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Shrewd wife of Lin brothers

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Chapter 1 - Marriage

" You shameless man !" a portly woman carrying an ink dripping bucket roared furiously , her roar was so loud that everyone in the restaurant shivered and took several steps back .In front of her stood a couple with ink dripping down their body and two young men , one with glasses and a scowl while the other one looked a little shocked at what just happened.

Liu WenChen invited his famous food critic brother , Liu Yanwang to this restaurant as the taste of the food here was unforgettable . But as he tried their latest dishes he found the original appetizing taste gone , Liu Wechen was ashamed he called his ice as cold brother to have a good dinner here , but who knew the taste would downgrade so much in just three months .

While he was pondering over this , a fat and chubby woman rushed in splashed ink on the couple who owned this restaurant . He was so shocked that he even forgot to stop his live streaming .

" Chang Rui , you are going too far !" said Wang Tao the owner of the restaurant wiping his face

" Pei ! I am going too far? The one going too far is you and this little slut !" spat Chang Rui on the floor , then she turned to the diners who came here for dinner and spoke in a loud voice as if afraid no one in the restaurant or outside won't be able to listen , she pointed at the couple and began " This Wang Tao is not the owner of this restaurant nor is that little hussy who is hiding behind him , neither of them earned a single penny in their life. This restaurant is My friend Su Wan 's hard work ! She married this slag man when he had nothing and was kicked out of his house , Su Wan worked day and night , she even sold bbq meat on a cart and bicycle and saved enough money to buy this building but this slag man used her trust and named this restaurant deed after himself then he cheated on her with this slut who is Su Wan 's half sister and kicked Su Wan out !"

" Chang Rui you are slandering us ! I will sue you "

" Then go ahead and sue me ! I will see who dares to sue to me ! You son of a bitch ! slandering ? The fact that the food here has become unappetizing since the last three months is enough of a proof that the back bone of this restaurant is gone ! what slander ? Why don't you tell this mother ! What slander!"

Chang Rui 's words were vulgar to extreme and Wang Tao who has always been protected by Su Wan knew nothing about how to deal with her . He once thought that a gentle woman like Su Lan was much more suitable for him that's why he derailed but now as he faced Chang Rui he realised that Su Wan 's shrew like behaviour was much necessary for staying alive in this place and not to mention without her , the restaurant 's food no longer tasted as good as before .

Su Lan had once told him that she could cook as good food as Su Wan that's why he dared to derail their marriage but to think that her food quality wasn't even on par of the aide that helped Su Wan in the kitchen !

" Chang Rui , I and Su Wan separated on a good note . You are creating unnecessary drama , Aren't you afraid to bring shame to Su Wan 's good name !" Wang Tao tried the soft approach when the hard one didn't work , he really needed to make Chang Rui leave or his restaurant will no longer be able to survive with this bad publicity .He glanced at Liu WenChen who was still streaming and cursed , he knew who Liu WenChen was in one glance and thought that he will be able to get a free advertising today but who would have thought Chang Rui would come to make trouble !

" Good name? What's the use of good name when her husband cheated on her and you -" she exclaimed pointing to Su Lan who was hiding behind him " Your mother troubled Su Wan every end of the month for your university fees ,your mother even went as far as banging Su Wan 's face and body down the stairs to steal money for your studies , Is that what your good university taught you ? To snatch your sister's man? To sneak in a married man bed and spread your legs ? If so I will make sure my daughter doesn't choose that university or else she might turn lose "

" Chang Rui - you speak appropriately " when Su Lan saw everyone including the famous streamer and food critic expression change she could no longer remain silent .

" Appropriately ? You dare to do such shameless deed but don't dare to accept it ? Pei ! someone said it right like mother like daughter . Your mother snatched her best friend 's husband and you snatched your sister's . I will be damned if I let your restaurant flourish under fall pretence " said Chang Rui once again spitting on the floor then threw the bucket down spilling the ink on the clean wooden flooring and left .

" every one - Please don't believe her words , she is just angry because she is my ex wife 's friend" said Wang Tao addressing the crowd who shook their heads and fled the restaurant. One or two of them threw casual insults at Wang Tao and Su Lan for being shameless .

" Let's go " said Liu Yanwang pushing his glasses " I need to take a full body check up now , I feel really unwell having eaten at such a disgraceful couple's place "

" Yes brother , lets go " agreed Liu WenChen ignoring how pale Wang Tao and Su Lan had gone .


At a small apartment .

" Hahaha ! serves you right you bastard!" a woman with sword like eyebrows , a sharp chin and eyes ablaze like a warrior slammed her beer can on the table and laughed " You thought I will just let you and that bitch live an easy life just like that? huh ? You shameless man ! pui pui ! "

She took a heavy gulp of her beer and wiped her chin " No way ! You will live like a dirt worm that you are and I will make sure you do ! Pei ! to think you let this mother go and got that wimp as your wife ! Wang Tao ! This mommy will make sure to find a man - no ! I'm still young ! I will find five men and roll around with them right in front of you ! Hahahaha ! This old lady will make you and your wife roll even in your graves !"

Bang !

Su Wan whi drank too much felt her body slip and then unconsiousness took over her mind drowning everything in dark .

" Ow ow ow , son of a bitch " cursed Su Wan as she woke up " did I hurt my head or what my head hurts like a little shit "

She nursed her head but then all of a sudden she straightened up and looked down , her hand - het hands were callous free ! No way ! did she went through the legendary reincarnation ? If so she will kick that bitch and her daughter out right now !

Su Wan hurriedly turned to look around the room and her happiness flew away . The room was completely different and looked a bit worn down , near her was a fruit knife and bowl with no fruits in it ..Su Wan cocked an eyebrow and slipped the knife in her sleeves as memories of the past owner's came rushing in her mind .

This girl was sixteen and her name was Su Wan as well , she was the daughter of the official dead wife whose dowry was under control of the current wife . The current wife snatched everything from Su Wan and kept it for her daughter Su Lan

on top of that She even arranged a marriage with a pauper for Su Wan .

just like me huh , sneered Su Wan and laid back on the bed with her back ..This - you stupid if they snatch your dowry you snatch it back ! Why did you die.

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