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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

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Chapter 1 - Catching the Affair

There was a knock on the door. Lin Yun pressed a hand to her forehead and felt a sharp pain in her eyes.

The knocking continued. Lin Yun struggled to sit up and answered softly, "Who is it?"

Her hoarse voice was accompanied by a tearing pain in her throat.

Lin Yun's brows were tightly furrowed as she heard some sounds beside her.

Startled, she turned around and saw a face that should not be there.

"Zheng Yu?!" Lin Yun screamed, ignoring the pain in her throat.


The man who was lying on the bed rubbed the back of his head and sat up.

"Why are you here?" Lin Yun looked at the half-naked Zheng Yu in horror and subconsciously looked down at herself.

A low-cut lace dress covered her important parts.

She screamed again and covered her body with the blanket.

The person knocking on the door seemed to have heard the commotion inside and slammed the door even harder.

"Open the door! Open the door!"

"Miss Lin Yun, are you inside?"

"That's right! Come out!"

Shouts rose and fell outside, and Lin Yun's face turned even paler.

Zheng Yu looked at Lin Yun's panicked expression with disgust. He picked up the sleeping robe beside him and covered himself with it before walking towards the door.

The moment the door opened, a group of reporters rushed in.

The camera flashed coldly at Lin Yun, who was still sitting on the bed.

"Indeed, Mr. Zheng is here too!"

"Miss Lin Yun, did you send us a message to announce your good news with Mr. Zheng?"

"Are you declaring war on Miss Lin Yu by doing this?"

"When did you and Mr. Zheng start? Didn't he just announce his engagement to Miss Lin Yu?"

The overwhelming questions stunned Lin Yun.

She stared blankly at Zheng Yu, who was standing at the door, watching the show.

She had never sent any messages!

Her phone had been missing since last night!

How did she get here and why was she lying on the same bed as Zheng Yu…

A reporter followed her gaze and looked at Zheng Yu. "Mr. Zheng, do you have anything to say?"

"As you can see, I was framed by this woman!"

Zheng Yu accused Lin Yun of her crimes.

"Framed? Are you saying that… all of this was arranged by Miss Lin Yun?"

"Yes! I came here because I received her message!" Zheng Yu gritted his teeth and stared at Lin Yun. There was no hint of panic on his face.

"I didn't expect to be hit on the head when I just got here. I fainted!"

As Zheng Yu spoke, he showed everyone the wound on the back of his head.

Flashlights flashed desperately, recording evidence of crime.

"Are you saying that all of this was planned by Miss Lin Yun to sow discord between you and Miss Lin Yu?"

Hearing this, Zheng Yu turned to look at Lin Yun. "I didn't expect you to be so vicious!"

"Xiaoyu and I are already engaged! Why can't you let it go?!"

"Why did you snatch something that belonged to her!"

Hearing Zheng Yu's accusation, Lin Yun's mouth opened and closed, but she didn't know how to explain.

At that moment, there was a commotion outside the door.

The reporters at the back made way.

A woman quickly walked to the door of the room. When she saw the scene inside, she gasped and took two steps back.

She covered her mouth with one hand, her tears falling uncontrollably.

"Sister, how could you do this to me!" Lin Yu complained in a low voice as she stared at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun wanted to explain, but Lin Yu didn't give her a chance.

"I know that my return to the Lin family has caused you to lose your original identity…"

"But I'm no longer fighting with you for my parents' love. I can give up everything you want!"

"As long as you… leave Zheng Yu to me…"

"I really love him!"

"Why can't you fulfill my wish?"

Lin Yu cried softly. Her appearance made the hearts of all the men present tighten.

When Lin Yun heard the accusation, she frantically carried a bundle of blankets and walked forward.

"I didn't! It wasn't me!" Lin Yun's disheveled appearance was not convincing to her, making her look even more helpless.

Tears streamed down Lin Yu's face as her voice trembled. "If it's not you, could it be Zheng Yu?"

Zheng Yu took a step forward and hugged Lin Yu. "Xiaoyu, don't worry. I won't betray you!"

"Let's go! Stay away from this evil woman!" Zheng Yu said as she pulled Lin Yu away.

"No! If… if sister really doesn't want to let you go, I…" Lin Yu said with some difficulty.

Lin Yun grabbed Lin Yu's hand. "Xiaoyu, believe me, I really didn't! I don't know what happened…"

Lin Yu was Lin Yun's last life-saving straw.

She hoped that Lin Yu would believe her and help her resolve her predicament.

The moment Lin Yun grabbed Lin Yu, she felt as if she had been pricked by a needle.

She swung her arm and slapped Lin Yun across the face.

A bright red mark instantly appeared on Lin Yun's face.

Even the reporters couldn't help but gasp.

However, Lin Yu didn't seem to notice her strength and only sobbed, looking very aggrieved.

"Stop talking! No matter what, I won't marry her! The only person I want to marry is you!" Zheng Yu said firmly, facing the reporters and letting them record this moment.

Lin Yun wanted to go forward but was pushed to the ground by Zheng Yu.

Zheng Yu threw her phone heavily on Lin Yun's face. "Take a look yourself!"

"Lin Yun! I feel disgusted knowing you!"

At some point in time, Zheng Yu's way of addressing her had changed. Everything had changed!

The Zheng Yu who had once gently called her "Little Yun" had disappeared!

Zheng Yu hugged Lin Yu tightly with his back facing Lin Yun. "Lin Yun, remember this! You will bring about your own downfall! You will pay the price for your actions!"

With that, Zheng Yu hugged Lin Yu and left without looking back.

Lin Yun sat alone in the room, facing the reporters' unrestrained flashes, her face even paler.

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