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Empress of the Entertainment World

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Chapter 1 - Bachelorette Party



The sound of heavy music resounded in the lounge while several bodies swayed to the rhythm of the beat.


The laughter and screaming increased as sweaty bodies rocked against each other, enjoying the exciting rhythm the Dj created.

At another corner of the lounge, there was a booth containing ten people all eating and drinking while a few danced to the beat.

Seated in that crowd of people was a young lady with blonde hair draped over her neck, wearing a lovely white body con, knee-length gown that hugged her curves.

"Hey cheers to the bride-to-be, guys!"

"Yay! Cheers!"

The sound of glasses clinking against each other and the instant gulping down of the wine added to the thrill of the night for the young ones celebrating.

However, the bride-to-be did not bring the cup to her lips. She merely watched as the others drank.

"Oh, come on! Still, playing the good girl card? Even your fiancé is getting down on it. At least for the very fact that it is your bachelorette mini party, please drink up. It is a toast," one of the guys present in their booth exclaimed.

Without uttering a word, she took the cup and brought it close to her mouth, taking a sip of her drink before downing it in one go.

"Yo! Andromeda did it. She finally did," a black-haired guy there half-yelled.

The girl in question, Andromeda, smiled at him while nodding her head and stretching her hands for another drink.

He picked up the wine bottle, stretching his hand to fill her cup when a hand appeared and blocked the nozzle of the bottle.

Together, the two of them lifted their heads, as their eyes came to land on the intruder. In this case, her man.

She looked up again, a dashing young man was standing between her and her bottle.

"Drink this instead, darling," his lips pulled to the side, revealing a bit of tooth while trying to assure her of its quality. "You know I would always reserve the best for you, as your fiancé of course."

The way and manner in which his voice deepened at the last part only made her feel more secure.

She was already feeling light-headed from having downed the first cup. She took the glass cup filled with a bluish liquid and drank it without thinking much.

"That is my girl," he praised yet again.

No sooner had she done that, than her throat began to itch her and her vision blurred even more.

"W-Wu Bai. I am hot…" Seeing her look more and more like a baby having a fever, the wicked grin on his face widened.

"Relax, baby. I will tend to you."

Several minutes passed and all she got was some more drinks until she could take it no more and refused the next cup of drink that they gave her.

"More… No. Had… enough already. Throw… Me… Up."

"Hehhee! Looks like our bride is pretty drunk hey… she wants to say…"

"Shut it, Lucas. I know what she wants to say," Wu Bai silenced him.

She reached for his shirt and tugged on it, exerting more force than necessary, causing his body to lean forward, over hers with both hands resting at either side of her head like prison bars.

One sentence. She was trapped.

"Andro…" His words were caught short when he felt soft lips pressed against his, stealing a chaste kiss.


Moving his head back a bit, he broke the kiss while still holding her gaze. "Bai… I'm hot and tired."

The corners of his lips drew back, revealing a mischievous grin on his face. "Let's go up."

He straightened his spine before bending to her level. He hooked a hand around her arm and helped her rise from her seat.

"We'll be off guys!"

"Whoa! Take care of our Andromeda!" One of the girls yelled out with both hands holding a cup and a bottle of wine, raised.

To his side, however, he caught sight of another girl.

All through their activity that night, she had been quietly sitting down and taking her drink as much as she could but unlike his fiancé, her tolerance was high.

The deadpan look in those lovely brown eyes of hers would have sent chills running down his spine if he was someone else.

Rather than getting the shuddering effect she wished to see, he pulled his lip back again, revealing a bit of tooth this time as his left eye closed briefly in a wink.

Not saying anything, he moved his head up, letting his gaze travel to the top floor of the hotel before lowering his head.

"Wu Babbyy…" And Andromeda's drunken noise broke his concentration but he knew she got what he meant.

And together, he led her up.


In the same hotel, in one of the rooms, five guys were seen making small talks, over some glasses of wine, with several bottles spread out on a glass table. Some bottles were uncorked while some still had their lids intact.

The glass table sat at the centre, separating them from each other.

They each had a unique semblance to their person while exuding the perfect air of wealth to anyone who saw them.

"Haha, you sure pulled a nice one there, Xu Fang." He picked up his cup half filled with wine before moving part of his body to the side. "Hey Liu Xueyi, come and have a drink with us."

To the side was a guy seated with arms spread out at either side of the luxury soft cushion and legs properly crossed as though he was in front of a queen.

The only difference now was he was the royal one.

He squinted at the glass of wine being brought to him as though he was seeing poison through it and in it but as soon as that look came, it disappeared.

"You guys are persistent," he silently reprimanded them.

"Sure. If we do not act this way, how else do you plan on having fun?" Xu Fang asked.

"Exactly, I knew you were going to side with me, Tang Yan. Look," he pointed at Liu Xueyi, "Life is short, and only the swiftest, brainy ones can survive."

"I am glad you said that," Liu Xueyi responded.

"Yes, but you also know that living that life without some fun in it is as good as useless. You die, someone else inherits the wealth you have worked so hard for. Please, loosen up and enjoy the night," Chu Fengjin clarified.

"It is why till now you find it difficult to woo a woman."

'Woo a woman? Scratch that! My skills are top-notch. If not, how am I, Emperor of the entertainment world?'

He let out a deep breath and shook his head a little bit. "Since I decided to treat you all, I guess I can take an extra drink."

"Yay! That is the spirit Xueyi, drink up," Xu Fang urged on, bringing his cup to his lips.

Just as he had promised, he took the drink and gulped it all down.

Minutes later, the whole place changed for them entirely.

Liu Xueyi tugged on his tie, yanking it down, to free his neck while moving his head to either side as his eyes burned in search of something.

"I-It's… Hot! Water…" his croaked out.

They passed him a bottle of water and he drank half of it in one go, without bothering to use a glass cup as he always does.

"Quick, help him up. Let's have him take a rest in the hotel room," Tang Yan ordered.

"Sure, get the waiter here," Rong Bolin added.

"Bloody hot…"

"Xu Fang, why is he like this?" Rong Bolin asked. "It was only a few drinks."

"Relax. He will thank us tomorrow morning."

"What! Do not tell me you did what I think you did?"

"I won't say, since you do not want me to. Shake up, dude. Our friend is going to get laid~"


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