Stepped Over Her Vicious Stepsister To Become The True Bigshot!

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Chapter 1 - Regaining Consciousness

When Gu Man regained consciousness, the first thing she felt was a burning pain on her face.

She opened her eyes slightly, and a sinister face was magnified in front of her.

Their facial features looked good, but why did they look so sinister, like they wanted to eat her?

Before Gu Man could figure out the situation, she received another slap on the left side of her face.

So this was where the pain on her face came from!

The man roared at her coldly, "Gu Man, I advise you not to be delusional. Why don't you look in the mirror? You're not even fit to be my nanny! Do you think you can bind me just because you tricked me into a hotel? Dream on!"

Then, he turned around slightly and his cold expression instantly turned into a gentle smile. "I, Zhang Yue, only love Gu Rou. She's kind, gentle, outstanding, and considerate. There's no one in the world that's comparable to her!"

Gu Man followed Zhang Yue's gaze. There was another person in the room.

She was wearing a tight white lace dress and was slender and elegant like a white lotus.

The woman took two steps forward and approached the man. She blushed and called out softly, "Brother Yue…"

At this moment, Gu Man felt like an electric current had passed through her mind and her head hurt.

She closed her eyes in pain. Some memories that did not belong to her flashed past like a movie that was played at ten thousand times the speed. Then, they forcefully filled her mind.

It turned out that her name was still Gu Man, but she was no longer the original Gu Man. The current body she was in belonged to the Second Miss of the Gu family of the Han City.

And this loving couple in front of her also had a lot to do with her.

The man was her fiancé, Zhang Yue, and the woman was her stepsister, Gu Rou.

The original owner, Gu Man, and Zhang Yue were engaged to each other.

Back then, Gu Man's mother saved the old master of the Zhang Family, and the relationship between the Zhang Family and the Gu Family grew closer and closer. At that time, Gu Man and Zhang Yue were of a similar age, and the two of them were innocent playmates. The adults of the two families verbally agreed to a marriage between both of them.

However, when Gu Man was six years old, her mother died of an illness. Not long after her mother died of an illness, her father, Gu Yuan, married someone else and abandoned her at her uncle's house. From then on, he did not care about her anymore.

Later on, Gu Man's grandmother's family gradually waned. They went from a wealthy family to an ordinary family.

A few years later, after the old master of the Zhang Family passed away, the Gu Family almost never thought that their family still had someone like Gu Man. Under such circumstances, no one spoke about the marriage agreement, but the old contract was still there, and no one dared to deny it easily.

Gu Man was 17 years old. Her grandmother's health gradually deteriorated, so she had no choice but to send Gu Man back to the Gu Family.

When she returned to the Gu Family, she was overjoyed to see her fiancé for the first time since she became an adult. However, Zhang Chuan had long forgotten about this childhood friend of his. Now, his eyes were filled with Gu Man's stepsister, Gu Rou.

Look, they were showing off their love right under her nose.

Gu Man was furious.

This was too much!

"Smack!" Zhang Chuan covered his face with his hand, his face full of shock!

Gu Man had slapped him just now? When did she have the guts to slap me?

When he looked at Gu Man again, her gaze was no longer weak or infatuated. It was only filled with disdain and impatience.

Disdain? She, Gu Man, dares to despise me?

"Second Sister, how can you hit Brother Yue? He doesn't love you, but you can't fly into a rage out of humiliation!" Gu Rou immediately held Zhang Yue's face, her face full of tears and heartache.

Zhang Yue looked at Gu Rou, whose heart was aching for him, and his disdain for Gu Man deepened.

"Gu Man, stop dreaming. Do you think you can attract me by playing hard to get? Never!" Zhang Yue said fiercely.

Hmph, arrogant man!

"If you continue to spout nonsense, not only will I hit you, I will also sterilize you!" Before he could finish speaking, Zhang Yue let out a scream. He held his lower body and rolled to the ground.

Gu Man did not use her full strength when she kneed him earlier on. It should be because the memories left by the original owner made her show mercy.

Gu Rou was about to speak when she met Gu Man's gaze and shut her mouth.

Her second sister had changed. Her temperament was cold and her eyes were sharp. She had actually been stifled.

Gu Man squatted elegantly beside Zhang Chuan and reached out to pinch his chin, making him look up at her.

She curled her lips and snorted. "You better keep your head up. You! Are not even worthy of carrying my shoes!"

With a swing of her hand, she stood up neatly and walked to the door without hesitation. "Gu Rou, you can keep this man that I do not want!"

Zhang Yue, who was rolling on the ground, almost fainted from anger.

What did she mean by a man she didn't want?! Ridiculous!

But he could only watch as she closed the door and disappeared.

When Gu Man walked out of the hotel, it was already late at night. She was only wearing a black bodycon dress, and it was cold when the wind blew.

Coincidentally, this was beneficial for her to clear her mind and plan what she was going to do next.

However, she still had to clean up a few tails first.

When Gu Man went downstairs, she met a few hooligans in the elevator. After getting out of the elevator, they followed her.

She was a beautiful woman alone in the dead of the night, this checked all the boxes for the motives of people with ill intentions.

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