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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 True Beauty is Beneath the Skin

Calming waves pushed themselves over Kat, starting in the centre of her head and working their way down to her fingers and toes. It was an extremely calming sensation and Kat felt like she could drift back to sleep. *Wait a minute, back to sleep? Where is my crippling pain and torturous fire?* Kat's eyes shot open. She was still in the bag she slept in and pondered what the point even was before another wave ran across her body and her eyes went wide.

Every wave that passed through her was flaying another layer of her skin; she was surrounded by it. The waves continued speeding up and the bag filled with dead and dying skin before one final tremble rocked through Kat, peeling of her nails. Kat paused, stunned as her hair floated down in her vision. She was scared to move; she couldn't see her hands or feet and she dared not touch her head. * Ok this has to be worse than the pain, right? At least it was over soon enough. *

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