Chereads / Contract Marriage: The Replacement Groom / Chapter 3 - Who exactly is he?

Chapter 3 - Who exactly is he?

"Oh?" the new groom smiled faintly.

"Or, you two had been cheating behind my brother's back!" A lady walked over and stood beside Ray as she stared daggers at the new groom.

They could clearly see that the new groom didn't look like someone they should mess with, but the Zhou siblings didn't care because they knew all the affluent and power-holding families in the country– or so they thought.

 They were also aware that this man in front of them, despite having the air of a powerful person, was not on the list of those people they should fear.

They knew that the man was not and could not be a pauper, but refused to believe that he was wealthier than them.

"So what if we were?" The new groom responded emotionlessly. He glanced one last time at the people that were starting to gather around him before walking towards the door.

"Hey! Stop right there, I'm not done with you yet!" Ray yelled as he ran towards the new groom and was about to yank his black shirt from behind when the new groom turned and avoided his hand. He kicked his leg forward and deftly pushed him back, sending Ray falling into the empty seats.

The friends and family remaining in the hall were alarmed and immediately rushed to Ray to help him up, but Ray pushed them away as he scrambled clumsily to his feet. He got up and pointed a finger at the new groom.

He tried so hard to ignore the fact that he was just humiliated in the presence of so many people and said: "Divorce her, come with me to the magistrate and divorce her, right now!!" He yelled like a crazy man. He was really going crazy. How dare she do this to him?

The new groom pulled out his phone that was vibrating in his pocket and glanced at the caller before he turned around and walked away without uttering a word to Ray.

The desperate Ray was about to stop him from leaving again when the lady from earlier stopped him. "Ray, calm down, there are other ways to get her to divorce that wild man and marry you."

"Sister, how? What do you mean by other ways?" Ray asked in frustration. He couldn't wait to get back at Jeslyn for humiliating him so much. 

"She will pay for this!!" He angrily kicked the chair in front of him.

"Calm down, brother, leave it to me, I'll take care of Jeslyn. You shouldn't give the reporters outside the hall the wrong impression that you are a violent man. Grandfather, you all should return home. I'll stay behind with Ray to speak with the reporters." The lady ordered with impressive composure and charisma that seemed to calm everybody down– including the raging bull, Ray.

"Settle things well." The angry grandfather who had been sitting since the Lee family left, stood up and headed out of the hall with the other members of the Zhou family.

The new groom was seen entering a private room in the hotel. He sat on a couch and placed his hand on the arm of the chair.

There was another man in the room who was sitting formally and was sipping an unidentified liquid from a tumbler.

The man took another sip and sighed before starting. "What took you so long? I almost thought you left."

"Just got married," He answered as he turned to look at the ring on his finger curiously.

The other man choked on his drink and patted his chest to ease the cough.

"Don't kill yourself, I won't explain to your mom," He said.

"Y– you did what?!"

"Got married."

"Hahahaha… you must be joking. That was a nice joke you just told."

"Ok." Came his curt reply, that was all. He didn't explain further and he never does. He allows a person to believe whatever they want after he says the words he needs to.

He removed his hand from the armrest and started to play with the ring. A while later, he took the ring off and looked at the intricate designs on it. The ring had two initials which he presumed to be the names of the ex-groom and his bride. R heart J.

"Brother, what is that?" Rex, the man sipping from the tumbler, stared at the ring in his brother's hand with a lot of interest.

"A bomb," he answered nonchalantly and dropped the ring in the wine glass in front of him. "Get me a set of rings for couples."

Rex's jaw dropped when he saw his actions and heard his words. "D– did you really just get married after leaving here?"

The new groom ignored him and asked instead. "Have you found the nurse?"

Rex pulled himself together and instantly became serious. The issue of his brother's wedding was placed at the back of his mind like an automatic mechanism. "N–no, my investigations said she died a few days ago."

"And the hospital where Valen was born?" He asked.

"The hospital was closed down last month."

"Then look for the higher ups," he frowned.

"Yes, our men are already on it… when are we returning?"

"I might leave you here. Return if you still can't find anything after a week. Whoever is obstructing our search is powerful. I'll need to pin him down myself." He said with a small frown on his dashingly handsome face.

"Ok…ah, I almost forgot. Valen's nanny called. The boy is causing chaos."

"Is he fine?" 

"Nanny Mulan said he is," Rex replied while stealing glances at the ring in his brother's tumbler 

"Then leave him be."

 He stood up and walked out of the private room with nonchalance spiced with a bit of confidence.

After he left, Rex picked up his phone and logged into a chat group.

Rex: 'Hey, guess who just got married!'

He dropped the message and left the chat with a wicked smile on the corner of his lips. He wasn't going to be the only one to be shocked. Others would definitely have to feel what he felt.