My Identities Were All Exposed After I Was Pampered by Everyone at My Grandfather’s House!

Mountain Spring
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Chapter 1 - Reunion

C-City, Nanshan Village

It was early in the morning, and the countryside air was extraordinarily fresh. Qiao Yue brought a small stool and a bucket and sat by the stream. She casually glanced at the water and saw a fat koi swimming happily.

Qiao Yue took a deep breath and got into a fishing position. It wasn't that she didn't want to catch it, but the water in the morning was too cold and she had to wait.

Suddenly, Qiao Yue's phone vibrated in her pocket and a message popped up on the screen. More and more messages followed.

"Boss, it's been a month and you're still not back! @Qiaoyue"

"Boss must have been having so much fun that she's forgotten about us."

"Has the boss really gone to inherit the Qiao family's business? Just that little bit of inheritance? I just spoke with the top entertainment company in A-Country yesterday and their boss would like to meet with ours. They asked me if I could make an appointment and I told them that our boss is not in A-Country currently. They said they would wait. I felt quite bad."

"Don't you mention your frustration. It's the same on my end! I'm so stressed!"

Qiao Yue was watching them complain about her with interest when she received a private message.

"Boss, when are you coming back? You're not lying to us when you say you're going to the Qiao family home for a vacation, right?"

Qiao Yue raised her eyebrows slightly and replied, "No."

"I don't believe you! You are doing this on purpose, right? Why do you have so much work? I want to apply for leave!"

"Not approved! You make the decisions at KA now."

"I don't agree! Boss, you're too much! Hurry up and come back!"

Qiao Yue stopped replying to messages after she settled business matters and concentrated on her fishing endeavor.

KA was a multinational conglomerate with businesses in entertainment, clothing, beauty, F&B, electronics, and other hot industries. Everyone had always been curious about the decision maker behind it. Who would have thought that the person they were so curious about was hiding in a ravine fishing?

"Yo! Xiao Yue is here to fish again? You're up so early!"

A man's voice sounded. Qiao Yue turned around and saw that it was her neighbor.

"Yup! Uncle Wu, the fish here is delicious! I still haven't had enough of it after eating it for half a month."

"Ha-ha, this fish is delicious but your aunt is too lazy to cook it. She'll only cook it when our kid is on vacation."

Uncle Wu then patted Qiao Yue's shoulder twice and said with a mysterious expression, "Many girls in our village have taken a fancy to you. Which one do you like? Tell Uncle."

Qiao Yue replied helplessly, "Uncle, I'm only 18. It's still too early for me to go on blind dates and get married!"

But more importantly, she's a girl. Was Uncle Wu trying to get her on an unusual path?

After she was finally alone, the sun had gradually risen, and the temperature followed. There were now two big fat fish in Qiao Yue's bucket.

After testing the water temperature, Qiao Yue was prepared to catch two more fish. She would go home and sleep at one or two o'clock in the afternoon when the sun was too hot.

Just as Qiao Yue was enjoying her life, something big happened in the village.

A Lexus LM was parked at the entrance of the village, attracting the attention of the passing villagers.

The driver rolled down the window and asked a woman who was passing by where Qiao Yue was staying.

The woman was wary at first, but after finding out the identity of the driver, she told him Qiao Yue's whereabouts.

As soon as he started the car, the driver said, "Master Jing, are we really going to get him? If he doesn't want to go back with us or something happened to him, I don't think the old master would blame us too much. After all, his mother did that kind of thing back then."

Qiao Jing didn't answer. He looked down at the person in the photo, which he had found when Grandpa mentioned that he wanted to find his aunt and her family.

He was still young back then and had only heard things from his elders.

They said that his aunt was a silly woman who had severed ties with her family because she wanted to marry a scumbag.

The old master knew back then that the man was not a good person. He tried to bring his daughter back by giving the man money and asking him to leave.

Who knew that Qiao Yue's mother was so stubborn that she didn't come home even after she was dumped by the man?

After that, the old master forbade everyone from mentioning her. It was only now that the old master's health was deteriorating and his longing for his daughter deepened that he let his descendants come out to look for her.

"Master Jing, is that him?"

The driver said suddenly as he signaled Qiao Jing to look at the man by the river not far away who was bending over to catch fish.

"Should we..."

Before the driver could finish his sentence, Qiao Jing shot him a cold look and said, "I will bring him back safely."

Qiao Jing's words were cold, and his heart was cold. Other than the things he was interested in and his grandfather's requests, he turned a deaf ear to everyone else's requests.

However, once this master decided, he would not allow others to question him. Thinking of his jabbering just now, the driver's cold sweat soaked his shirt. He answered softly, "Yes, young master."

Qiao Jing strode over to Qiao Yue.

Seeing that he was about to reach the river, Qiao Jing refused to take another step forward.

Looking at the disheveled young man in front of him with his pants rolled up and his body drenched in water, a trace of disgust flashed across Qiao Jing's eyes.

"Qiao Yue?" Qiao Jing was the first to speak.

"Yes." Qiao Yue raised her head and responded.

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