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The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

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Chapter 1 - God of Wealth Left

The Moon Temple at Yunjin Mountain seemed untouched by the hot weather down below. The small Taoist Temple simply gave off its refreshing presence.

It felt just like spring.

There was a soft cushion beside the pillars of the temple. A beautiful girl was sitting on the soft cushion.

Donned in a Taoist robe, she leaned against the pillar. She also held a particularly eye-catching feather fan in her hand and waved it slowly in her fair-skinned hand. 

The little bell on her wrist rang twice occasionally in correspondence to her movements.

Her long hair was rolled up into a small, half-sized bun. There was a wooden hair stick inserted horizontally into the bun. The black hair that the bun did not hold spilled down her shoulders. Her long and narrow eyes gave off an air of laziness.

"Oh!" The old man across her sighed several times.

"It had just been a while, and you have sighed more than ten times now." Xie Qiao stopped fanning with her hand. She rubbed the feathers on the fan with her other hand. "If you really don't want me to go, just let the kid go and deliver a message. It's not as if they can tie me up with a rope, anyway."

"You don't know anything." The old Taoist master rolled his eyes.

"Over the past few years, I have finally turned you into a half-immortal with a sage-like character. The moment you speak, all my hard work is wasted again. If someone sees your behavior, do you think that the Taoist temple will receive any donations at all?" Xie Qiao smirked as she raised her eyebrow.

"It's not as if I act like this in front of others." The Old Taoist snorted.

Xie Qiao coughed slightly. "You're so unreliable, and I am really worried about that. I think I really shouldn't leave."

"That won't work. Our Water Moon Temple can't force a young lady from a good family to become a nun. You have lived here for so many years. Your father wants you to marry into a good family and live a normal life. If I stop him, he might take my life." When the old Taoist master thought of that bandit, he felt his heart seize.

Time had passed by so swiftly!

He recalled the incident some years back. As he was traveling across the mountains and rivers, he was kidnapped by the ruffian, Xie Niushan.

Coincidently, Xie Niushan's wife gave birth to a girl with a lethal destiny. As soon as she was born, her mother passed away. Her father was almost killed by government officials as well.

The strategy advisor in the mountain stronghold was quite capable and immediately figured out that the girl had a lethal influence over her own parents.

Xie Niushan had sent this girl away to be raised by the old Taoist master.

He gave some money to rebuild Water Moon Temple, and the requirement was to treat this girl well.

But he was argumentative, and he offended others the moment he spoke. So, Water Moon Temple would never receive donations. Things only got better when the girl became of age.

'Now that this girl is leaving, it means that the God of Wealth is going away.

'But it's not easy to stop her from leaving.'

"Alright then. Pack all your things and get out of here. If I can't manage this temple anymore, I'll go to you for help. After raising you for so many years, I don't believe that your dad would watch me starve by not offering me food." When the old Taoist master thought of this, he became quite pleased with himself.

Xie Qiao grinned with her slightly pale lips.

She did not have any possessions and the donation money all belonged to the temple. She would not have to take any money with her because the Xie family would not mistreat her.

As they were talking, a young Taoist ran in. "Master, that woman is asking when the senior sister will be able to leave?"

"I will be there in a moment." Xie Qiao got up and flicked away the non-existent dust on her clothes. "Old man, I'm leaving. Don't forget to guard yourself against arrogance, impatience, alcohol, and lust."

"Go, go, go! Are you the master or am I the master?! I don't need you giving me lectures." The old man rolled his eyes.

Xie Qiao walked out of the temple as if she was floating out.

Sunlight from the outside shone on her face, accentuating her already fair skin complexion.

Water Moon Temple was not particularly large and they seldom kept visitors overnight.

At that moment, a group of people led by Ms. Lu was waiting at the temple's main hall.

They had grown a little anxious after waiting for quite a long time.

"I haven't seen this girl for so many years. I have never seen her come home or pay us a visit during Chinese New Year. Mr. Xie loves her and asked me to pick her up in person. But look at her, it's been more than an hour, and she hasn't shown her face yet."