Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

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Chapter 1 - Get a Divorce!

"Get a divorce!"

These cold and merciless words poured out from that man's thin lips.

"The person who actually saved me back then was Yun Lian. You're just an imposter."

'No, that's not what happened…'

Yun Xi staggered up from the hospital bed. She wanted to get close to Zhou Mo, the man who was currently emitting a cold aura. He had misunderstood. This whole situation was unbearable. Even after all these years of loving him, things still went wrong.

"Mo, it's not like that. Listen to me..."

Before she could explain, Zhou Mo mercilessly pushed away Yun Xi's slender hand that was holding onto his arm. Yun Xi struggled. Her entire body was so fragile. She was on the verge of collapsing. In the end, she could only hold onto a corner of the hospital bed with her last bit of dignity. It barely supported her weight. 

"Lian Lian..."

Yun Xi placed her last hope on her sister, Yun Lian. She hoped that her sister, whom she had doted on since young, would defend her against Zhou Mo's accusations. 

On the other hand, Yun Lian had a disdainful look on her face. She took two steps forward with her exquisite and beautiful high heels. The heels let out a crisp sound when they made contact with the ground. This scene was a stark contrast to the frail Yun Xi. It was actually so laughable and pathetic.

"Sister, I'm sorry. I can't lie to Big Brother Zhou Mo for you."

Yun Lian switched her arrogant and disdainful expression to pitiful. Then, she looked at Zhou Mo. She took the opportunity to hug the man's arm while pressing her soft body against him, letting him feel her warmth.

"But Brother Zhou Mo, I don't think my sister had done it on purpose. Don't argue with her, okay?"

Yun Lian gently shook Zhou Mo's arm and rubbed him with her soft body. 

"Lian 'er, you don't have to explain for her. You're too kind. That's why this vicious woman bullied you. She even blinded my judgment. I can't believe I've mistaken a fish's eye for a pearl. You're my true savior. All these wasted years..."


Yun Xi wanted to defend herself, but she felt breathless and was unable to utter a single word.

Mistaken a fish's eye for a pearl?

This man was truly blind. He had actually believed Yun Lian's lies. Even though they had been together for so many years, he refused to trust his own wife.

Was Zhou Mo really tricked? Or did he willingly believe the deception?

Yun Xi glared at her younger sister, whom she had doted on for her entire life, along with the man whom she had given her heart to.

At that moment, Yun Lian buried her head into Zhou Mo's chest while looking extremely aggrieved. Zhou Mo patted her back gently. After that, he comforted her, telling her not to think too much.

However, Zhou Mo did not notice that Yun Lian had a sly smile on her face. She was actually proud of herself.

Her elder sister was really stupid.

Ever since they were young, as long as Yun Lian wanted something, Yun Xi would immediately give it to her. That sister of hers had always been straightforward and responsible. As long as Yun Lian put on a pitiful act, the holiday snacks, the opportunity to study, and their parents' love would all belong to her.

However, that sl*t Yun Xi had a romantic encounter with a good man, Zhou Mo.

It was a summer day many years ago. Yun Xi was washing clothes by the lake and coincidentally saved Zhou Mo from drowning. When Zhou Mo woke up, he was grateful to Yun Xi for saving his life. Shortly after, they fell in love and got married.

This was unacceptable. The good things had always belonged to her, Yun Lian. How could she just watch as a good man like Zhou Mo sank into Yun Xi's tender love?!

Yun Lian tried every possible means to probe and asked Yun Xi about the details of the day that she saved Zhou Mo. It was all a preparation so she could replace him. 

Everything went according to Yun Lian's plan. Zhou Mo walked step by step into her trap. The gap between him and Yun Xi grew wider and wider.

What a pity! 

Yun Xi, who was holding onto the hospital bed and struggling for her life, finally realized that her obedient little sister was actually a venomous snake. 

"Big Brother Zhou Mo, let's go. We shouldn't disturb my big sister. She needs to rest."

As she spoke, Yun Lian moved her body enchantingly and led Zhou Mo out of the hospital room.

Yun Xi looked at their backs. Yun Lian's appearance was almost eighty percent similar to hers. 

The laughable past once again surfaced in her mind.

Suddenly, Yun Xi felt dizzy. The scene in front of her gradually blurred.

Just like that, Yun Xi fainted.

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