Chereads / Alpha's Cruel Addiction / Chapter 2 - Rough in Bed

Chapter 2 - Rough in Bed

Ophelia swallowed. What would Killorn say? 

"A widow to a courted woman all in one day, you should feel grateful to have me," Neil sneered towards a pale-faced Ophelia. What was this woman's problem?

Both of their families were present. The Decade Tribute Ceremony was still in full swing. But because everyone was eyeing Ophelia, Neil had purposely dragged her to the vampire side. He intended on showing everyone he was publicly courting Ophelia.

Despite that, Neil was suddenly nowhere in sight. She was sitting with a table of vampires, all of whom were eyeing her like candy.

Ophelia sat in her chair with the expression of a prisoner. Maybe a jail would be better than here. Everywhere she looked, there were bloodthirsty vampires watching her. This ceremony was making her sick to her stomach.

In the open space, House Eves and House Nileton mingled closely, laughing amongst themselves, chatter filling the air as both parties pretended Ophelia hadn't been married before. 

Earlier in the day, Neil had forced them to say vows in church before a bribed priest, who swore he was a worshipper of the Old Gods until gold was presented to him, and he suddenly lost faith. Only Matriarch Eves was present as the eyewitness. No one knew of what took place—Matriarch Eves made sure of it.

"W-what is grandmother thinking?" Ophelia mumbled to herself, watching Neil converse with some other young woman. She never stuttered when she was alone.

Matriarch Eves wanted everything under wraps as if on the surface, she promised Ophelia to Neil. 

Ophelia was smarter than that. Matriarch Eves only wanted to dangle Ophelia infront of the balding man, but let everyone else know, she was still "unwed." 

"I want that one," a voice spoke in the distance as he turned to his advisor.

Ophelia froze in fear.

"She's taken it seems, my lord."

"Is she marrying him?" he asked his advisor.

"No, my lord, but he seems to be courting her. Look around." 

Flowers littered the large courtyard, hoping to brighten the dreary atmosphere. Storm clouds rolled over the hills, painting the sky an ominous gray. Not a single bird flew at the ceremony. Not a single ray of sunshine greeted the tributes. It was almost as if the gods were pitying them.

"Killorn was a despicable human lucky to have you, but the bastard died shortly after pumping into you," Neil chided whilst finally returning to his seat. Whilst rubbing his chin, he smirked when he saw his quiet candidate flinch.

House Eves was known for breeding beautiful and brilliant women who married prominent men in society. Marrying an Eves was as good as buying the best horse at an auction, for their social networks were too superior to ignore.

"You should feel grateful to me," Neil said. "I am not as pathetic of a beast as your cruel husband. Rumor has it he is literally heartless and feels nothing. He doesn't even love his own parents."

Ophelia stiffened. She was well aware of the rumors about her late husband, Killorn. They said his dark childhood shaped him into a merciless monster. He was emotionless. He adored nothing. Loved nothing. He had a heart of stone and killed without hesitation.

"Killorn would've been disfigured too from whatever unspecified battle he was in," Neil rambled. "He'd be marred by scars, his skin burnt with boils worse than the pox, and he'd scream bloody murder in the middle of the night—"

"I'd comfort h-him," Ophelia softly said. "I'd take his pain and share it, but for you? I'd make you s-suffer tenfold and watch." 

Neil shot out of his chair in warning, his eyes blaring red. What did this bitch just say? Before he could do anything, his father grabbed his hand in warning. They had all of eternity to torture her.

Ophelia swallowed. She was fearless for a moment, but regretted it immediately afterward.

"Anyways," Neil gritted out. "He would've beaten you too. All werewolves are violent men who take their anger out on their wives if they are not fated mates."

Ophelia remembered how rough her first husband, Killorn, was in bed, but it wasn't intentional. The pain was intolerable, but he was there to wipe her tears away. Ophelia heard men only took what they wanted in bed and never gave, but Killorn was nothing like that. 

Ophelia was surprised at how gentle Killorn's large hands probed her garden; slow and soft, until she succumbed to his touch. The fire burned in his eyes as he watched her grip on his powerful bicep.

"Disgusting mutts," Neil sneered.

