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Sweet Beauty

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Chapter 1 - Reborn


Liang Zixuan opened her eyes with a splitting headache. She felt as if she had walked through the gates of hell.

Through the open window of the car, the scenery flew past her; the light from the street lamps was like stars, illuminating the lost children on their way home.

Everything was so real and visible that she immediately sat up straight in the passenger seat.

She lowered her head to look at her smooth and fair arms. "I'm still alive?"

Suddenly, a voice was heard beside her, "Z-Zixuan, you... Why did you wake up?"

Liang Zixuan turned her head and saw Wei Xiaoqing, who was driving, looking at her with a guilty conscience.

Wei Xiaoqing was her half-sister. Her father, Wei Guowei, changed Liang Zixuan's and her brother's surnames to their dead mothers' surnames to prevent Wei Xiaoqing's mother, Jiang Huifang, from being accused of being a mistress.

People only know that Wei Guowei had a sweet daughter, Wei Xiaoqing, but no one knows that he also had a son and another daughter.

Wei Xiaoqing was a popular singer, which people always praised her for having a beautiful voice. In fact, no one knows that Liang Zixuan was the one who sang all the songs!

Liang Zixuan remembered the tragedy she had experienced, and the light in her eyes gradually grew colder.

"Wei Xiaoqing." Liang Zixuan's heart trembled the moment she said those words.

Her voice, her voice … Her voice had actually recovered!

Wei Xiaoqing asked in a panic, "Wh-What?"

Liang Zixuan finally realized that she wasn't dead after all. Furthermore, she had been reborn that night when Wei Xiaoqing framed her. The corner of her mouth curled up into a bone-chilling smile as she calmly looked at the panicking woman beside her. "Are you taking me to the hospital?"

"Ah …" Wei Xiaoqing blurted out, "H-How did you know?"

"Heh …" Liang Zixuan's smile became increasingly cold, and her words hit the nail on the head. "You intend to ruin my voice so that I wouldn't reveal your true colors, right? That you never sing all your songs."

The guilt in her heart was exposed just like that. Wei Xiaoqing gripped the steering wheel, and cold sweats began to seep out of her palms. Even her hands were shaking uncontrollably.

However, her strong sense of pride would never allow her to show off her weakness in front of Liang Zixuan, whom no one else thought highly of!

"So what if I am?!" She immediately shouted, wanting to crush Liang Zixuan with her hands directly. "Tonight's party will be my last time singing on the stage. Dad has already discussed a new movie for me. From now on, I'm going to enter the Film Industry, I definitely couldn't have any stain on my body!"

She will walk further and further away in the future, and stand at a higher place. Wei Xiaoqing wanted to be clean, without any dirt on herself.

Liang Zixuan knew what she was thinking about and sneered. "So, do you think that as long as I can't sing, no one will know about your past?"

A vicious light flashed through Wei Xiaoqing's eyes. She still wanted to convince Liang Zixuan to cooperate. "Yes, you must perform this operation! Furthermore, even if you can't sing, you can still compose a song. In the end, you didn't lose anything at all."

No losses?

She had been imprisoned for a full ten years, wasn't that counted as loss?

Why must all of her achievements be placed on Wei Xiaoqing's instead of her? Why was it that when she composed songs and sang them, her name was all Wei Xiaoqing?

Liang Zixuan immediately thought of those days in the dark and thought how would she end up burning to death by Wei Xiaoqing in her room. Cold sweat ran down her spine as her whole body turned completely cold.

If she wanted to escape such a tragedy, she had to run. She couldn't allow such tragedy to happen again!