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Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Emperor Song
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Chapter 1 - Can You Give Me Your Heart?

"Big sister, I don't wish to die."

"I won't have many days left if I can't get a suitable heart. I will die." Despite already bearing a child, the thirty-year-old Mu Qiu was as youthful and lovely as ever. She looked like a radiant young lady.

As she spoke those words, she looked incredibly delicate and fragile.

Standing by Mu Qiu's bed was a tall, slender woman. If Mu Qiu was a pure lily flower, then this woman was a regal desert rose. Her features were classically beautiful as she stood there, quiet and elegant.

Song Ci looked at Mu Qiu, who was two years younger than her. Pain shot through her heart as she thought of her innocent, adorable little sister dying.

"Qiu-er, don't lose hope. We will find a heart suitable for you." Song Ci's encouragement felt rather lackluster. Since Mu Qiu had a rare blood type, there was a low chance of finding a donor heart in a short time.

Mu Qiu didn't respond to Song Ci's words of comfort and instead looked at Song Ci's familiar face. Even though she had seen this face for so many years, she still felt a sense of jealousy whenever she gazed upon those perfect features.

Song Ci was the Mu Family's adopted daughter.

When Song Ci was 14 years of age, an earthquake killed her parents and left her elder sister Song Fei in a comatose state.

Luckily, Mu Qiu's father, Mu Qian, had been a volunteer at the scene of the earthquake. And being the kind-hearted man that he was, he adopted Song Ci and shouldered Song Fei's medical fees. All these years, the Mu family took good care of Song Ci, who had since blossomed into a lovely and elegant desert rose.

But then, a terrible fire broke out at the convalescent hospital ten years ago, which unfortunately caused Song Ci's sister Song Fei to perish in the flames.

Having lived with the Mu Family for so many years, Mu Mian and his wife treated Song Ci as if she was their daughter. Whatever Mu Qiu had, Song Ci had it too. Song Ci could never repay the Mu Family for their kindness in raising her.

Thinking of how good the Mu Family had been to her, Song Ci racked her brains on how to comfort Mu Qiu. But then, an unexpected chuckle rang inside the ward. Puzzled, Song Ci turned toward the source of the laughter. It was Mu Qiu.

What was she laughing about?

Mu Qiu's laughter was brief. She stopped smiling and lowered her eyes. "A suitable heart… there is one."

"Have you found one?" Song Ci, in her surprise, excitedly asked Mu Qiu. She then grabbed Mu Qiu's hands and asked once more, "Where? When can we schedule the surgery?"

Mu Qiu pulled her right hand out of Song Ci's grip and instead pressed her fingers gently on Song Ci's chest.

Song Ci gazed down at Mu Qiu's lovely hand. It was like a piece of jade, long and slender. Anyone could tell it was the hand of an exceptionally well-cultivated person. She asked Mu Qiu, "What is it?"

Mu Qiu looked up at Song Ci, and a strange smile spread across her lips.

"Qiu-er…" Song Ci's heart gave a sudden jolt when she saw Mu Qiu's strange smile. Her lips pursed tightly together, giving her an austere expression. Song Ci's throat tightened, which made her voice sound raspy. "What are you trying to say?"

Mu Qiu's strange grin widened. "Big sister, where do you think that heart is?" Mu Qiu's eyes drifted over to Song Ci's chest.

Under that ample chest was a vibrant, beating heart full of life.

Observing Mu Qiu's creepy expression, Song Ci finally understood what Mu Qiu meant. Both of them had the same rare blood type! So, did Mu Qiu want her heart?

Song Ci's face lost all color at that thought.

"Big sister, can you give me your heart?" Mu Qiu's voice was as melodious as ever. But the hairs on Song Ci's back stood on end when she heard it.

Pressed against Song Ci's chest, Mu Qiu's slender fingers now looked like five cold, venomous snakes. It was so cold that Song Ci felt all her four limbs freeze.

Song Ci swept the lady's hand aside and took two steps back in panic. Standing at the foot of the bed, Song Ci stared at Mu Qiu in disbelief. It was like she was staring at a stranger.

The lovely and graceful Mu Qiu was like a pristine lily. Even though she had just asked for a living person's healthy heart, she still looked pure and innocent as an angel.

But she was a demoness!

Mu Qiu scared Song Ci.

"You want my heart?" Song Ci asked Mu Qiu in a trembling voice. "I will die if I give you my heart! Mu Qiu, how can you be so selfish?"

A strange glint surfaced in Mu Qiu's eyes when she heard Song Ci's rebuke. She stared at Song Ci for several seconds and stated matter-of-factly, "The Mu Family raised you. It's only appropriate that you give me your heart, right?"

Song Ci was dumbstruck.

She was about to retort when Mu Qiu spoke again. "Why do you think my father adopted you? Do you think he is such a kind-hearted philanthropist? That he just wanted to do a kind deed?" Mu Qiu's smile remained as pure and innocent as ever as she continued, "My father took you and your sister in just to cultivate your hearts for me!"

There was an unpleasant buzzing sound that rang inside Song Ci's ears.

She didn't want to believe it was true!

"Impossible!" Song Ci felt that Mu Qiu was lying to her. She wanted to dismiss her claims, but a small voice deep within her heart told her, 'It's true! It's all true!'

A hint of pity surfaced on Mu Qiu's face when she saw that Song Ci still refused to see the truth even as death beckoned her.

"All this time, and you still didn't know?" Mu Qiu looked at Song Ci like she was a pitiful little bug. "Big sister, the heart that is beating inside me now…" Mu Qiu admired the increasingly distressed expression on Song Ci's face. With a light tone of voice, she completed her sentence, "It is Song Fei's."

Song Ci's eyes widened in shock!