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The President’s Pregnant, Ex-Wife

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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 - Stay or leave

Sabrina Jewel blinked twice, her gaze in a daze, staring at the two red lines. "I'm pregnant," she murmured. This was her fiftieth pregnancy test in her three years of marriage aside from the ones taken at hospitals till she got tired of being mocked for coming to take pregnancy tests which were constantly negative.

She beamed but at the same time, a tear dropped down her cheeks. "Yes, I'm pregnant," she self-proclaimed, rubbing her still flat stomach. "Robin would be happy. He would stop seeing other women," she assured herself when her phone began to ring. She gnawed in annoyance of this sweet moment being interrupted. Wiping the joyful tears, she answered the call without checking the caller ID.


"Make some chicken soup with rice, salad and some pasta," the cold voice rang in her ears. Sometimes, it was painstaking to think about if she did the right thing by agreeing to marry Robin, knowing there was no love between them. Her father proposed and forced it but wanted her to leave Robin after a few months when they saw no change in him. Whereas, Sabrina refused because she blamed herself, feeling that if she got pregnant, Robin would change but what weird combinations? Robin Jewel, her husband of three years, never ate salads.

He never liked them. The beeping sound that met her ears after, was an indication that he had hung up on her as usual. Perhaps things would improve after she tells him about the pregnancy. It's the reason why things have been messy between them.

Sabrina sent the maids to get the groceries while she began to prepare the food. When she was done, she went to shower and changed into a new dress she bought. She even put on makeup for the first time in two years.

After the first year of marriage, she no longer cared about her appearance after constantly receiving pictures and videos of Robin's escapades with different women. Aside from loving Robin so much, she also made a promise to his father. He treated her like a princess but sadly, he died six months after arranging her marriage with Robin.

His wife, Robin's mother, had died four years earlier. She was still loved by Celia, Robin's grandma but she was too weak to care about Robin anymore. He has become a puzzle no one could piece together. His good looks made things worse because the women could not resist his charms. Even Sabrina was ashamed to agree that most times when he wanted to fuck her, she would refuse but soon melt in his arms and succumb to that same charm. Robin knew his advantage over women and used it well.

Today was special and Sabrina wanted things to change between them. Robin had arrived and she went to take his coat as usual, freezing in her step when she saw the woman beside him. It was Zayla, his 'first love.' Well, Sabrina always saw it that way since Robin's attitude towards Zayla was different from how he treated every other woman.

Zayla went to study abroad and changed her number for reasons unknown to both Robin and Sabrina before Robin's father arranged for Robin to marry Sabrina. Since his father had a health condition, Robin wanted to please him, thereby agreeing to the arrangement but overtime, he regretted it. When his father passed on, it grew worse. The so-called business collaboration his father had pushed forward had also been canceled.

Sabrina was heartbroken, her hands shaking when she reached out to take Robin's coat from him. Zayla handed hers too but Sabrina pretended to be busy with something and changed the direction of her gaze. She has been in love with Robin since she was eleven. Her knees wobbled and her voice shook.

"Her? What is she doing here?"

Robin walked past Sabrina without a glance, not appreciating the effort she had put in her appearance. He pulled Zayla with him and made her comfortable at the dining table. Sabrina endured all his escapades with other women because he never brought them home but this was his first love.

A lump formed in her throat and tears brimmed in the back of her eyes. If she was with Robin alone, she would not mind being vulnerable but not when Zayla was there. She would only be branded a nagging wife and annoy him the most. She had to be strong but how could she when everything happening before her only triggered pain?

"Zayla is not a stranger. She is the woman I should have married. She is also pregnant for me," Robin ruthlessly revealed. Seeing Sabrina's surprised look, he got infuriated, adding, "you should be happy. For three years, you could not conceive. I bumped into Zayla three months ago and she's already two months pregnant."

Every word he uttered, only widened the wound in Sabrina's heart, she stared blankly like a lost child, trying her best to not let her tears fall.

"Robin, I'm hungry," Zayla cried like a spoiled child. She looked as if she was going for a runway fashion show and her make-up was spot on. Her clothes were of the latest designer brands and she carried the appearance of a multi-million-dollar babe. It made Sabrina self-conscious, as if her efforts to look good for Robin was not enough. Robin glared Sabrina,

"You heard her. Bring her the salad I told you to prepare."

Sabrina was shocked and unmoved. So, the salad Robin requested was for Zayla. Was it the same with the rest of the dishes? Sabrina could already guess that Zayla was behind it. They used to be best friends in high school but their friendship was short, lasting for just a few months. Sabrina has always loved cooking and went to school with a packed lunch for Zayla.

She trusted Zayla, telling her about her feelings for Robin. Zayla encouraged her to make it known to him and Sabrina took the chance to speak with Robin but the day she went to his house, Zayla was already there and Robin would not even look at Sabrina. Zayla never knew Robin until she became Sabrina's friend so Sabrina had no idea how the two of them met. The betrayal was too much for her to bear so she decided to give up. What was she thinking? Robin would never love her.

She almost touched her flat belly, thinking of doing a proper check up to find out how far she had gone in her pregnancy since this was the first time she saw the two red lines instead of one. Robin already had a baby growing inside Zayla's belly so he did not need hers. It was pointless to tell him about it at this moment.

It was not enough for Zayla to take Robin from her but also wanted to tie Sabrina with her superiority belt. Sabrina was too smart for that. Everything she felt for Robin before, dwindled. Robin was a serial cheater but it was okay for as long as he did not bring his whores home. She endured so much for Robin but not anymore. She blinked and every emotion on her face was gone. She turned blank and indifferent.

"You should take her to a restaurant. I am not responsible for her," Sabrina said callously. Robin was displeased and shocked. This was the first time Sabrina disrespected him and it was not sitting well with him. Zayla lowered her head. To think that she could have Sabrina wrapped around her fingers to serve her like a maid.

"She will be living together with us from today," Robin announced. Sabrina's expression changed, as the walls she built around her emotions crumbled and fell hard. Robin's voice was void of warmth but she was used to it. It was how he related to her ever since his father died.

"What? After all the sperm, you could not for once be pregnant. Not even a miscarriage. Zayla did your job for you," he tried to pin her blame on her, recalling a few things his father told him before he died. That way, his guilt will lessen.

Sabrina blinked but she was in bewilderment. She decided to tell him if it was the only way to get Zayla out of their home but then again, the bitch was already pregnant. Even if she wanted to fight for her home Zayla would always be in it because of the child in her womb. She was standing while the lovebirds sat comfortably, she felt her world crumble right before her eyes.

She refused to return to her family because of this idiot but not anymore. His father knew who she was but Robin never took the pain to even research about her throughout their three years of marriage. Since Zayla was pregnant for him, she was done for good.

"I have taken enough, Robin. It's either she leaves or I leave."

Robin felt like this was the first time she spoke any sense today. "Bingo! The only reason I refused to kick you out was because of my dad. Now that you have mentioned it, I am giving you the option to choose. Will you stay as a humble wife and take care of Zayla or leave?"