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The Hunter’s Lucky Little Lady

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Chapter 1 - I Want Your Wealth

"Why? Why me? Why did you agree?" After waking up from hitting the wall, Li Xiaoran had been in a daze and didn't speak. Now, she finally asked this question.

Zhao Xiu, who was holding the medicine and stirring it with a spoon and hoped that the medicine would cool down quickly, stopped what she was doing when she heard this.

Zhao Xiu let out a long sigh. She knew that if she didn't clarify things with her daughter, she would probably take things too hard again.

"Look at this house. What is there?"

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she subconsciously looked around.

This family was really dilapidated.

They were surrounded by walls made of clay walls. Some of them were cracked, and the wind could blow in through the gaps.

Other than the small bed she was sleeping in, there was only a few logs and yellow mud in the room.

Other than that, there was some straw on it.

On the other side, all the clothes were piled on some wooden boards. There wasn't even a decent looking cabinet.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that his house was bare!

"Look, our family of four is squeezed here with your father, you, and Xiao Qing. Every day, our family of four gets up early to work. At night, our family of four only go to bed when it's late. Days like this are endless. Your father and I can live like this, but you and Xiao Qing are different. After leaving this place, you will start a new life after getting married. There will always be hope!" Zhao Xiu said with red eyes.

When Li Xiaoran, who was originally very calm, heard this, she couldn't help but mock her.

"Yes? There's hope after I get married. Why do you want me to marry that hunter? The other party clearly wants my eldest cousin to marry him. Why do you want me to marry him? Why did you and my father agree to the marriage? Don't you know that that hunter is cruel and abusive? You're pushing your daughter into an abusive marriage?"

After these harsh words were said, the door at the door was pushed open.

The person who came in was none other than Li Xiaoran's father, Li Shun.

"He's not like that! Luo Cheng isn't like that. Don't listen to the people in the village who say that about him and think that he's a cruel person." The meek Li Shun walked over and rubbed his hands before sitting on a rock.

"Daughter, believe me. I won't harm you. Luo Cheng is different from how others say he is. When I went to the mountain to cut wood, I saw him bandage the wound of the injured rabbit with my own eyes and then put it back into the forest. Once, I was injured cutting wood in the deep mountains. After I happened to run into him, he went to help me pick herbs and treat my wound. Then, he brought me out of the mountain!"

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she fell silent again.

Seeing that his daughter was silent again, Li Shun hesitated for a moment before saying, "Although Luo Cheng has a cold personality and looks a little scary, my daughter, he knows how to hunt. After you marry him, you won't have to worry about food and clothes. I believe that with Luo Cheng's personality, as long as you treat him well and live with him in peace, your life will get better and better!"

Li Xiaoran remained silent while thinking about something.

Li Shun and Zhao Xiu looked at each other. They didn't know how to persuade their daughter.

"Third Brother, Third Sister-in-law, what are you all doing in the house? Aren't you going to do anything at home? The whole family is waiting to eat. Do you really think she's a daughter of a wealthy family? She's so stubborn! If you have the guts, bang your head against the wall again. If you kill yourself, it'll be my loss. Pfft, she's just a little girl. Your grandfather is in so much pain now. All he needs is a tiger bone to cure his illness. You actually don't know how to be filial and still want to act stubborn! The Li family raised you bur you can't even do such a simple thing. What's the point of having a useless person like you?" Aunt Li stood outside and scolded loudly.

The three people in the house had different expressions.

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she still didn't react. Li Shun frowned and stood up to leave.

Seeing this, Zhao Xiu handed over the medicine in the bowl and looked at her daughter with a worried expression.

"No matter what, drink the medicine first! No matter how angry you are, you can't neglect your health!"

This time, Li Xiaoran didn't refuse. She picked up the pill and drank it in one go.

Seeing her daughter drink the medicine, Zhao Xiu smiled.

"Don't think too much about it. Lie down and rest well first. I will go out to work!"

With that, Zhao Xiu quickly got up and went out to work.

She had no choice. If she didn't go out, her mother-in-law would probably cause trouble.

After she left, the house became quiet again. Li Xiaoran closed her eyes and lay down, but she was very flustered.

She wasn't Li Xiaoran!

No, she wasn't the original Li Xiaoran.

However, her name was also Li Xiaoran, and she was Li Xiaoran from modern day Earth.

When she transmigrated into the Host's body, the Host was already dead.

Previously, the reason Li Xiaoran had been in a daze after waking up was because she was processing the Host's memories.

At this moment, the door was kicked open and a figure rushed in.

Before Li Xiaoran could react, she was slapped on the face.

After that, the air was sucked out of her body, and Li Xiaoran's breathing became more and more difficult.

"Don't you want to die? I'll fulfill your wish!" A sinister voice sounded in her ear.

Li Xiaoran felt more and more uncomfortable and tried her best to struggle.

However, she was too weak at this moment and couldn't resist at all.

Just as she was about to suffocate, those hands let go.

After finally breathing in fresh air, Li Xiaoran breathed greedily and panted.

"Li Xiaoran, this time, I want your wealth and glory! Marry that hunter obediently! If you don't marry him, I'll kill Li Xiaoqing first before killing your parents!" Her beautiful face was filled with ferocity as she threatened Li Xiaoran.

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