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Chapter 1 - Reborn

Spring March, Year 22 in the Saint Divine Land.

It was a lively sight in the Capital, with flowers blooming everywhere. The begonias in the Gu Mansion stood out above all, embellishing the garden with various colors. They were arranged in this manner simply because the second miss of the Gu Mansion was partial to begonias.

Standing in big contrast was the Qiong Pavilion.

It was a cramped and shabby house with weed growing in the yard. Almost no sunshine could penetrate through the place, making the surroundings extremely damp. Had it not been located within the area of the Gu Mansion, this patch of land would have been mistakenly considered as a slum dwelling.

Gu Chaoyan felt that her body was sticky and cold.

She opened her eyes and was blinded by the sudden light. Gu Chaoyan was dizzy and couldn't decipher the murmurs around her.

Her head was aching terrible and her stomach seemed to be bloated. Was her belly full of water? Her clothes were soaked and the clothes clung tightly to her body.

She remembered that she had died.

Was her corpse getting a bath at the funeral parlor now?

But the color of her clothes was wrong. She was dressed in an outfit made of hemp material.

Gu Chaoyan raised her hands and found them to be chubby and tanned.

She had never been so plump. Her skin was always pale and delicate and her face had been considered as one of the prettiest!

"Oh Miss, finally you are awake!" A silhouette in light green clothes appeared in front of Gu Chaoyan, as she tried to move her sore body. "Miss, the Old Master said that once you are awake, you should go to the front yard, but I am afraid…."

The girl started to sob while speaking.

"It seems that your marriage with the Prince is ruined. Miss, you loved him so deeply, but he treated you so ruthlessly… what will you do in the future? Madam went away when you were young, and the Old Master is being so…."

Miss? Prince? Marriage?

What was going on?

Gu Chaoyan was about to say something when a barrage of memories, which did not belong to her, appeared in her head.

There were four countries in the current world - the North Qi Land, the Saint Divine Land, the Feather Mulberry Land, and the Cloud Land. She was currently in the Saint Divine Land. The original host of this body was Gu Chaoyan, the lineal daughter of the Gu Family in the Capital of the Saint Divine Land.

Gu Chaoyan had been engaged to Lu Jiming, the Prince of Duke Changning, in their childhood.

Gu Chaoyan, the lineal daughter, was a chubby kid with extremely tanned skin ever since she was a kid. As she grew older, she became even more hideous looking. Moreover, she had a terrible temper and sometimes shoplifted things that belonged to other mansions and didn't even spare the servants. In the end, she was detested not only by her fiance but also by everyone in the Gu Mansion.


One day before her wedding, Gu Chaoyan received the divorce paper from Duke Changning's Mansion.

She went to Duke Changning's Mansion without hesitation and kneeled down in front of the mansion for hours, begging the Prince not to divorce her. She cried and screamed and even threatened to take her life.

In front of all the members of the mansion, Lu Jiming told her gently that he would withdraw the divorce paper, as long as she jumped into the lake.

Gu Chaoyan proceeded to do so without any hesitation.

She was eventually rescued only because she was a part of the Gu Mansion. She was returned to the Gu Mansion soaked in water. In the process, she managed to turn herself into the biggest laughing stock of the Capital. Understandably, her father was extremely furious.

As far as Gu Chaoyan could remember, her second sister, the prettiest lady in the whole family, was involved in this plan too.

Gu Chaoyan had not expected that the original host of this body underwent an even tougher life experience than she did. She could not help but feel a bit sorry for her. Well, since she was now in her body, she was definitely going to get back everything that should belong to her and take the revenge that the host should have taken.

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