Real Young Lady Pampered By Bigshots After Coming Home

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Chapter 1 - Thrown Under The Bed

The sky gradually darkened in the evening.

Su Qing looked at the brightly-lit hall of the Zhao family. There were many people entering and leaving the place, and it seemed very lively!

She had previously lived in this old house for many years, but the only thing worth remembering was that kind-looking elder!

Su Qing walked into the courtyard. Mr. and Mrs. Zhao saw her immediately after she entered, but she ignored their surprised looks and walked into the house. She looked at the portrait of the deceased Grandma Zhao and sighed softly. Grandma Zhao still looked kind and loving in the picture.

"You b*tch! Didn't you run away from home? Why are you back now?"

"Where have you been for the past three years? Are you back now because you want a share of your grandmother's inheritance?"

Su Qing paid her respects to her grandmother with a cold expression on her face, before turning to face Mr. and Mrs. Zhao. These two people were her adoptive parents! Su Qing's gaze was frigid as it landed on the couple.

Her adoptive mother looked at her disdainfully and sneered, "You're still looking as wretched as before! Why did you come back? If you're here to ask for money, we don't have any! We're already spending a fortune on this old hag's burial ground! Are burial grounds made of gold these days? It's so expensive! How will the living be able to afford it?" All she had been nagging about for the past few days was this!

Her adoptive father looked at his wife submissively and said softly, "Keep your voice down! Many people are still outside. No matter what, she's still my mother!"

He turned to look at Su Qing and frowned. "Although your mother's words are a little harsh, it's still the truth! We don't have much money left! And you're not entitled to anything that the old lady left behind!"

Su Qing looked at him emotionlessly. She had specially returned this time to see Grandma Zhao for the last time. The only person in this family whom she still missed was the old lady, who refused to leave with her three years ago!

Back then, when her masters came to pick her up, she wanted Grandma Zhao to leave with her. She knew how mean Mrs. and Mrs. Zhao were, and was worried that Grandma Zhou would suffer in her old age if she stayed with them. However, Grandma Zhou simply smiled kindly at her and said, "This is my home! I don't want to leave. Grandma knows that you're not an ordinary child, so go on, spread your wings and fly! You can always come back and visit me when you are free."

She didn't expect it to be the last time she saw Grandma Zhao!

Su Qing looked at her adoptive mother, who was still complaining about the old lady. "I'll pay for grandma's grave. By the way, I'm going to spend the night here, but don't disturb me for no reason!"

Her adoptive mother stared at her in a daze. She no longer had the sweet and adorable look from the past. In its place was a distant and cold disposition, and she looked like an exquisite flower that bloomed high up on the mountains!

"Did she just say that she will pay for the old lady's grave?" Her adoptive mother was counting her chickens before they hatched, and her eyes gleamed as she asked the man beside her.

Her adoptive father nodded, but he looked a little puzzled. "Where did she get so much money from? Is she lying to us?"

Thinking of Su Qing's beautiful face, her adoptive mother sneered, "She must have hooked up with some rich man these few years! Don't those old company presidents like young girls like her?"

The couple exchanged looks, their eyes filled with scheming and malice.

We have to think of a way to cheat her of her money! We can't let her leave so easily!

Su Qing walked back to her old room and tidied her bed. Today was the last day of the funeral, and she still wanted to take a look at her grandma's room.

She stood up and was about to go out when suddenly, the window on the first floor was pushed open violently, and a person covered in blood barged in. Instantly, she smelled a very familiar scent!

The man was very tall, and he seemed shocked to see someone in the room. He quickly stepped forward and wanted to cover Su Qing's mouth, but she didn't panic and scream. However, she didn't like strangers touching her, so she instinctively threw him over her shoulder! All of these happened so quickly, and by the time she realized what she had done, the man was already lying on the ground motionless!

The soundproofing in the old house wasn't good, and their movements weren't light, so the man's fall could be heard from outside the room. Su Qing's adoptive mother was walking over to the room as she cursed at Su Qing loudly. Before she arrived, she already heard Mrs. Zhao's shrill, "Are you trying to tear down the house? Can't you keep your volume down? We're already so tired, but how can we rest if you are so noisy?"

Su Qing reacted quickly. Before Mrs. Zhao could push the door open, she kicked the man under the bed!

When she turned around, Mrs. Zhao was already standing behind her, glaring at her. "What are you doing?"

Su Qing said calmly, "I just fell. It's fine!"

"You'd better watch yourself! Stop disturbing other people's rest!"

Su Qing nodded slightly. After Mrs. Zhao left, she locked the door and pulled the man out from under the bed!

She sized up this man. He was inflicted with two gunshot wounds. One of them was just a scratch, so it didn't look that serious, but there was also a bullet that was still stuck in his arm! Because of his aggressive movements, he was losing blood very quickly. She guessed that he must have fallen off from the hill behind the mansion. If he wasn't treated, he wouldn't even be able to survive the night!

Su Qing didn't really want to help this man, but she knew that it would be troublesome if he died here.

What Huo Qi didn't know was, it only took Su Qing a few seconds before she decided on a whim to save his life, and the only reason she did that was because she found it troublesome if he died!

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