Chereads / My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! / Chapter 10 - In Discussion of the Degree of Savageness

Chapter 10 - In Discussion of the Degree of Savageness

Before everyone finished gasping, they witnessed the minute figure abruptly drawing the dagger tied to her calf and slashing six long lacerations on the hyena's abdomen with agile and swift motions.

It was not until the hyena's painful howls began ringing that everyone's flabbergasted expressions turned into extreme shock, unable to adjust.

The hyena's skin was rough and thick, and its size was enormous, so how did the little Qiao Mu instantly open that big guy's abdomen with the tiny dagger in her hand?

In this world, although hyenas were not as strong and human-like as mystic beasts and were merely normal beasts from the forest, they were enormous and powerful attackers with shockingly fast speeds; therefore, normal people did not dare to provoke these beasts. Yet, why did they look so easy to kill at the hands of this little girl?

Watching the hyena rolling back and forth on the ground, its guts and blood wetly slipping out of its abdomen, many people could not resist turning around and hurling.

They could not help feeling that this bloody jolt to the eyes was too shocking!

The petite girl stood next to the giant hyena, who slowly curled into a ball and was gradually breathing its last breath. A few drops of the hyena's blood had sprayed onto her stoic face, painting the corner of her eyebrows and the left side of her face, giving her a vicious and nefarious aura.

As for the 12-year-old girl, she had yet to recover from the shock of "The heartless and scary Crown Prince Lian wants to kill me" and was subsequently confronted by this scene, so her mind broke and tears cascaded from her eyes as she shrieked at the top of her lungs.

Ahhhhh! Monster! How can a small child act so fast and firmly and execute an enormous hyena in front of them?!

Qiao Mu shot to the front of the girl at a shocking speed, clasping her fingers around the girl's neck and knocking her to the ground. With a harsh squeeze of her fingers, she successfully extinguished the girl's awful screeching.

An extremely peculiar dead silence descended on the plaza.

Anyone would consider this sight especially outlandish. Little Qiao Mu's head did not even reach the girl's shoulders, and her arms and legs were thin like beanstalks, but she possessed such frightening strength and was able to choke the other girl's neck this easily.

The people from the Heavenly Dao Sect were dumbfounded and stunned for a whole 30 seconds before one of the younger disciples regained his senses and jumped, yelling, "You damn brat, you dare to attack Miss Liu?"

A punch aimed for Qiao Mu's back, but Qiao Mu nimbly turned around and swiftly utilized Miss Liu as a shield against the punch.

Seeing his giant fist about to make contact with Miss Liu's deathly pale face, the disciple withdrew his fist in fright. However, because he was unable to control his movements with ease, he was rebounded by his own strength and pulled his arm, causing him to stagger a few steps back and fall onto the ground.

Qiao Mu dragged Miss Liu forward with her by the neck and shot her leg out, mercilessly kicking the disciple's chin. All that was heard was a pop as the chin shattered, the sound especially astonishing in the vast, silent plaza.

Everyone was looking at her with a petrified expression, only to see Qiao Mu decisively kicking the back of Miss Liu's knees, sending her kneeling on the ground.

Then, clenching the back of Miss Liu's neck, Qiao Mu ruthlessly bashed the girl's head into the ground!

With a giant bang, Miss Liu was forced to kneel, and her forehead loudly knocked against the solid ground, the sound similar to a hammer harshly pounding on everyone's heart.

This was the brutal scene that greeted Senior Brother Ji and the other Heavenly Dao Sect disciples when they climbed down the mountain with five or six large wicker baskets. Senior Brother Ji instantly howled and quickly shot toward Qiao Mu. "What are you doing? How could you dare to attack Junior Sister Liu so viciously?"