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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6: Are You Pregnant With A Pig?

Not buying it at all, Huo Zihang glanced at the female model with a disgusted look and asked, "Who are you?"

The female model was stunned for a moment, after which she cried even more agitatedly. "Third Young Master, I'm Jiaojiao, Wang Jiaojiao. Third Young Master, even tigers do not eat their own cubs. The baby is yours. It doesn't matter if you don't recognize me, but the baby..."

In Yan Jinyi's era, it was commonplace for women to show up at the homes of wealthy people and beg them to acknowledge their babies, for the sake of living a life of luxury. 

"Is the baby really Third Young Master Huo's?"

Wang Jiaojiao finally noticed Yan Jinyi's presence. 

Looking at the woman who was sitting on the sofa lazily, she suddenly felt a sense of crisis.

'This woman is so pretty. Is she Third Young Master's current girlfriend?'

'However, isn't Third Young Master's current rumored girlfriend Cheng Ruoxue?'

No matter what, she would never let anyone get in the way of her marrying into a rich family. 

Wang Jiaojiao choked and looked at Yan Jin Yi with wary eyes, "Who are you?"

"Your old man."

Yan Jinyi's tone was haughty and arrogant.

"What... What?"

"I said, I'm your old man."

Huo Zihang burst into laughter without hiding it. 

'This vicious woman Yan Jinyi is too talented!'

"Third Young Master, she is your new girlfriend, right? I..." Wang Jiaojiao immediately looked pitiful and vulnerable as she placed one hand on her belly and one hand on her face. After crying for a long while, she sobbed and choked. "Third Young Master, I don't want to ruin the relationship between you and her but, but this baby... My mother said, if you don't acknowledge the baby, she will kick me out of the house. Third Young Master, can you bear to see your child wandering around outside?"

Huo Zihang rolled his eyes and said, "Let it be then."

Shock was written all over Wang Jiaojiao's face and she thought, 'Didn't they say that the Huo Family is very concerned about having heirs?'

'Why? Why did this happen?'

She once again glanced at Yan Jinyi with viciousness in her eyes, thinking to herself that Yan Jinyi must be the reason Huo Zihang was unwilling to accept her and their baby. 

After taking a deep breath, Wang Jiaojiao suddenly slumped onto the ground.

"Third Young Master, the baby is kicking me. Third Young Master, hurry up and feel it. Third Young Master, it's a son! It's our son!"

Yan Jinyi couldn't help but ask, "How old is the fetus?"

Glowering at her, Wang Jiaojiao answered furiously, "A little over two months."

"The fetus can kick you when you're less than three months along. Are you pregnant with a pig?"

Huo Zihang's eyelids twitched. 

Feeling ashamed and infuriated, Wang Jiaojiao barked in a sharp and shrilling voice, "How dare you call the Huo Family's child a pig!?!" She then turned to look at Huo Zihang. "Third Young Master, scolding the baby is akin to scolding you!" 

Huo Zixing shrugged his shoulders and pointed his chin at Yan Jinyi with his chin. "She's my second sister-in-law."


Wang Jiaojiao froze for half a second before coming back to her senses. She abruptly widened her eyes and pointed at Yan Jinyi. "Third- Third Young Master, you said, said that she's your second sister-in-law?"

Raising his thick brows, Huo Zihang asked, "Do you have an opinion?"

He said so even though he did not want to admit it. 

'Second Young Master Huo is married?'

'How could that be?'

She thought that a godlike figure like him would never get married. 

Suddenly, Wang Jiaojiao felt sourer deep down. 

There were a total of three sons in the Huo Family and the eldest one had gotten married long ago, and now that the second one had also gotten married. Didn't that mean that Third Young Master Huo was the only bachelor left? 

Staring at Huo Zihang's extraordinarily handsome face, she thought, 'No matter what, I must marry into the Huo Family. The position of the Third Young Master's wife belongs to me!'

Yan Jinyi noticed all of Wang Jiaojiao's expressions. 

"Do you want to be the Third Young Mistress of the Huo family?" she suddenly asked. "You are pregnant with the eldest male heir of the Huo Family's next generation. By rights, you should be the Third Young Mistress."

Wang Jiaojiao's eyes lit up and she thought, 'See, I knew it.'

'Heirs are the most important to rich families. Knowing that I'm pregnant, how could they leave me and the baby out there without showing us any concern?'