"What was that crazy commotion just now?" Matriarch Eves said, finally returning to the table where the newlyweds' main families were present. "All of the Alphas and Vampire Heads were rushing off. Must've seen a new face in society amongst the tributes, like our Ophelia who has seldom stepped foot outside the house."

When Neil quirked a brow, Matriarch Eves changed the conversation.

"That useless mongrel never deserved the prestige of House Eves' name," Matriarch Eves commented beside Ophelia.

Ophelia stilled at her grandmother's critical words. All her life, she learned to obey the Matriarch who ruled over everyone with an iron fist and sharp tongue. Those that didn't listen learned the strength of Matriarch Eves' strikes.

"Besides," Matriarch Eves continued. "I don't know what my stupid son was thinking about when he readily agreed to the marriage with Killorn, even if he was a Duke's son."

"Most likely to protect her since he was a Duke's son," Neil continued. "The men, Alpha and Vampire Heads alike, are already wondering about her background and potential as a direct desc—" 

"Only vampires would benefit from marriage to Ophelia," Matriarch Eves interrupted Neil. "Her blood possesses healing properties and only creatures of the night would be willing to drink it."

Ophelia's heart skipped. This ability of hers was a dark secret in the family. Everyone tried to hide and protect the truth with their life. Matriarch Eves dropped it into the exchange so casually, Ophelia knew she was being traded off like a pawn in this marriage.

"What a special creature she is," Patriarch Nileton commented from beside his son, Neil. "But for once in your life, you weren't thinking properly, Matriarch Eves when you agreed with your son."

"N-no," Ophelia attempted. "She was thinking p-prop—"

"You still haven't learned to fix that horrendous habit of yours?" Matriarch Eves spat out. "That useless mother of yours, I knew my son shouldn't have married someone as thin as a stick! Look at what she birthed, a babbling buffoon! To think she died at childbirth for something like you…" 

Ophelia flinched in fear, her eyes brimming with tears. She could barely see past her feet. She was just too afraid. To be reminded of her mother in such a way was cruel and heartless. But then, she was accustomed to her Grandmother's biting words.

Ophelia bit down on her tongue. She hated how easily she cried. When her emotions got the best of her, she was overflowing with waterwork. Her Papa said it was because she wasn't allowed to show emotions as a child, and now, she had too many as an adult.

"Don't worry, Matriarch Eves, Ophelia will soon be under the good care of our family," Patriarch Nileton said with a leery glance in her direction. 

Ophelia reminded people of a baby deer without her mother's protection. Delicate… delightful… demure. Everything he loved in a woman.

Ophelia nearly threw up in her mouth. She saw Patriarch Nileton's old grubby hands pat his son's knuckles, happy for him. 

"If it hadn't been for the Decade Tribute Ceremony…" Neil stroked her cheek. "I would've just kidnapped you." 

Ophelia was overwhelmed with disgust. His scrawny fingers slid down her face, goosebumps peppering her skin. He brushed his thumb on her neck pulse. She could feel her stomach bubbling with anxiety and fear. 

"My cousins are so jealous of me, they're eyeing you like food, look," Neil forced her, grabbing her chin and turning her to show her face towards the crowd of onlookers.

Ophelia's heart stopped. The vampire's thirst-filled stares made her wonder if she was naked and on a platter for them to eat. She was paralyzed with fear. Their eyes were as red as spilled guts of animals. And to think that people accused Werewolves of being worse than Vampires…

Suddenly, Neil rose out of his chair, his attention glued to the forest trees where he promptly walked. 

Oh thank god, Ophelia thought he would never leave. She hoped he would trip down the stairs and die on the spot. Unfortunately, he was still perfectly well and was  rushing behind a tree with a man. What was he doing? Ophelia's curiosity momentarily perked up - she hoped that maybe he wasn't really interested in her & this marriage was just a facade. Maybe he was batting for a different team?

Ophelia dryly turned away, but then, she saw something glisten. When no one was looking, she snuck off too,  tiptoeing all the way to the spot. She heard rushed voices.

"She smells so sweet," Neil remarked to someone. "I can't wait to taste her."

"Truly, brother you are too ballsy, she has a protective order," a humored voice drawled. 

