Chereads / Once Bitten, Twice Shy / Chapter 3 - You Asked for This 

Chapter 3 - You Asked for This 

It was warm... It was so hot…

Samantha was awakened by the sudden heat in her body. She abruptly opened her eyes, and everything was pitch black. There was no light around her, and she did not know where she was.

"It's you?!" Suddenly, she heard a raspy and fierce voice coming from above her. Next, she felt herself being choked by a pair of cold hands. "Damn it! You actually drugged me?"

This voice… Even though she did not see who the man was, she could tell from his voice that it was Timothy! 

She woke up there after she was attacked. Moreover, she did not even do anything, and she did not want to be involved with him ever again!

Samantha opened her mouth, trying to refute. However, when she did, she uncontrollably moaned, and she could not utter a single word.

Samantha was angry and embarrassed. She could feel that the warmness in her body was messing with her logic, and she was about to lose control of herself. She must leave as soon as she can…

She raised her hands, trying to push Timothy away, yet her body was weak, and she did not have any strength. Timothy thought that she was flirting with him and playing hard to get.

The man's breathing was getting heavier and his eyes were bloodshot. The veins on his hands started to show one by one, and he roared through gritted teeth, "Samantha, you asked for this!"

Then, Timothy's lips violently pressed on hers.

A night of frenzy…

Samantha had a dream. It was a long-awaited, sweet, and blissful dream.

On the day of her 20th birthday, she and Timothy were celebrating her birthday by the beach. She closed her eyes and made a wish in front of the burning candles.

Every year, she would have the same wish—marrying Timothy.

When she opened her eyes and blew the candles, a drone appeared in the sky. It flew in the blue sky for a while, and the white smoke gradually formed two words—Marry Me.

After that, Timothy, who was dressed in a black suit, walked toward her handsomely with flowers in his hands. Then, he knelt in front of her.

Her voice was hoarse and melodious, and his gaze was sincere and affectionate. "Sammy, marry me. I can't wait any longer, and I want to make you mine for the rest of my life."

Samantha was overjoyed as she agreed, giving Timothy her hand. 

However, the very next second, Timothy's affectionate and handsome face darkened. His gaze was filled with mockery and indifference. Then, he opened his thin lips, uttering those harsh words, "I'm bored of you! Don't appear in front of me ever again!"

Samantha was stunned, and she instantly opened her eyes, gasping for air.

Even though it had been two years, that scene and those words were like nightmares, traumatizing her!

She took two deep breaths and wanted to sit, but her body was hurting all over, causing her to cry out in pain.

Samantha could not care less about the pain. Everything that happened last night surged into her mind. 

She and Timothy…

She abruptly looked beside her, and she was greeted with the sight of the beautiful and familiar man's face. Then, suddenly, she stopped breathing!

She was hoping that it was all just a nightmare…

Samantha closed her eyes. It was not the time for her to let her imagination run wild. No matter what, she must leave this place first!

She forced herself to steady her emotions, and she slowly sat up. Then, just as her feet touched the ground and she was ready to get out of bed, her wrist was grabbed.

Next, she felt her head spinning, and she was back in bed again. Soon, her hands were pressed on the bed, and she could not move at all.

She looked up and met Timothy's malicious obsidian gaze, and there was an undisguised hatred and murderous intent in them!

This look… Did he already ascertain that she drugged him last night and took the chance to get in bed with him, just to get some benefits from him?

Samantha instantly felt anxious and terrified.

She was well aware of how ruthless Timothy could be. Moreover, she knew how cruel his methods were, and she saw the fate of those who tried to scheme against him…

At the thought of that, Samantha shivered.

Nevertheless, things had already unfolded to this extent, so there was no point in being afraid. Samantha forcefully bit her lips, forcing herself to remain calm. Then, she quickly tried to form a few sentences, thinking about explaining the matter to Timothy.

"Samantha, you'd do such shameless acts for the sake of money. Why? Was it because you got good money from me the first time you sold yourself to me, so you thought that the second time would be…"


The crisp slapping sound stopped Timothy from finishing his brutal words!

Samantha's hand was still in mid-air, trembling violently. Her face was ashen, and her chest undulated from the anger.

There was a red mark on the man's beautiful fair cheek.

It seemed that he did not expect Samantha to make a move. Timothy was in a trance for half a minute, but then his mouth twitched. Even though he was smiling, the temperature in the room appeared to have dropped.

"Samantha, do you have a death wish?"

Samantha thought that the words his assistant told her two years ago were hurtful. Nonetheless, those words that he was spurting right then were more lethal.

Was she such a woman in his eyes?

That was why he broke off their engagement in front of everyone and forced her to leave, banishing her to a foreign country.

The pain started to surge, and she was getting teary.

All these years outside, she had heard horrible things. Nevertheless, for the sake of surviving, she would always smile through them. On the other hand, Timothy used to care for her and was very affectionate. Every word that he said, each sentence, could melt her heart.

They were so happy together, yet it flipped at that moment.

Being overseas for the past two years, she had learned to toughen up to survive. She thought that no words would be able to hurt her! 

Little did she know that she could not handle Timothy's few words.

Samantha blinked hard, trying to suppress the urge to cry. In fact, she even forced a mocking smile. 

Then, she spoke mechanically, "Mr. Lambert, I think you misunderstood. Someone knocked me out, and I was already here when I woke up. Moreover, I was also drugged! I was attacked at the entrance of the old mansion. You can check the surveillance, and I can go to the hospital for a check-up to prove that I'm a victim too. As for why you were drugged, it has nothing to do with me! This is just an accident, and I don't want to have sex with you, nor do I want your money!"

After a pause, Samantha's smile became more profound, and she snorted. Then, she glanced at Timothy up and down, judging him. Finally, her cherry lips parted, and she uttered, "Mr. Lambert, you're really full of yourself. With your terrible skills, even if I want to sell myself, I will never find you again! No matter how shameless I am, I, Samantha Larsson, will never go back to you!"