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Transmigrated as Fat young missy

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Chapter 1 - Where am I?

"How do you want to deal with this?"

"Obviously we have to f*ck her. Otherwise we won't get the payment."

"But she's so ugly. I don't even want to touch her, much less have a good time with her."

"Don't worry. You set the camera and I'll have her first. Then you have to do it. Call our brothers when you're done."

When the two muffled voices reached her ears, Mo Ran couldn't help but frown. She slowly opened her eyes but what came into her view was a pitch black room. The door of the room was slightly open and she could hear the voices of two people outside.

What was going on? Where was she? Mo Ran was completely confused. Wasn't she dead? The last thing she remembered was getting assassinated while treating an extremely important patient. How come she wasn't dead?

"Don't waste any more time. Let's get this done quickly. After getting the payment, I'll take you guys to KTV for party. There you can pick whoever you like."

The voice made Mo Ran come to her senses. Now was not the time to think about anything. From the conversation of the men outside, she deduced that she was going to be raped. She had to protect herself. She was not afraid because she believed in her skills. As an Army Doctor she was skilled at Martial Arts as well as medicine. She had taken down many top notch assassins. She could easily handle these small time hooligans.

She tried to get up. As soon as she rose to her feet, she fell down again. What was going on? Was she drugged?

But she didn't feel any problem with her consciousness. She also did not feel any symptoms of aphrodisiac in her body. Then what was wrong?

When she tried to get up again, she realised that her body was extremely heavy. Her hands were swollen and she found it hard to get up. Mo Ran held onto her waist and winced as she stood up.  She dragged her heavy body and surveyed the room.

Till now, she had contemplated that her martial arts skills were of little to no use as this body would not support her. She had to do something else to get out of here.

As soon as she thought of this, the door opened and a man entered. She hid beside the door and tried to knock the man down from behind. Her heavy body restricted her movement and her body fell over the man's. The man was shocked at this turn of events. Before he had time to react, Mo Ran pushed an acupressure point on his body leaving the man wailing like a pig. She hurriedly covered his mouth so as to not alert his teammates. An intense pain shot out in the man's body and this gave her the opportunity to knock him down. Finally, she succeeded.

But it was not over yet. She had to deal with the other one guarding outside. She scrutinized the room for the things that could be turned into a weapon. Unfortunately there wasn't anything that could have dealt a lethal blow in one shot.

She mustered her courage and opened the door. The man outside thought that it was his teammate who came out. Just as he turned around, Mo Ran gathered her strength and kicked his sore spot. The man cursed loudly "You bitch! How dare you!" with his hands still between his thighs.

Mo Ran ignored him and walked away. Suddenly she felt a hand gripping her ankle. She fell down with a thud. The man cursed again, "You freaking ugly bitch! How dare you attack me! I will make you pay for this!" With this he slapped her face. His strength was not light and Mo Ran immediately felt her head buzzing. The man laid on top of her and was constantly hitting her.

She bit her tongue to stay alert. Then at the very moment, she seized the opportunity to flip over and pressed the man to the ground. She reached out and pinched the acupressure point on his wrist. The man cried out and glared at her. She then dealt him subsequent blows on his sore spot and soon the man fainted.

She then looked around and saw the empty corridor. There was no one except them. Maybe they had booked the room at the end of the corridor to avoid any untoward instances. She got up with difficulty and walked forward. All of this had exhausted her body and she found it difficult to move. Still she dragged herself and found a store room towards the end of the corridor. She was completely exhausted and even after knowing that the other teammates of the hooligans may come searching her, she could not gather energy to get out of the hotel. So, she found herself hiding in the store room.

She was completely exhausted by this time and she fainted. After a short time, a sharp pain in her head forced her awake. Till now she had come to terms that she had transmigrated into another body.

She covered her head and curled up on the ground. Unfamiliar scenes of a young girl's short life flashed through her mind. The life of this girl named Qin Yan was tragic. She couldn't get anything she wanted in her life.

By the time the pain subsided, she was already lying on the ground while panting heavily. These were the memories of original owner of this body. The memories were sporadic, but they were enough for her to understand the situation.

She began to organize the memories. She had a father named Qin Yicheng who owned Qin group, a business estate in S city. Her mother Lu Yaran was a housewife who did nothing other than squandering her husband's money. Qin Mufeng was her brother who was a top student enrolled in Beijing University. And her sister Qin Muran was of same age as her and both of them were in their senior high with just six months to College Entrance exam.

Unfortunately her mother possessed an undeniable hatred against her. Qin Yan didn't understand why it was so, but she could clearly see the biasness of her mother when compared to her siblings. Lu Yaran was a typical white lotus showing her fangs only in absense of Qin Yicheng. She would beat her, make her do all the household chores and treated her worse than a servant.

On the other hand, Qin Muran was treated like a princess. She had everything she wanted. The host was quite close to Qin Muran because she treated her kindly but after sorting out the memories, Mo Ran knew that the host was fooled by Qin Muran who was ultimately the queen of white lotuses. And most probably she was the reason behind the death of the host.

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