The Cannon Fodder in the Global Apocalypse Game lives a leisurely life

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Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Global Game!

Inside a room, a female was leaning on the mahogany lounge chair padded with pillows while holding a book. She didn't possess a beauty that could topple a country or an enchanting body that could make one envy. Instead, she had clean, and delicate facial features and a petite physique, making her look younger than her actual age.

"This male lead is so miserable, and this villain is so hateful", Li Chunhua commented in the midst of reading a book. She never dawdles on such things because she prefers basking languidly under the sun beside the peach blossom tree in her courtyard whilst sipping jasmine spiritual tea, but for some reason she was attracted by this book she found in the sect's library because there was a character with the same name as hers.

Its cover was very odd—not the usual jade or bamboo strips the elders used, but papers. Not the rice paper but rather a different material, shinier and smooth, and it was printed with characters different from the language of this world, but somehow she could understand it perfectly and thus began reading.

Throughout, her heart sympathized with the male lead. She wanted to question the author who had written this story. How can the author treat the man so poorly? Though, she was also intrigued by the concept of this novel world because it was quite refreshing.

Li Chunhua continued reading. In the middle, she would sigh and get angry. The plot could make one's teeth itch. The villain always gets the upper hand, and to worsen it, the character in the novel with the same name as hers died in the Beast Tide because of the villain's selfishness.

Li Chunhua had enough and tossed the book to the side. She dispersed the negative emotions in her head by chanting mantras.

Incoherent words came out of her mouth, and a halo of light enveloped her form. Those burdensome thoughts vanished from her mind, and her heart became serene.

Quack Quack-

The sound of a crane pecking at the door drifted to her ears. She waved her hand. The door opened, and a paper crane flew towards her.

When it was three feet away, the paper crane started blabbering.

"Junior Martial Sister, Master ask you to come to the Longevity Hall to welcome the guest."

"Junior Martial Sister, Master ask you to come to the Longevity Hall to welcome the guest."

"Junior Martial Sister, Master ask you to come to the Longevity Hall to welcome the guest."

The paper crane announced the message three times before it turned into a piece of ordinary paper.

Li Chunhua flicked her finger and caught the paper.

She opened it and read the message inside. Her master, the fourth elder of the Soaring Heaven Sect, requested her presence in the hall to welcome a very important guest.

Her brows furrowed, and her delicate lips stretched into a thin line. Li Chunhua was confused by her Master's words. "There are several Senior Martial Sisters before me. Why would Master specifically call for me?"

Nevertheless, if she didn't respond, another paper crane would come. Li Chunhua took out a piece of paper from her space ring and infused some spiritual energy into it.

Unbeknownst to her, the book she had tossed on the floor floated. The entire floor started to be drawn with an array and lit with golden lights.

Li Chunhua's vision was suddenly blinded by the golden lights. She covered her eyes.

A wind swept through the room, but surprisingly, it didn't move anything beside Li Chunhua.

The golden light dispersed, as did the array on the floor.

A book turned to dust and drifted somewhere else.


Li Chunhua opened her eyes and was shocked to see the scenery in front of her. She was now standing in the lush forest and not in her room.

There was a rustling sound coming from the bushes in front of her, three meters away.

A white, fluffy figure with bloodshot eyes and elongated fangs pounced on her.

Li Chunhua slapped it away in reflex.

Then, the thing turned into a white light and entered her chest.

Li Chunhua rubbed her chest confused, wondering if it was just an illusion.

Suddenly, something appeared in front of her.

[System Notification: 

° Welcome to the Global Game Player Li Chunhua!

° The Earth is the the middle of evolution and citizens over the age of 18 and under 60 years old with the exception of pregnant women will be participating in the Global Game.

° Those with disabilities, sickness, and diseases are cured and are sent to the global game in Planet Green Star to build a safe home for your kin. 

° It is detected that the player has reached the requirements to open the game interface.

° Rewarding Inventory with unlimited slot

° Would you like to view your stats?]


"Ehhhhh!" Li Chunhua exclaimed. Global Game? Isn't it the game of the novel she just read? Did she just transmigrate? What exactly is going on?

She was just going to reply to her Master's note but when she opened her eyes she was in different place and not her room.

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