Chereads / Sweet Beauty / Chapter 8 - The Person Inside Is My Daughter

Chapter 8 - The Person Inside Is My Daughter

Yao Xiu looked out the window and realized it was already late.

Han Yuanjun immediately frowned and looked at him with a severe gaze. "What? Do you have any objections?"

"No, no!"

How could he dare to object!

Yao Xiu straightened his back, "Alright, I will call them to come over immediately."

As the two of them walked out of the hospital, Han Yuanjun said, "Investigate her situation for me again. I want every single detail included, not a single one missed, do you understand?"

Detailed investigation.

Yao Xiu didn't know if it was his imagination or what, but he felt Han Yuanjun wanted to strip Liang Zixuan clean from head to toe.

At once, he understood Lian Zixuan's position in Han Yuanjun's heart. Yao Xiu had also secretly decided that he would be respectful to her in the future. Who knows if she would become his boss' wife.

"Alright, I understand."

• • • •

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