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  • "To get revenge on your cheating fiancé! "Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work HardUrban · Passion Honey
    1274 Chs Completed
  • La esposa enmascarada del DuqueHistory · Violet_167
    572 Chs Ongoing
  • After Surviving the Apocalypse, I Built a City in Another WorldFantasy · NispedanaSan
    419 Chs Ongoing
  • I transmigrated and got a husband and a son!Urban · BAJJ
    986 Chs Ongoing
  • Husband With BenefitsUrban · har_k
    388 Chs Ongoing
  • "What people want in your life might not the same as you want for your life"Reborn : Space Intelligent WomanGeneral · ZerahNeko
    1832 Chs Ongoing
  • A Esposa Mascada do DuqueHistory · Violet_167
    572 Chs Ongoing
  • "She didn’t want to marry a man who didn’t love her. "After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!Urban · Please Let Me Have The Buff
    1900 Chs Ongoing
  • From CEO to ConcubineLGBT+ · Queeniecat
    212 Chs Ongoing
  • Transmigrating from a zombie world to become the mecha kings wifeSci-fi · 1cutecat
    383 Chs Ongoing
  • "A marriage of convenience. A marriage for power."The Alpha's BrideFantasy · RedSonia
    1073 Chs Completed
  • Mesmerizing Ghost DoctorFantasy · Feng Jiong
    3841 Chs Ongoing
  • Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little SweetUrban · Jiong Jiong You Yao
    2490 Chs Completed
  • All Hail Cousin BrotherHistory · You Shi
    1003 Chs Ongoing
  • I'm the Villainess in the ApocalypseSci-fi · SoraKeith
    357 Chs Ongoing
  • My Life As The First S-Class GuideUrban · sola_cola
    123 Chs Ongoing
  • Riches and Bitches: I have a gate to an isekai and leveling-up system!Fantasy · MotivatedSloth
    340 Chs Ongoing
  • Reborn Young Miss: Phoenix Burning RedUrban · anjeeriku
    501 Chs Completed
  • Ghost Exorciser: Is Loved By AllFantasy · LittleRabbit1111
    343 Chs Ongoing
  • "It’s too late to regret..."The Abandoned Husband DominatesUrban · I Have Something To Say
    1452 Chs Completed