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The Peasant Wife Is a Lucky Charm

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Chapter 1 - Little Fat Girl Forced to Marry a Handsome Man

Qin Zhenzhen, who had experienced a severe car accident, reluctantly closed her eyes. Regret filled her heart as she realized she hadn't even had the chance to fall in love before her untimely demise.

If given another opportunity, she vowed to embrace love wholeheartedly.

Perhaps fate intended to grant Qin Zhenzhen's wish, for she regained consciousness in a dazed state.

However, before she could even open her eyes, she overheard the anxious voice of a little girl.

"Fifth Brother, come and see. Why isn't she moving? Is she dead…?"

A little boy's voice followed suit.

"It's good if she's dead. It will solve a major problem for our third brother!"

"Will there be legal consequences if she dies in our house?"

"What legal consequences? She fell and accidentally killed herself!"

"But what if her brother accuses us of pushing her?"

"Don't worry. Everyone in the village can vouch for us. She's so fierce. Usually, she's the one chasing and hitting us. How could we dare to push her?"

What on earth was happening?

Could she still be alive?

Qin Zhenzhen had been in a grave car accident, and logically, survival seemed impossible.

Baffled, she slowly opened her eyes and saw an eleven or twelve-year-old boy and an eight or nine-year-old girl crouched on the ground, examining her condition with keen interest.

What made it even more peculiar was that these two delicate yet undernourished children were dressed in tattered ancient garments.

"Little Sister, run! She's pretending to be dead!"

As Qin Zhenzhen regained consciousness, the boy swiftly grabbed the girl's hand and they dashed out of the courtyard, disappearing like nimble rabbits.

Qin Zhenzhen was left in a state of bewilderment. Where was she?

The first sight that greeted her was an old farmhouse. It resembled the kind she had only seen on television.

Within the yard stood a loquat tree, its branches reaching out. Two chicks busily pecked at the ground nearby. Green moss adorned the walls of the yard, lending it an ancient air.

Beneath the eaves, bamboo hats and raincoats hung, reminiscent of a bygone era. Outdated farming tools lay scattered in the corners.

When Qin Zhenzhen lowered her gaze, she noticed a large pool of blood on the ground. A sharp pain throbbed in her forehead.

Blood from her forehead still trickled down, prompting her to instinctively cover the wound with her hand.

Once she covered the wound, the bleeding seemed to abate, and the pain lessened.

However, she had no time to dwell on this inexplicable situation, as memories not her own flooded her mind.

It appeared she had come back to life and transmigrated!

Her original self shared the name Qin Zhenzhen and hailed from the Qin Family Village in Datong Town. She was 15 years old, or rather, 14 and a half years old to be precise.

Three of her four brothers worked as butchers and bore the label of troublemakers. They were all robust and sturdy.

As her family favored daughters, Qin Zhenzhen had been pampered by her parents and brothers from a young age. She grew up as an overweight girl, lazy and ignorant, yet willful and impulsive.

The plump girl was fixated on appearances. When she encountered the handsome young man, Su Bin, in town, she was instantly captivated and insisted on marrying him.

The Qin family proposed the marriage, only to be rejected by Su Bin.

Refusing to surrender, the plump girl resorted to desperate measures. One day, she intercepted Su Bin on his way home and forcefully pushed him to the ground. In the process, her teeth inadvertently struck Su Bin's lips, causing them to bleed.

Infuriated, Su Bin's face turned a shade of green. He attempted to push her away, but in his haste, he ended up applying pressure to the wrong area.

A crowd had gathered to witness the spectacle. Blushing furiously, Su Bin found himself unable to defend his actions.

Capitalizing on their connection to someone in the county government office, the Qin family seized the opportunity to intimidate Su Bin. They threatened to report him for assaulting an innocent maiden and warned that his eligibility for the county examination would be revoked unless he agreed to marry the plump girl.

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