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Transmigrated as the Ex-Wife of a Heroic Man

Jiangshan Yigu
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Chapter 1 - Travelling through the Book?

"Wen, wake up."

Su Wen's mind was in a mess, and she was hurting from being pinched amidst the crowd. She heard someone say, "Why did she suddenly faint? Hurry up and send her to the village for the doctor to have a look."

Su Wen opened her eyes and was shocked.

She found herself lying on the ground, surrounded by people. A woman in her forties wearing old floral silk pants approached her with a concerned look on her face.

"That's great, Wen. You're finally awake. It's not worth it to be sad over a s*** like Zhou Hengyang. You are the head of the family, while he married into the family. How can he compare to you?"

"He married into the family in order for you to bear a son. Since he can't do it, of course he's not needed."

"I think Zhao Jiangang from Plum Furrow is not bad. He's a fair-skinned young man and is willing to be a live-in son-in-law to your family."

Su Wen was confused. She had been lying on the sofa reading an over-the-top novel. Because the story was wonderful and the male protagonist was charming, she had given the author a million reading coins to encourage the author to upload more. How had she ended up here in the blink of an eye?

Wait — Zhou Hengyang?

Isn't that the name of the live-in son-in-law?

Wen was the s***bag ex-wife of the male protagonist! And Zhao Jiangang was the third party that his s***bag ex-wife had found.

Su Wen lowered her head, hiding the shock in her eyes. Everything was right, there was no mistake! The names of the characters, the background of the story, everything was the same. She was dressed as the female villain side character in this era's novel about a live-in son-in-law, the male protagonist's s***bag ex-wife.

Su Wen racked her brain to recall the plot of the story. At the beginning of the story, the male protagonist Zhou Hengyang was an outsider and had no support in the local area, so he became Su Wen's family's son-in-law.

There were seven sisters in the Su family, but no sons. Their grandparents valued men over women. In order to have a boy, they had been forcing their parents to have more children. In the end, their mother died of excessive bleeding. The seven sisters had no status in the family. Su Wen was the eldest, and because she was the first child, her situation was slightly better.

As the Su family didn't want their bloodline to end, they forced Su Wen to find a live-in son-in-law.

It was the male protagonist, Zhou Hengyang.

In the early 1980s, the rural areas were still very conservative, and the son-in-law who married into the family was always inferior. Su Wen was afraid of being laughed at and looked down on Zhou Hengyang. Under the instigation of the manipulative female protagonist, she even refused to sleep with Zhou Hengyang.

Not long after, the female protagonist was incited by someone to take a fancy to Zhao Jiangang from the neighboring village. In order to be together with Zhao Jiangang, she went around saying that Zhou Hengyang was not good enough. It was due to a problem with him that she could not get pregnant, and she had also forced Zhou Hengyang to change his surname to Su.

She caused the male protagonist to lose all his dignity. Eventually, he suffered all kinds of humiliation and was kicked out of the house.

At this point in the story, most of it was about how the male protagonist came to the provincial city to make money, start a business, and make a living.

Meanwhile, the manipulative female protagonist was instigating Su Wen to be together with Zhao Jiangang from the neighboring village. At the same time, she secretly received the letter Zhou Hengyang had sent. After finding out the address, she wrote a letter to Zhou Hengyang, asking about his well-being. She was gentle and careful, but at the same time, she did not forget to smear Su Wen's name.

In the end, the male protagonist was touched by the manipulative female protagonist and married her, making her the wife of the richest man.

As the villain, the s***bag ex-wife would be in trouble!

Zhao Jiangang was a drunkard who beat his wife. Every time he got drunk, he would beat the s***bag ex-wife half to death. He even brought his family members and younger siblings over. Not only did he live off someone else's family, but he also cheapened the six younger sisters of the s***bag ex-wife.

The youngest sister had been sold by Zhao Jiangang for 100 yuan. The second and third sisters went out to work with their relatives in town, but they were tricked into becoming prostitutes. They were infected with a dirty disease, and the two sisters jumped into the sea to commit suicide while holding hands.

The fourth sister was married to an old man in his fifties.

The fifth sister dropped out of high school and ingested pesticides to commit suicide after Zhao Jiangang raped her while he was drunk.

The scheming Zhao Jiangang got the sixth sister to marry the useless son of the town's meat factory manager. She was used as a child-bearing tool by her in-laws and finally died during a difficult labor.

And after the s***bag ex-wife lost her value, she was chased out by Zhao Jiangang. That was her retribution.

Compared to the tragedy of the seven Su sisters, it was the manipulative female protagonist and her family who basked in the male protagonist's light. They became the envy of everyone in the village.

Before the book had been finished and when Su Wen had given the reading coins, she saw that the male protagonist had a fantastic life experience. His background was unfathomable.

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