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Being Loved By Devils

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Chapter 1 - They were wasted

*Warning- this chapter contains strong language which might upset you*

"Ah!" a young woman suddenly shouted in pain as she opened her eyes in hurry. "Huh?" she blinked twice in confusion. Her eyes explored the whole place and turned out she was in the club's toilet. 'Where am I?' the first question which popped up in her head.

The loud music from outside made her head dizzy. "You bitch! How dare you bite me?!" a man's loud voice interrupted the woman's deep thoughts. She finally noticed the man who was standing in front her without a shirt on. She frowned at the sight.

The man was looking down at her as a prey. She gritted her teeth in annoyance. "What the fuck is going on?!" she murmured furiously as got up from the floor which was covered in blood. She almost slipped because of those filthy blood.

But suddenly her eyes started to blur as her legs became weak. She felt like her energy was draining out. She looked around for help to stand straightly. "Damn it!" she cursed under her breath as she gritted her teeth in pain.

Her eyes finally found the wound on her right arm. It seemed like her arm was cut by a sharp tool. She pressed on the wound with her left hand while a tightened frown was seen on her face. The man furrowed his brows in confusion.

"Who the fuck are you?!"

The woman yelled furiously. Her burning glare was on the man, making the man suddenly quivered in fear. "Shut your fucking mouth!" the man shouted back as he pushed the young woman onto the floor. His hands started to move onto the woman's clothes.

He ripped her clothes in hurry as if the leopard was running after him. The woman eyes widened in realization. "This fucker.." she cursed and pushed the man hardly. "How dare you try to touch me, you filthy trash" there were flames in her eyes, her aura became dangerous.

"W-what! You were crying like a weak kid just a second ago and now you are acting like a mature woman huh?! Were you acting on purpose before?!" the man eyes were shaking like a deer which met a tiger. The woman stood up from the floor with a murderess look.

"I don't know what are you talking about. But one thing for sure, you should be scared of death right now since it is coming to you" The man eyes widened at the sight of a woman smirking like a devil who came from hell to punish nasty people.

The woman glanced at the knife which was on the edge of the basin. Her eyes lit up at the sight of sharp knife, her lips curved up into a smirk. Without thinking twice, her hand reached to the knife quickly. She twirled the knife and looked at the man with a devil smile.

"P-please spare me, please spare me! I have a family. So please spare me!" the man quickly begged as he bowed down at the woman who was twirling a knife with a playful smirk. "No begging, you fucker. Since you started this first, I must teach you a lesson"

"Are you done?!"

The man's shout was heard from outside of the door, interrupting the woman from stabbing the man. The woman furrowed her brows in annoyance. She looked into the man's eyes who was begging her to spare his life. She signaled the man to shut up. "I asked if you are done or not?!"

The voice which contained impatience made the woman quickly understood the situation. Based on what she saw and heard, these two men were on the same side. "HEY!" the man from outside shouted furiously. "This asshole! Is she dead because of your lust?!"

The woman's inner eyebrows lifted along with her upper lip in disgust. "These filthy men!" she murmured in anger. "Help me!! She is trying to kill me!!" the man yelled at another man from outside to help him. The woman sighed tiredly.

"WHAT?! Do you think I will believe you?!! I know her well! No matter if she is my step sister or not, no one had teach her to defend herself! Stop spouting nonsense and fuck her until she die!" The woman eyes widened in disbelief. "I don't have a brother.."

Suddenly her eyes widened in realization. That's right, she just died in fire because of a stupid reason. Then where was she? Why was she in the club's toilet with a lustful man? Who was that fucker who was shouting furiously from the outside like an old man?

"Don't tell me.."

She facepalmed herself.

"Ahhh!!" she shouted angrily. She just reborn! Asteria, the famous business woman who died in fire had reborn! She did not even have a husband and yet she died in early age! Asteria wanted to set up fire on the whole world. The world was unfair and cruel.

