Chereads / D.E.M.O.N.S: Getting Summoned Weekly isn't so Bad / Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 So That’s Where the Advisors Were

Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 So That’s Where the Advisors Were

*Ah…* Kat looked around, down at herself and back up again. *So do I like just sit here for the rest of the time limit or…*? Kat looked around for something to entertain herself with. The room however was bare, lacking any features that might provide her some entertainment except for the summoning circle and the chairs.

*Hmm, I guess I can look at the circles for a while*. Getting up and heading towards the circle Therius had been standing in when a thought occurred to her.

*Wait this looks remarkably familiar, I'm certain of seen this circle before or something similar and it wasn't last week when I was with those two wizards.* Stopping and moving over to her own circle she examined that as well.

*This also seems familiar. I'm certain I've seen this somewhere*. Scanning through her memory Kat couldn't recall anything specific just a hazy recollection just out of reach, giving her the feeling that if she thought about it hard enough the mystery would be solved by Kat knew that it wouldn't be so easy.

After getting lost in the strange patterns and lines of the summoning circles Kat started moving about *Hmm, is there anything else interesting in the room, I've still got plenty of time before the contract expires right?*

Searching the room for anything potentially interesting Kat kept thinking to herself. *I don't want to just leave; I'm sworn to keep this a secret and I don't know if demons are well received here.*

Kat continued casing the room until she noticed some of the stones under the window were misaligned. Kat stood next to them tapping her foot. *Hmm, do I start poking around, maybe there's a secret passage. Wait aren't I already in a secret room of the castle?*

Pausing for a moment Kat was about to keep tapping when the floor fell out from beneath her. Kat begun sliding down a sloped surface hurtling towards the darkness. After about a minute of sliding the slide seemed to even out a bit before throwing Kat against a painting. Before Kat could get her bearings, she started to hear voices coming from the other side. Dusting herself off she started to peak through the hole in the canvas and pay attention to what was being said.

"Look Strongham, for the last time, we can't just duel the King, he's still much stronger than us and sending a formal duel request just gives him a chance to kill us if he suspects anything." said the figure below Kat

"I agree with you Carenuis, a duel is much too risky. Poison has got to be the way to go" replied the figure sitting opposite the one called Carenuis

"Shut up Poffenuis, we've tried poisoning him in the past and not once did he even show any sign of distress or sickness and we've had over ten plans involving poison now" shouted the one to Caranuis' left.

"Speaking of failed poisoning attempts Baronuis, how is assassination attempt 237 going, any luck on finding that rare snake?" said the one next to Poffenus

"Honestly Sagitaruis I think we've been had, I've never heard of an Ekans so I doubt…" Sagitaruis stopped speaking when he heard a tearing sound, the group of elves all whipped their heads around just as Kat tore through the painting and landed on the ground.

*Shit, how am I going to get out of this*. Kat thought to herself staring up at the elves beginning to surround her.

"Shit, we've been seen, who is this peasant, do we kill her or torture her for information?" said Poffenus

Just as Kat was about to reply with the polite suggestion that murder isn't the greatest policy flames shot up from the ground engulfing her in a bright white light before she found herself back in the tunnel of fires again.*Welp, that's one problem dealt with.*





Before the text winked out of existence once again. *Well that's just great, at least I know I'm getting payed for my ridiculous escapades. Hopefully I can start profiting from them at some point but for now it's fine, I guess.* Kat started to relax, content to simply enjoy the passing lights as she was transported back to her room.

Ground rushing to meet her Kat found herself standing right where she was before she left, looking around the room and noticing nothing amiss Kat checked the clock and noted that it was 2:30am. *It seems like at least some time had passed during my transit and subsequent dealings with the King, or perhaps the portal had only opened at 2:30, I'll need to check the time before I leave next week.* Looking around once more Kat was about to climb into bed when she noticed her clothes were filthy, sighing she stripped them off and prepared for another shower hoping not to wake anyone.

A quick shower and much scrubbing to remove the cobwebs later Kat returned to her room with the orphanage none the wiser before curling her tail around herself and slipping under the sheets. Hopefully the wake up won't be as painful as last time.