurse Susan Rosenberg who caught it instead.

It was said that she took care of him when he was hospitalized at some point.

He got into an accident abroad and it took him about six months to recover before the company was handed to him.

It wasn't a complete recovery since he was in a wheelchair for a year. But he was already leading the company before he once again stood up.

He had lived most of his life overseas and photos of him here and there were taken.

But now, he was forced to marry someone he didn't even know just because they got drunk and ended up on the bed together.

He knew that person must have planned this for she was too fine when she realized the situation they were in.

That is why he can't forgive her, he hates her for taking Susan's place.

With that, they were married without any ceremony and Heather's life turned for the worst.

She tried to change but her changes angered him even more and he pushed her away more and more.

Their married life was nothing but hatred, abandonment, distrust, dissatisfaction, and pain.

Until her very last breath, she was unable to make him look at her differently.