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Restart: The World Savior's New Beginning

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Chapter 1 - Ch 1: End of a Journey

"Ha ha ha". I'm breathing hard. I'm almost at my limit. Even holding the sword up is getting harder and harder. I have lost all of my companions, and I have also died 3 times in this fight. So, I have no more resurrections left. But the same goes for my opponent.

This big, 10 meter tall blob of sludge and mud, that was actually more than a few kilometres long before and had weakened to a considerable degree throughout our fight which lasted for more than 4 days. It now move toward me and use one of it's signature finishing move [Consume and Corrosion]. I have already died once by this move. But this time, it was different. I have already prepared a perfect counter for this attack and I have not used this before to save myself for this exact moment.

I use one of my Trump Card, a Genesis grade item {Perfect Protection Cape}. It was a item that have a very simple effect. It can "perfectly nullify any one attack and all effects for a single time" and it have a cooldown of 24 hours. It is one of the weaker Genesis grade item but is perfect for me for the current situation. I could have used it before which was about 27 hours ago to defend me but I still hide it and let myself die just to create this exact situation. So, I use this item to nullify the attack and then use one of my strongest single target attack skill from my Peerless Sword Mastery [Sword to End All- Extreme Zero] and then pair that up with [Impact of Begining- Genesis One] from my Peerless Martial Arts Mastery.

That was enough to end the "SLUGERRUD" the ultimate final boss of this world. This is the end of this death game. The End of my 7 years of misery.


Earth was destroyed by "SLUGERRUD" but just before its complete destruction, some of earths inhabitants were sent to this world to face off against several insane and strong beings in a life and death struggle. If you die in this world you will die for real so this was not a game. There was resurrection in this world but the amount of time while resurrection could still be used was very small.

But the earthlings had nothing that time. They had already lost everything so most of them were only looking for revenge or to just die facing off against the mighty enemy.

But not everyone was like that. Some Earth residents changed side to support the enemy and a lot of other inhabitants of this new world were also not able to let go of the temptation of the "SLUGERRUD" and they created many tragedies. That monster had already destroyed 22 more worlds even before targeting Earth. And a lots of strong individual from those destroyed worlds had been corrupted by this monster and they were now working as the vanguard for DESTROYER's invasion.

The destroyed world also had done something for the defenders in order to stop the "SLUGERRUD". And that was the creation of Genesis garde items. They were strongest item made by the dying Will of the destroyed worlds themselves. So there were a total of 22 Genesis grade items. Elena herself have 9 of them, which she collected in order to beat this ultimate boss. She actually wanted more of them as they were very strong, even tho not all of them were made for combat. But all of them still had very strong and effective abilities. But she was unable to find any more even after searching very hard. There was another group that have tried to kill "SLUGERRUD" before but failed ultimately. So, Elena guessed that they also had some of the Genesis grade items and they had lost them. But it didn't matter anymore. She had finally killed "SLUGERRUD". She had taken revenge for her home world.


In my journey I have been helped by a lot of people but was betrayed by even more. There were many time when I thought dying will be a blessing and I don't mind it if I can get out of this nightmare after dying.

But after all that, I can, right now proudly say that I am alive and I have completed my trials to come out as the final victor. But, to be honest, I don't really know what more to do with my life. In the last seven years I have already visited every possible location on this world, which have a lot of bitter sweet memories for me. I have no more good friends, nor a lover or a family. The companions I have, my summons have also lost their lives in this struggle leaving me completely alone now. Ahh, I really want to cry. Even tho I am the final victor, even tho I am the last one standing fulfilling my wish, even tho I am very happy, I really really feel like crying right now.

I was only 16 when I was transported to this world and now I'm just 23 but I have done a lot of things impossible for a girl my age. A lot of bad things. From genocide to killing children, from stealing to assassination, I have done it all. Even tho I have my reasons and I don't feel any regrets for doing those things, I still can't let go of this bad feeling completely.

Hahhh, I really really want to cry right now. As I was thinking all those things and was trying to not cry, I heard something very familiar in my head. And I was kinda waiting for it too. Yes it is the voice of the the system that all the earthlings got when we were transported to this world.


[Congratulations to individual Elena for defeating the Ultimate Boss "SLUGERRUD" and saving the world "TIRTANYA" from destruction and for avenging 22 other worlds and your homeworld "EARTH".]

[Reward are being calculated.]

[Drops from the Ultimate Boss have been calculated.]

[Reward from the world "TIRTANYA" have been calculated.]

[Reward from the world "Earth" have been calculated.]

[ System reward have been calculated.]

[The individual Elena have completed everything, and the system have fulfilled it's duty. Thank you very much for all your hard work.]

[Special reward have been calculated]

[All the rewards for you and a choice that you have to make are- ]