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Marrying The Richest Man While Pregnant

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Chapter 1 - An Event of Great Joy

"Mom, do you think that the Mo family will be displeased with us when they find out that the person that's about to marry into their family is just a dimwit?"

A voice filled with excitement and nervousness outside the door could be heard.

"It's already decided, and the Mo family is the wealthiest in the Southern City. They can even afford eight large palanquins just to transport one person back. Besides, the Mo family are the ones that are at a loss. Such a distinguished family has a reputation to uphold. Not to worry, the one hundred million in betrothal money will surely be ours.

"After raising her for so many years, this dimwit is finally of use to us. Fortunately, she didn't fall to her death when we pushed her down the stairs." The charming female voice giggled.

"Hmph, a dimwit like her seems suitable for a paralyzed old man in his seventies. Fang Liu should be thanking us for such a good marriage proposal. Hahaha!" The stepmother's proud and arrogant laughter echoed in the air.

Fang Liu listened to the conversation between her stepsister and stepmother with a vacant expression. She had long lost affections for her father's family throughout the years. She was only pretending to be a dimwit in the eyes of the Fang family.

Only a month ago, Fang Liu's biological mother had gone bankrupt. She raked up five hundred million debts and was locked up in prison. Seeing that Fang Liu's mother could no longer pay the Fang family's nurturing fees, her father kicked the pregnant Fang Liu out of the house.

It was still in the middle of winter during that time. Her father didn't even care that Fang Liu might freeze to death outside, and Fang Liu had lost all hope. She was sad and angry. She had managed to find a job as a clerk in a bookstore and even get a cheap little house to rent.

She was prepared to give birth to the child. However, she did not expect to be misled by the Fang family. She was tricked into returning home and marrying a paralyzed old man in his seventies.

It was foolish of her to think that her father had come to his senses. He had even shed two drops of tears in front of her. He cried and said, "I was the one that let you down in the past. Do not worry, Fang Liu. I will protect you from now on."

Fang Liu did not expect the Fang family to be a bunch of shameless animals that would plot against a woman that was four months pregnant. They had convinced her to return to the family so that they could marry her off to a paralyzed old man in his seventies.

Fang Liu placed her hand on her pregnant stomach. She could feel the little life inside of her trembling— this was her child. She found out that she was pregnant four months ago, but she had no recollection of the child's father.

Fang Liu had been an outcast in the Fang family since she was young, and now she had developed affections for this future child of hers. She had no real family besides her biological mother that she could no longer meet. So she decided to give birth to this child.

It was now a prior conclusion that she would marry into the Mo family. She was locked away in her room by the Fang family and could not escape, so Fang Liu agreed to marry into the Mo family. Either way, it was a dead-end. She could only take it one step at a time.

Three days later, people from the Mo family arrived to pick her up. The Mo family was the wealthiest in Southern City. The Southern City was a superior city whose economic development was comparable to that of the capital. The wealthiest person in Southern City was close to the wealthiest person in the entire country. The strength of the Mo family was not something that a small family could compare to.

If it weren't for an unusual condition set by the Mo family, Fang Liu would not have been fooled by her father to return home. It was said that the Mo family required the bride to be twenty years of age and that she had to be four months pregnant.

'What sort of strange conditions were these? Did they hire a fortune teller to advise them?' Fang Liu had a strange feeling.

There were lively sounds of firecrackers and crowds outside.

Fang Liu wore her bridal gown as she sat in her room when she heard the door opening. A groomsman was prepared to take her to the Mo family. "Miss Fang, let's go whenever you're ready."

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