What if the body she was in was just a maid from someone's house? What if the body owner already had a husband? She wanted to have at least more than three men by her side. No, she did not want to accept the truth. She did not want to believe the reality.

"Damn it. Damn it. Damn it!"

Asteria stabbed the wall with a knife furiously. The sweat, blood and everything she had done to become a famous business woman was all wasted. The pains she got from people had not heal yet. She just achieved her goal of being a business woman who people feared.

She had not even spend her money fully. She did not even have time to play around with men. Everything she did to become the woman who people feared, was wasted. Her company, her villa, her diamonds, her gold and most importantly her money, they were wasted now.

"Fuck it!" she shouted as the man who was staring at her, flinched in fear. The young woman looked like she was out of control. She was crying like a pure girl under his hands just now and then she suddenly changed into a lion quickly. What was going on?

The man did not have any idea at all. "What's wrong?! What the fuck is going on?!!" the man from outside shouted in panic. When there was no response from inside, he kicked the door aggressively since the door was locked. He just broke the door with his legs.

As the door shattered into pieces, his eyes met a young woman in ripped clothes who was breathing heavily with a knife in her right hand while the shirtless man was quivering in fear on the floor. The blood was dripping down from the young woman's right arm nonstop.

"What is this?! I thought you fucked her up!" the guy shouted furiously at the man. He kicked the man's stomach in anger. Asteria lifted her eyes at the guy who was kicking another man heartlessly. "You! I will kill you!" The guy suddenly turned around at her and shouted.

"What the fuck, it is me who should kill you!" Asteria yelled back as she pointed the knife bravely. The guy gulped, he frowned tightly. When did the girl begin to become so brave? The guy was sure that the young woman was a weak girl who could not even look at the blood.

The young woman who was standing in front of him and yelling back at him was not the one he knew. He could not believe his eyes. "P-put that down! That can harm you! Aren't you afraid of getting hurt?! Put that down right now!" The guy's body was shaking in fear.

"Shut the fuck up!"

Asteria glared at the guy. Her eyes started to blur because of the damned wound. Her energy was draining out, making her unable to stand straightly. "Shit.. I am running out of blood" she murmured, trying to run away before she fainted at the place. "Damn it!"

She shouted as pushed the guy hardly, making the guy fell onto the floor. Asteria ran out of the toilet and looked around. She frowned at the sight of a couple making out in front of many people. "Where the fuck is their shame" she walked away from the two with a frown.

Her steps directed to somewhere without knowing the way of exit. She looked down at herself with a tightened frown. Her white shirt which was soaking wet in blood, was torn and the pink lace bra was showing. She started to search for something to cover her chest.

A black blazer on the nearest table fell into her sight, making the young woman ran towards it in hurry. She quickly grabbed the black blazer from the table since there was no one. "I am so sorry for this" she apologized for stealing someone's blazer.

Asteria wore it on while breathing heavily. Her skirt was covered under blazer since the skirt was really short. Now no one could not recognize her easily. Thanks to the dim light, her hair color could not get recognized. She nodded in satisfaction.

"Where do you think you are going?!!" A guy's shout made Asteria flinched. "This fucker.." she quickly looked around to hide. But there was no place to hide away from that asshole brother. "Damn it" without thinking twice, she ran towards the table which was little far from people.

There was a man drinking alone while his eyes were on the dance floor where people were dancing joyfully. His face showed nothing but boredom. Asteria stopped in front of the man, making the man stared back at her with wrinkled eyebrows in confusion.

"I will take responsibility after, just pretend like you are my boyfriend for awhile. If a guy came and asked if you saw me, say no" Asteria spoke hurriedly since she felt like she was going to faint. The man raised his eyebrow as he stared into the young woman's eyes.

He did not respond.

"This man must be deaf or can't talk" Asteria murmured as furrowed her brows in annoyance. "Whatever!" She closed her eyes and threw herself onto the man's lap, wrapping her arms around the man's neck tightly then she pressed her lips on his neck.

The man's eyes widened in disbelief.