"Who cares, Nathan?" Neil laughed haughtily.

Nathan, as in, Neil's older brother? And what protective order was he talking about? Ophelia's head spun at the new information.

"Anyway," Nathan continued. "Take this."

"This is huge!" Neil hissed.

Ophelia wondered what it was. It surely couldn't be their manhoods, that's for sure. She was currently leaning against the tree nonchalantly to outsiders, but truthfully, she was eavesdropping.

Clearing his throat, Nathan lowered his voice. "Claim her quickly before the Great Lords find out. I hear a suspicious group of people has been spotted near House Eves' borders."

"Do you think it's the Great Lords' henchmen here to reinforce the protective order?" Neil responded in a high-pitched voice, almost frightened. "But she is my candidate! I chose her for the ceremony! Surely, if the Great Lords value her, I wouldn't have been able to pick her—considering my status as a vampire."

"I don't know," Nathan warned. "Father has warned you to do it quickly. When you drain her blood into the bottle, make sure you command her not to tell anyone." 

'I'm standing right here, stupid.' Ophelia strained her ears to hear them. 

"You think she won't tell?" Neil deadpanned in disbelief. 

For once, he said something smart. Suddenly, they were quiet. Without warning, red eyes popped into her vision. Ophelia gasped, quickly scrambling off the trees. 

"You heard us," Neil warned whilst taking a threatening step towards her. 

Ophelia was frightened. She tried to leave, but he roughly grabbed her wrist. His grasp was firm and he squeezed her painfully. She cried out, his face twisted, yet he remained calm to not scare the onlookers. She saw the large bottle he suddenly tucked into his pocket, but it bulged out.

"Were you eavesdropping?" Neil slid his hand down her lower back until it hovered slightly above her behind. 

Ophelia's stomach tightened in fear. His presence left her with a bad aftertaste. He was always subtly inappropriate with her, even before this ceremony. Every time he saw her, his fingers would linger on things they shouldn't. Was that why Matriarch Eves paired them up?

"You've been a naughty girl, Ophelia," Neil murmured. "I am very disappointed in you. You understand why, don't you?"

No. I frankly don't. Ophelia swallowed hard. If only she had the guts to disrespect him again, but she didn't. 

Earlier, Ophelia was blinded by his insults, but now, she was aware of her situation. They were husband and wife soon. And he was a wife-beater.

"You know what I do to disobedient little girls, right?" Neil pressed on, his voice lowering.

Neil opened his mouth again, but suddenly, he paused. He looked like he saw a ghost. 

Ophelia stepped back and froze. She felt a heavy presence against her, but she didn't know who. She tried to look.

"Keep your eyes forward," the person commanded.

Ophelia's heart lurched. His voice was velvety and deep, but his tone was sharp as a sword piercing the heart. 

"Go," he seethed.

Ophelia felt Neil's grip loosen momentarily. She didn't need to be told twice, she hurriedly ran off with her heart in her throat. Thump. Thump. Thump. She didn't hear any familiarity in her savior, but she didn't even dare to look back. Suddenly, she ran into her Papa.

"Ophelia!" Aaron gasped, seeing her distraught expression. She nearly knocked him over, his cane falling to the ground with a quiet thump.

Ophelia shakily bent and picked the cane up for him. She was light-headed and barely able to breathe. The near-death experience flashed before her eyes again. She discovered she'd become a milk cow for House Nileton. Neil was her family's sponsor, there was nothing she could do to him. She could never escape Neil. 

"P-Papa…" Ophelia choked out.

"Sweetheart, where were you? Are you alright?" Aaron worriedly asked, taking the cane and brushing the dirt from her fingers. He never wanted to soil her.

"There is a protective order on me," Ophelia murmured in disbelief. "You know about it, don't you?"

Aaron was never a lying father. He saw her sickly features and sighed in defeat. 

"Yes," Aaron began. "The Vampire Overlord and Werewolf Overlord cooperate but are never friends with each other. They seldom come to agreement, but the second time they did—it was for you."

Ophelia was floored. What? 

"Ten years ago. Both the Vampires and Werewolf Overlords issued a command—Ophelia Eves' blood is off-limits."