Chereads / Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again / Chapter 6 - Professor of Qing University Briefly Introduced Himself as Teacher

Chapter 6 - Professor of Qing University Briefly Introduced Himself as Teacher

Qiao Chen couldn't help but hold He Yujuan's hand tightly. Her eyes followed the direction where Qiao Nian went and she mumbled, "Grandma, did you hear what he said? I think Sister's biological grandfather is in that room."

Weren't Qiao Nian's whole family from the countryside?

How could they afford to book a private room in Waterside Loft?

Everyone in the Qiao Family thought of this and their faces darkened. Since there were outsiders around, they had to put their doubts aside and follow the attendant to the room they booked.

In the private room.

Ye Wangchuan opened the door and saw several people inside.

She followed him inside.

The man in the wheelchair saw her and immediately became teary. He quickly gestured for people to push him over. He held Qian Nian's hand excitedly, and his eyes became wet before he even spoke. "You're Nian Nian? Child, it has been so many years. Grandpa has finally found you! I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to see you before I leave. If we were unable to find you, how could I account to your late mum…"

Qiao Nian looked at his gray hair. The emotions on the old man's face didn't seem fake. Those fierce eyes were so teary at that moment, revealing how emotional he was. Even those hands holding her were trembling… She had never felt this way before. Her emotions were as tumultuous as the old man babbling while holding her.

Old Master Jiang, someone with much life experience, quickly controlled his emotions. Holding Qiao Nian's hands, he started introducing her to the members of the house.

"Nian Nian, this is your dad, Jiang Zongjin. He's currently a teacher."

Ye Wangchuan raised his brows while watching Old Master introduce him.

Old Master briefly introduced him, Professor of Qing University, as a teacher.

Qiao Nian saw a man in a tunic with red eyes and fists clenched as he tried to hold back his emotions.

The concept of a father was blurry to her, but Old Master was trying to get her to call him Father. She pursed his lips, looked at the middle-aged man, and called out, "Dad."

"Hey!" The middle-aged man's eyes immediately turned red. He quickly turned his head away to hide his emotions.

Old Master Jiang heaved a sigh of relief and continued to introduce her to other members of the family.

"That's your second uncle and aunt, and your elder sister Xian Rou. Your second uncle has a business of his own, and Xian Rou is around the same age as you. You have seen her brother before. He's Jiang Li."

Qiao Nian looked at them. The girl and her mom looked indifferent, while the man greeted her kindly.

"Uncle, Auntie." Qiao Nian called out.

Old Master Jiang's face was full of joy. He didn't expect Qiao Nian to fit in immediately. He was satisfied as long as she didn't resist the idea.

Xuan Ji held Qiao Nian's hand and asked, "Are you hungry? You haven't eaten lunch, right? Quickly come here. Zongjin, get the service staff to serve the food."


The family at the dining table enjoyed themselves, and Old Master kept offering her food while asking about her life in the past.

Qiao Nian answered everything he asked. Even though her answers were brief, they were sincere.