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Chapter 1 - 1. Broken Engagement

"Anna Magnolia Williams, from now on, you're not my fiancée anymore!"

The loud announcement attracted everyone's attention.

In this grand party, there were a lot of people who attended and currently talking with others. Hearing the words from the person who made this party, everyone naturally didn't want to miss it.

Three people were standing in front of the long stairs.

A red haired man dressed in suit and a young blonde woman beautiful dress were hugging each other. The man is handsome while the young woman is beautiful. They clearly looked like a beautiful pair and very pleasing to look at.

In front of her was another young woman. Dressed in bright blue dress, she looked enchanting and beautiful, but her face contorted a bit when she heard the word of the man in front of her.

"Jake Stafford, what are you talking about?" Anna, the young woman in blue dress, asked. Her tone was low and there was a dangerous tone within her voice.

The man, Jake Stafford, snorted and hugged the young woman beside him tighter. "Naturally, I'm talking about our previous engagement that the family decided. I don't think we're suitable and Betty will be my new fiancée."

Anna looked at Betty, the young woman beside Jake. Betty Natasha Williams, her step sister who entered Williams Family after her mother's death.

Betty has beautiful figure and voluptuous body. She has always been the center of attention at school. Even with all of her activities, her results have never been affected and she stood at the forefront in class.

On the contrary, Anna's figure was also pretty good, but her chest was relatively flat. She didn't have the interest to become the prom queen and usually focused on her classes. Unfortunately, compared to Betty who always ranked first, she was only in the top 5 without fixed ranking.

The contrast made her look much more ordinary.

"The engagement is arranged by the family…" Anna said slowly.

"Father had agreed, Sister~." Betty cut off Anna's words. She looked at the young woman in front of contemptuously. "He felt that I'm more suitable to be Jake's fiancée compared to you."

Anna's fingers clenched to form a fist.

Ever since she was young, the engagement between the two families were made to enhance their relationship. She always thought that she would be Jake's bride in the future and often accompanied him when it was needed.

They played together when they were young, study together at school, went on dates, and also play many games together. Everything has been very fun and fulfilling. With their relationship, Anna always thought that they would always be together like that.

But now, it was told that this engagement was annulled.

Is it a joke?

Unfortunately, Anna saw Mr. Williams who was walking in their direction with Mr. Stafford following behind him.

"Anna, from now on, you're no longer part of Williams Family," Mr. Williams said calmly.

"What did you say, Father?" Anna looked at the man who was also her father in front of her. There was a faint disbelief in her tone when she heard her father's words.

"You're already 18 years old, so it's time for you to live your own life." Mr. Williams looked at this daughter of his and shook his head. He never liked his wife and daughter but for the sake of the family behind them, he always tried his best to please them.

Now that his company had already advanced and Stafford Family agreed to support Jake and Betty, there was no need for him to keep his face in front of Anna anymore.

Anna frowned.

Looking at Mr. Stafford who had a satisfied look to Betty, she understood that this was the decision they made after careful consideration.

For the sake of the business, her father wanted to throw her away and replaced her with her step sister.

No, not step sister.

"Are you sure about this, Father?" Anna asked again, her tone was low.

"Yes." Mr. Williams looked at this daughter.

Betty at Jake's side added, "Sister, didn't you always say that you want to stay with your mother's family? Now you can return to them."

Her mother's family?

After her mother's death, the relationship between her father and her grandfather has been very tense. Anna herself rarely came to them because of her father's order.

Now it seemed that her father was planning to cut off her escape route.


What a good family.

"It seems that since my half-sister is so interested in this trash man, then I'll leave him to you." Anna moved sideways and walked up the stairs. Even though her hand was trembling in both anger and grief, she would not show it to them in the slightest bit.

Her pride didn't allow her to show her weakness in front of the people she hated.


The audience who were listening looked at Betty with inquiry. They naturally knew that Mr. Williams had a step daughter and stepson after his second marriage but they didn't think they would hear such a melon.

"What did you say? I'm not…"

"Cut your crap." Anna snorted. "You already know very well that you're the illegitimate daughter of Williams Family. It seems that you inherited the same traits as your mother. You just love to be the third party and steal other people's man…"


Before Anna could finish speaking, Jake stepped forward and slapped Anna. He felt that her words were too much and at this time, Betty was already in tears.

"You…" Jake's words were locked in his throat when he saw the look in Anna's face. There was no affection or anger or sadness. All he could see was the indifference in her face.

There was blood on the side of her lips thanks to the slap, but Anna didn't even say a word of pain.

"You know very well whether the words I said is the truth or not." Anna swept her gaze towards her father. "And that's your responsibility to my mother."

"Don't spout nonsense, Anna." Mr. Williams frowned. He always set the image of a good husband and father in front of the media. If they knew that he was cheating in his marriage and even have children with other woman, it was unknown how much this would affect his business.

"I have the proof." Anna curled up the corner of her lips. "And they will be sent to the newspaper if you kept on bothering me."


Betty's eyes widened.

When did Anna check it?

Mr. Williams also frowned and looked at this daughter of his who was still very calm. He thought that Anna would be flustered when she was forced out of Williams Family, but she behaved so rationally that he didn't know what to say.

Should she say that she's cold or heartless.

However, he didn't say anything else and only looked in Anna's direction.

"I'll pack my belongings," Anna said calmly after seeing that he didn't have anything to add and continued to walk upstairs. Her dress fluttered along with her movements, still as elegant and calm as ever.

Her tall and proud back was all they could see.

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