The Vampire Empress: Blood Queen & Her Kings

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Chapter 1 - It Still Works


The girl clad in dark red long robes which were covered in dirt, including her not so beautiful ragged and bloody appearance, pushed the almost six feet tall man harshly on the ground.

Her left hand moved to her lips and she slowly wiped the traces of the blood that were visible on her lips.

A huge smile made its way on her glistening red lips as she watched the miracle taking place in front of her very eyes.

The blood that was covering her clothes and body started disappearing as one by one all her cuts and scratches healed.

It barely took a half a minute before her body was completely healed and full of energy.

She once again started feeling a little bit like herself even though she was currently trapped in the body of a twenty year old girl who shared the same name as her - Jiang Ying Yue.

"It worked! Damn it, it still works...!"

The girl could not contain her happiness inside her little heart and shouted out crazily as she clapped her small hands with pure joy.


Her celebration time was short-lived as the panicked voice pulled her attention toward the man who was struggling to crawl away from her.

The cute and happy expression immediately disappeared from her beautiful face as she stared at the man.

Her eyes suddenly became darker as an evil glint took over them and then she started laughing.

"Hahaha.....M-monster? Me? Haha.....!"

The poor man could do nothing but stare wide-eyed at the girl who appeared to be a total maniac.

Who would have known that when his Master accepted the mission of killing the 'Good-for-nothing Miss Jiang, he was actually accepting a death sentence?

The girl finally stopped laughing and her already dark and evil gaze only turned sharper and colder as she glared at his quivering form.

"You actually dared to call me a Monster? You all abducted a weak lady on her way through this forest. You disfigured her and then you killed her. And now you dared to call me a Monster? Think again. Are you sure that I'm the real monster here?"

Her voice came out low but dangerous. The darkness of the forest only increased the ire of the situation.

The man could not speak as fear took over his entire being while he stared at the girl. With all the strength that was left in his body and heart, he crawled toward the girl and gripped the hem of her long red dress in his hands as he begged for mercy.

"Your Highness! I'm innocent. I was just following my Master's order. Please have mercy on me!"

Jiang Ying Yue closed her eyes for a moment to take in a deep breath and then her right hand made its way around the neck of the man.

"When you figured out that the 'Good-for-nothing Jiang Ying Yue was a bane of the Imperial family, you should have paid extra attention to find out exactly why she's a bane. Unfortunately, it's too late now."

And with those words, a loud crunching sound echoed through the silence of the forest and the body of the man dropped dead on the ground, joining his partner who had also left the world thanks to the girl.

Ying Yue wiped her right hand on her dress as if to get rid of the germs that she received from the two men.


She let out a sigh as she looked at the two dead bodies that were lying in front of her.

Right at that moment, a bright silver light illuminated the area around her, and the very next second, there was a man in dark black robes who slowly walked toward her.

His shoulder-length silver hair, with a touch of purple in them, was tied in a high ponytail and a few strands of hair were left loose.

His dark green eyes were highlighted by his long black lashes and his sharp jawline accompanied by his naturally red full lips, made him appear like the main character of some fantasy novel.

The black satin shirt that he was wearing did absolutely nothing to hide the chiseled, well-built body of his. His black leather pants and cargo boots, plus the black oversize long coat gave his already tall frame another boost.

A diamond ring was shining on the index finger of his right hand and a matching earring was dangling on his left ear.

The man looked so ethereal and handsome that it was not possible to call him human at all.

"Why it looks like that you are struggling to choose between laughing and crying at this moment?" He asked as he crouched down beside her and took the hem of her dress between his long and slender fingers.

The very next second, the nails of his right hand grew longer and sharper, and with a swift move he separated a piece of her dress and it landed on the ground.

It was exactly that part of her dress which was touched by the man who was now lying dead just a few feet away from them.

Ying Yue did not even look at the man as she replied, "This Jiang Ying Yue is the chosen candidate of the Empress' position of this country. However, she was not even worthy enough to enjoy a proper assassination. They just sent two looser bandits to finish her off. What a joke!"

The man did not say anything as he watched the girl in silence.

His silence finally made Ying Yue turn her attention to him as she asked curiously, "What about you?"

In reply to her question, the man only raised his eyebrows as he repeated, "What about me?"

"I mean how did you end up here?" Ying Yue elaborated her question and watched as the man stood up from his crouched position.

They were standing so close, barely a few inches of space left between them and his tall height made Ying Yue to lift her head to look at his face.

"I'm bound to you for eternity. Of course, I'm gonna follow you even in death."