Chereads / Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth! / Chapter 1 - Chapter 001. Muddleheaded for a lifetime

Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!

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Chapter 1 - Chapter 001. Muddleheaded for a lifetime

The water bottle fell to the ground with a clatter. Zhuang Xian slowly opened her eyes. When she saw that there was water in front of her, she reached out with trembling hands, trying with great effort to reach it.

 "I say, big brother, why did you give her water? The other person called and said that someone will come later. This woman must be dealt with ruthlessly!"

The warehouse was very spacious, so it particularly echoed when people were talking.

 Zhuang Xian had already reached the bottle. Her two bloodied hands twitched as she unscrewed the cap. Her body had been dehydrated for a long time, and her throat was so dry that it seemed like it was bleeding.

 "If we don't give her water, she'll probably be dead when the person arrives to see her."

The kidnapper who spoke seemed to be the leader of these people, and his words were quite authoritative.

 It was already the umpteenth nightfall since Zhuang Xian was kidnapped and she had experienced a lot of inhumane torture here.

There was hardly a single spot on Zhuang Xian's body that was in good condition. On top of the large patches of bruises, there were also a few terrible wounds that had been caused by whips and daggers. The edges of the wounds had already started to scab over, but the middle part was too big. It was impossible to recover by relying on the human body's healing ability.

The kidnapper looked at Zhuang Xian, who was curled up on the ground and pinched his nose in disgust. "This woman's life is really tough! We've been torturing her like this for the past month, but she's still alive!" His tone was full of surprise.

"In my opinion, those people from the Ye family are horrible! After using her thoroughly, they turned around and refused to acknowledge her anymore. This woman is their biological daughter!"

 "Tsk tsk! I heard that the Zhuang couple of Ming En Corporation was forced to jump off a building! City H's weather changed just like that."

 Zhuang Xian's hair was messy and wet with sweat. There were also blood clots that had not dried up. If one looked closely, one would see that her scalp was full of scars. Those were red and swollen from being dragged.

 Under her fringe, Zhuang Xian's eyes were listless. The tears that slowly fell from the corners of her eyes confirmed that she was still alive.

 All these tragedies happened because of her stupidity. How could she have been so stupid to believe that the Ye family would treat her sincerely? How could she have been so stupid that she didn't see the good intentions of her parents? She was blinded by a single coverage and was completely deceived and used by the Ye family.

What do they mean by raising me was not as good as giving birth to me? It was all f*cking bullsh*t.

How did the Ye family, who birthed her treat her? After they had squeezed out all her usefulness, they had left her here like a pair of old shoes.

 She had already very clearly thought through the whole matter all through these days.

 Her chin was pinched by a strong hand until it hurt. Zhuang Xian finally came back to her senses. When she saw the person in front of her, she was surprised. "Gao Peng?"

 "I didn't expect that big sister's spirit was so tough! I can't believe you're still alive after this level of torture and abuse, Zhuang Xian!" Ye Xin looked down at Zhuang Xian as if she was looking at a pile of trash.

 When Zhuang Xian saw the sarcastic smile on Gao Peng's face, she looked at Ye Xin and suddenly understood everything. This was an incredibly deep trap!

 She chuckled, the corners of her eyes were damp. "You two B*tches were working together to lie to me!"

 Gao Peng frowned and looked at her. He slowly retracted his hand and wiped it with a white handkerchief. "When Xinxin told me that you were a two-faced, sinister, and dangerous woman, I didn't believe her. I didn't expect ..."

 Zhuang Xian's eyes were red with anger.

 She now realized suddenly that she had wasted her true feelings on Gao Peng seeing the adulterous couple in front of her, whom she didn't know when they hooked up, 

 "Get lost! You disgust me. " As Zhuang Xian spoke, she raised her neck. This action caused the wounds on her body to ache. "I won't let you get away with it even if I become a ghost!"

 Ye Xin's eyes were filled with joy as she looked at Zhuang Xian, who was curled up at her feet like an ant. Her expression twisted as she said, "How is it, sister? Can you use this latest reagent? It's at the top of the world!"

 "No matter how much pain the human body is in, it can block the body's self-protection mechanism preventing you from falling into a coma. You can stay awake all the time."

 She slowly squatted down. Her posture was graceful, but the words from her mouth were as vicious as the devil's. "Of course, the dead are the exception."

 "B*tch, you won't die a good death!" Zhuang Xian said as she looked at her.

 Ye Xin didn't seem scared of Zhuang Xian at all. "I'm a B * tch? Hahaha! No! I'm not, sister, you are. The Zhuang family was so good to you! Didn't you sell them to us?"

 Between killing and exterminating, the latter was the most ruthless.

 Ye Xin was playing with Zhuang Xian's heart! The only people Zhuang Xian owed in this lifetime were the Zhuang family. She had been muddleheaded her entire life and mistook the Jackal as her family. However, she failed to cherish the people who were truly good to her. If she had another chance at life, she wanted to slave it out for once and repay the Zhuang family.

 Ye Xin watched as Zhuang Xian's entire being rapidly darkened, as she lost all her color. She smiled in satisfaction.