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Chapter 7 - No Tears Left to Cry

After getting her shot, Ran Xueyi discussed with the doctor what she must do after today. Aside from eating healthy foods, she must stay away from anything stressful and visit the clinic once a week to ensure that the procedure was successful and enable the child in her womb to grow healthy and safe.

It was hot that day, and so Ran Xueyi decided to go back to her apartment to rest. But then, she recalled that Yang Baihua and Song Qian rolled in her bed and used her apartment as their lovemaking hut.

And so, she decided to go back to the Ran family's mansion.

When Ran Xueyi arrived in her family's manor, the cheating couple was no longer around. Even her parents have already left to do their thing. The only person who was left was her sister, Ran Yue.

"Sister, what are you doing here?" Surprise was written all over Ran Yue's face. She didn't expect her older sister to arrive since they all knew that she would arrive after a few days.

"What? Am I also not allowed inside my own family's house?" Ran Xueyi coldly glanced at her younger sister.

Shocked at the sudden question, Ran Yue said, "Of course not! But I thought you would like to stay in your apartment with Brother Yang Baihua." Thinking about this future brother-in-law, Ran Yue added, "Did you already notify Brother Yang about your arrival?"

"No." Ran Xueyi curtly answered as she walked past her younger sister.

"Then, I'll tell him then!" Ran Yue pulled out her phone from her pocket and quickly typed. She tapped her fingers on the screen as if she was scared shitless. But in truth, she was actually feeling alarmed since Yang Baihua was still with Song Qian, buying her a new designer's bag.

What will happen if her older sister finds out?

No! She must stop that from happening!

Ran Yue frantically typed, but on the surface, her face was calm and her lips was smiling.

When seeing her younger sister make a fuss over this, Ran Xueyi sneered coldly.

With her hands clasped into a fist, her nails almost broke from the anger that was boiling inside her heart. The tip of her nails nearly tore her skin and bled once again.

"Alright, you do that. I'll go upstairs and rest first." Ran Xueyi had already turned around and had gone upstairs before Ran Yue could ask her why she returned a few days earlier.

Shutting the door behind her, Ran Xueyi lost all the strength in her knees as she slowly slumped down to the floor.

She wanted to scream.

She wanted to curse at them and ask them why did they do this to her.

But, Ran Xueyi knew that her plans would fall through even before it could start if she did that.

So, without making a sound, Ran Xueyi bit her hand as she cried until she no longer had tears to cry.

At 9 pm, her parents arrived after staying outside for 8 hours. They already heard from Ran Yue that Ran Xueyi returned this morning, and her mother decided to go to her room.

However, when she was about to enter, the doorknob wouldn't turn, so she could only knock helplessly on the door.

"Xueyi? Are you in there?"

No one responded from behind the door.

"Are you sleeping? I heard from the nanny that you didn't go down to eat dinner." Mrs. Ran said with concern.

Behind that door, Ran Xueyi stared blankly at the mirror, reflecting her beautiful face for hours after crying for half a day.

Upon hearing her mother's voice that sounded soft and filled with concern over her daughter's health, Ran Xueyi blinked her eyes in hopes that a tear would slide down her cheeks.

But no.

No tears were left for her to cry after crying all day.

Ran Xueyi wanted to erase her mother's voice from her world, shut everyone else away from her. But she was already surrounded by them everywhere she looked.

Left with no other choice, Ran Xueyi tidied herself and put a slight concealer on her face to cover up her tear-streaked face and red eyes.

After making sure that no trace of her sad face was found, she opened the door for her mother.


"Are you alright? You look a little pale." Mrs. Ran raised her hand to touch her daughter's face.

However, before her mother could touch her, Ran Xueyi smacked it away.

Shocked at the sudden reaction, her mother looked at her with a frown.

Damn it... I almost slipped. Ran Xueyi thought.

"I'm not feeling well right now, mother. The plane I was on today shook a lot due to the storm." Ran Xueyi explained and covered up her previous mistake.

"You only arrived today? What time did you arrive?" Mrs. Ran was nervous since she remembered that they were with Yang Baihua and his little mistress this morning.

Ran Xueyi still wanted to believe that she could trust her mother and everything was a lie. At the very least, she wanted her mother to be the only one who would stand by her side.

But when she saw the woman standing before her nervously stare at her and ask her, Ran Xueyi's heart broke into tiny pieces before the shards gathered themselves and recreated a new heart. But this time, the heart that should have been red turned black.

"I arrived around 11 in the morning," Ran Xueyi replied.

Hearing that it was eleven in the morning, Mother Ran almost sighed loudly in relief. Thank God, and she didn't find out.

"Are you hungry? Should I tell the nanny to make your supper?" Mother Ran asked. She didn't notice that her tone would turn more joyous when her daughter was visibly not doing well.

Ran Xueyi thought for a second before nodding her head.

"Alright. I'll eat just a little," Ran Xueyi said and rubbed her stomach where she hoped that the little child would soon grow inside her.

'Grow healthy, child. You're the only one I have now.' Ran Xueyi thought in her heart.


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Baobei: Mommy, don't worry. I'll protect you in the future!

Song Yu Han: Wifey, come. I'll take you away.