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Chapter 7 - Shameless Couple

"I've told you many times not to spoil your daughter. But, you never hear!!" Lauren Piers could only swallow her own anger.

Yesterday, she felt humiliated facing Mr. Frans after he found out Scarlett was running away. She had to calm down Mr. Frans, who was upset and felt cheated.

She had to lower her pride to convince that older man to give them one chance — they would bring the ungrateful girl to him. Luckily, Mr. Frans agreed and gave them some time.

But the thing is… where is that girl now? She hasn't been back since last night.

They were already searching almost everywhere on the island but couldn't find any trace of her. Meanwhile, their time is getting shorter. Mr. Frans will terminate all their co-operated contracts and cancel financial support to the company if they cannot hand over that stupid girl to him.

"Jonathan, you know how angry Mr. Frank was yesterday, right!? I have to lower my dignity to beg him for a day to fix the mess your daughter made!" Lauren took a deep breath before continuing her babble, "We're running out of time now. It would help if you did something to find her. I can't imagine what would happen to our company if that damn girl didn't come back today!"

Jonathan Piers heard his wife in silence. His face looked calm, but inside, he was furious. It's been hard to talk to Scarlett ever since she returned from the USA for some unknown reason — she was stubborn as a rock.

Much different from the daughter he knew before living abroad.

It had crossed Jonathan's mind if his daughter was negatively affected by her friends while living there. So she became what she is now, always disagreeing with his suggestion.

When he asked her to start working at the company, she refused. And, when he wanted to marry her to an established man, she refused. And now, she was running away, disappearing without a trace.

'Scarlett, what do you want, huh!?' He wonders.

Jonathan had been patient with her manners and attitude but couldn't stay still this time. He had to teach her a lesson because he had no choice. He needs her to help to solve the company's problems. The company is on the verge of bankruptcy, and several assets mortgaged to the bank are due soon.

All these problems annoyed him and gave him a headache.

"How are you going to settle this matter with Mr. Frans? The older man is now blaming us for this embarrassing incident. Mr. Frans said he would ensure we won't be able to continue business on this island anymore if we don't solve the problem today." There was fear in Lauren's tone.

Jonathan felt his head even more hurt.

He knew that Mr. Frans was an influential figure on the island. Still, as someone who had also been in the tourism industry for a long time, Jonathan doubted that men could quickly eliminate them from this island.

"Lauren! Don't believe what the older man says. He has no capacity nor competency to do that." Jonathan paused momentarily, looking at his wife with a questioning look, "As long as... you haven't signed the agreement with him. We will be fine—"

Immediately, Lauren's face went pale. She already signed the document and received the money. In fact, Mr. Frans also signed the marriage certificate. What was lacking was only Scarlett's signature and also her ID card.

"I, I did—" Lauren's voice was soft but sounded like thunder in Jonathan Piers' ears.

"What the hell, Lauren!! Why did you sign it? How can you sign before confirming with me?" Jonathan couldn't believe what he had heard.

"Jonathan, I'm sorry. I have no other choice. At that time, Mr. Frans proposed to sign the agreement after I asked him to sign the marriage registration form—" Lauren said.

"Y-You!! Oh my god… Did you even prepare a marriage register beforehand? What a stupid move. How can you do it without thinking? I told you to arrange the first meeting between them. Why are you acting so fast?" Jonathan's head hurt even more.

He massaged his forehead harder.

"That's why we have to find Scarlett. The only way to solve this mess is to find her and ask her to sign the marriage registration form. If Scarlett signs it, then everything will be fine. Our company will run smoothly, and our loan in the bank will be resolved."

Jonathan could only take a deep breath. He wanted to find her too, but now where to find her!? The girl seemed to be hiding somewhere. Or, perhaps, she's now fleeing to the US.

Jonathan's body suddenly stiffened, realizing the possibility; his daughter fled there.

"Go tell someone to find Scarlett's passport. Don't let her go back to the US. We'll be in trouble if she runs there—" Jonathan panicked. So did Lauren.

Simultaneously, they stood up from the sofa. But just before they wanted to go to the second floor, they heard loud applause echo through the room, making both of them stop and turn to look toward the door.

They were both surprised to see the figure they were looking for. The source of their headache was standing right before them, smiling.

"Why is she smiling? Did she hear everything!?" Jonathan quietly asked Lauren.

"Yes, my dear father, I heard every word you say." Scarlett slowly walked towards them.

She gestured for them to sit down again before she settled on the single sofa. She crossed her legs before continuing, "Father, Mother, you two are very talented at being scriptwriters for family dramas. I suggest you change careers from business to entertainment!"

"S-Scarlett—" Jonathan was at a loss for words.

"You are such an ungrateful, spoiled little girl! How dare you humiliate your parents against Mr. Frans? After he agreed to marry you, you ran away from him. How did you do that?" Lauren glared at Scarlett, feeling like she wanted to slap the hell out of her. "Who helped you escape from there!?"

'Damn it! This woman is so shameless… how could she blame me!?' Scarlett couldn't help but curse Lauren inwardly.

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