Chereads / Sweet Marriage; Divorced my scum husband and married his Uncle... / Chapter 1 - Chapter 01; Is it about Divorce?

Sweet Marriage; Divorced my scum husband and married his Uncle...

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Chapter 1 - Chapter 01; Is it about Divorce?

Sitting inside the living room of the huge Lake View Villa, Mrs. Mu has been waiting for her husband eagerly, this has been the trend ongoing for the last five months of their marriage.

He had called and informed her that he will return today knowing it was his special day, she couldn't wait to see his reaction.

She stood up from the couch and paced around nervously, it was already ten minutes past midnight and she hasn't seen any trace of him anywhere after the long wait, he had called several hours ago.

She picked up her analog mobile phone and dialed his number several times phoning him but she could only receive a robotic response.

"The number you are trying to call is currently unavailable please try again later.."

The number you are trying to call is currently unavailable please try again later.. "

She withdrew her arm and glanced at the phone screen before tightening her grip around it.

Today was his birthday and she had prepared a small birthday party for him but the man was nowhere to be seen.

"Where could he be? Could he have gotten into trouble?" She mumbled while marching around worriedly but suddenly she heard the sound of an engine car roaring into the compound.

She hurriedly strode to the closed entrance door and opened it gladly waiting for him and grinning from ear to ear just at the thought of surprising him.

While standing at the front door, she couldn't see the parking lot which was underground, she was happy he was finally home.

"Mu Rong.." she softly called out to him when she heard the clanks of leather shoes moving along the corridor toward the front entrance door.

They came face to face with him but no, he wasn't alone, he was accompanied by a pregnant woman who seemed to be four months.

She was wearing a black long dress that fitted her well while wearing a long overcoat on top of it.

She froze and didn't know what word to say next, she just glanced at them stupidly waiting for an explanation.

"Zhou Meili, this is Zhan Shan, my childhood sweetheart." He didn't hide it in any way, he just spoke out so uprightly.

Zhou Meili just glanced at the two of them stupidly with her mouth wide open looking all surprised.

She had prepared a surprise for him but she ended up being surprised instead.

"Zhou Meili, nice to meet you, I have heard a lot about you and I know Mu Rong got married to you because that was his Grandfather's death wish and also the sole reason why he would get his part of shares in the Mu Companies." She stretched out her hand waiting for Zhou Meili to shake hers.

Zhou Meili understood those hidden meanings clearly, 'she was in this marriage for a purpose and since it's done, the real partner is back.

"Ohhh.." she shook her hand politely and moved aside to let them walk in, she didn't even have any strength to walk back inside, she was holding onto her last will not break down in front of them.

Mu Rong held her shoulders intimately and assisted Zhan Shan to get into the house while Zhou Meili stood there with a blank gaze.

This sudden change of circumstances caught her off guard and threw her off balance.

After making sure Zhan Shan was settled on the couch, Mu Rong walked back to the entrance door and glanced at Zhou Meili who was standing there blankly.

"Zhou Meili, we need to talk." His voice was cold and distant, for the past six months, they haven't slept on one bed as he mostly slept in the guestroom but he rarely came back to the mansion nor had they spent a minute chatting.

"Is it about divorce?" She crossed her hands and didn't turn around to face him, she had to contain the last dignity she has within her.

"Yes." He responded unperturbed, it was gonna happen anyway, the sooner the better.

"Okay." She exhaled loudly trying to blink her tears back that were threatening to spill, she strode into the house and took the stairs up to the master bedroom only to see the maids busy clearing the wardrobe and throwing everything of hers down onto the floor.

She gazed at them coldly ready to reprimand them then again she recalled this wasn't her house nor was she the mistress.

"Zhou Meili, we are sorry, it's the new mistress's request. " The maids who noticed Zhou Meili's presence spoke out apologizing but in reality, they weren't apologetic rather they were being sarcastic.

"It's okay.." she bent down and got her small black worn-out suitcase and began picking up her clothes while she roughly shoved them inside.

"Help her out in arranging those clothes." Mu Rong reprimanded them, even though she was a simple girl, they didn't have to trample all over her like that.

"Mu Rong, why are you scolding them? I was the one who gave them that order, I'm sorry Zhou Meili, we just didn't see your suitcase, so we opted in laying them down there." Zhan Shan walked towards Mu Rong and hugged his left arm intimately.

" Mnnh... " Zhou Meili just hummed while she kept her head bowed, she picked the clothes that she came into the marriage with, she didn't have much, and sooner she was done packing.