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Rebirth from the Ashes

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Chapter 1 - Passing Out

The pain woke Shen Xi up. The searing agony that tore through her flesh resulted in spasms across her body.

There were people speaking beside her.

"Dad, beat her to death. Despite Wanwan's kindness to her, she's a cruel b*tch and treated her horribly!" 

"Dear, I've already told you not to take her back, since you wouldn't understand the temperament of a child whom you haven't brought up on your own. Yet, you didn't listen." 

Gradually, everything went dark before Shen Xi's eyes, and her vision blurred. To her, the scene that unfolded in front of her seemed funny. 

The three people standing by her side were, in name, her blood relatives. 

Nevertheless, the looks they cast her were nothing but indifference, disdain and anger. They could not wait to get rid of her. 

They did not treat her as their kin at all. Instead, they regarded her as their enemy. 

The handsome, middle-aged man who carried a whip in his hand was her father, Su Yi. 

The beautiful woman next to him with a cold expression and a pair of bloodshot eyes was her mother, Li Jingran. 

There was another young man with a charming face yet a dangerous gaze in his eyes. He was her second elder brother, Su Muyan. 

She had undergone a rebirth. After completing transmigration missions in the 66 planes based on fictional work, she returned to the place where it all began, back to the Su family that was bereft of love but filled with apathy and desolation.

This time, however, she was no longer the same Shen Xi who allowed herself to be bullied and humiliated. She was now a different kind of Shen Xi , one who was a force to be reckoned with and back with a vengeance! 

It was probably due to her prolonged suffering at the Su family's hands that she remembered the events that transpired very clearly. 

It happened on her seventeenth birthday. As the true heiress of the Su family, it was already the second year since she had been brought home to them and spent her first birthday there. 

Her birthday fell on the same day as Su Ruowan, the fake heiress of the Su family. The latter was five years older than her. 

The whole family had prepared for Su Ruowan's birthday party a month in advance to give her a surprise. 

Yet, Shen Xi's family members seemed to have forgotten about her presence. 

Yesterday, her eldest brother, Su Muxuan, tossed her a teddy bear. It had a pretty pink color. 

She was overjoyed and assumed it was a birthday gift from her eldest brother. As such, she treated it with love and care. 

Unfortunately, this morning, Su Ruowan snatched her teddy bear away.

Shen Xi confronted her and wanted her teddy bear back. During the argument, Su Ruowan slipped and tumbled down the stairs. 

Su Ruowan cried and explained that it was a misunderstanding, and she had no intention of snatching her belonging away. The newly bought teddy bear was dirty and she only wanted to clean it before returning it to her sister. 

See, such a magnanimous excuse and such a great elder sister who was always thinking of the younger one. 

Shen Xi's family pinned the blame on her and accused her of pushing Su Ruowan down the stairs. They condemned her for being evil and ungrateful. 

As if this was not enough, after coming home from the hospital, Su Yi struck her violently with a whip until she fell unconscious without saying another word. 

Coincidentally, Shen Xi was reborn the moment after she fainted. 

"Dear, I think she has fainted," Li Jingran commented with a frown as she regarded the girl, who was lying on the floor, with a look of disgust. 

She fainted after a few whips. Because of her, Wanwan broke her leg, and she dared to pass out! 

This daughter who came from the village was not raised by her. Li Jingran had no love for her and found her to be a pain. 

"Fainted? I think she's playing dead to wriggle out of this mess!" Su Muyan walked towards her with a basin of water in his arms. "Dad, excuse me, I'm going to wake her up." 

Why did she not die? It was all because of her that Wanwan suffered so much! 

Nobody noticed that Shen Xi, who was lying on the floor, opened her eyes without warning. Her gaze was chilly and determined, tinged with a blatant desire to mock those around her. 

  1. We missed out the part about her transmigration missions were based on fictional work. Just realized it when we translated the later chapters and there's mentions of a xuanhuan world @_@

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