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Chapter 6 - Move Out

Scarlett was surprised to hear that.

Instantly, a funny question danced in her mind.

Did her father and that damn woman report her to the police because she ditched that perverted? Or because she didn't come home!?

The thought amused her. Well, whatever they thought about her, she didn't care anymore.

"You don't need to be afraid of that couple, Aunty Lana. They can't hurt me. Trust me, I'll be fine." Scarlett held Aunt Lana's hand gently, trying to calm her down.

Since returning from the US, Scarlett always felt sorry to see Aunt Lana — this woman was still 45 years old, but her face looked like it was in her 50s, and some of her hair had turned gray — life in this house was hell for her. However, Aunt Lana ends up living here only because she doesn't want to leave her.

Aunty Lana is Scarlett's maid, who has cared for her since birth and is the only person still by her side. While all the workers in this house were those damn women's followers — she never trusted them.

"Are you sure, young miss?" Aunt Lana is still worried about Scarlett.

"Hmm… trust me. And Auntie, I need your help. Please pack up my personal belongings upstairs. Just pack the necessary clothes and all the important items and documents in my study room. Do it now and hurry up."

Scarlett's words suddenly made Aunt Lana gasp in surprise.

Young Miss, wish to leave this house? Was it because the man in the black suit behind her asked her to move? Who is he?

Aunt Lana was afraid that the man would influence Scarlett badly. She grabbed Scarlett's hand and dragged her away from the man, threateningly glaring at him as if asking him not to follow them.

She stopped after a safe distance between them.

"Young Miss, I know you don't like living in this house anymore because your father's attitude towards you is terrible. But please, never step out of this house because you are influenced by someone else. What else is someone you just met..." whispered Aunt Lana — afraid the man could hear what she said.

Scarlett was stunned. How did Aunt Lana know about her contract marriage to Xander?

"That man, did he influence you to move out? Is he your boyfriend? Miss, you are still young… you can't move into his house before you get married." Aunt Lana squeezed Scarlett's hand gently, convincing her to think straight before deciding.

Scarlett was dumbfounded hearing Aunt Lana's ridiculous conclusion.

'Logan isn't my boyfriend. He's my future husband's assistant, okay!'

Just before she wanted to say something to clear up this misunderstanding, she saw Aunt Lana's eyes widen in surprise. "W-What is it!?" Scarlett was scared, looking at how shocked Aunty Lana was.

"My goodness, young Miss, can you not wear these contact lenses? Your real eye color is so much prettier than this brown color—"

Aunt Lana still doesn't understand why her young Miss changed her appearance since returning from the US. She now wears brown contact lenses even though her eyes are emerald. And her incomparable beauty was drowned out by her ugly wig.

Scarlett, "..."

Why is Aunty Lana suddenly talking about her eye color? Hadn't they been talking about Logan!?

Scarlett felt like laughing. But seeing how terrible Aunt Lana was now, she held back and felt sorry for her.

Aunt Lana, who came to her senses, quickly put her other thoughts aside. She should be able to stop the young Miss from leaving this house.

"Miss, Please don't ever leave this house. It would be best if you didn't do it because this is the house left by your mother. If you leave this house, that woman will completely take over this house, and she might as well take your mother's company."

"Auntie, can you trust me this time?" Scarlett knew that now Aunt Lana was only worried about her. "You should remember, I'm not a child anymore. I'm an adult now and know what to do."

Hearing Scarlett's words, Aunt Lana immediately realizes the girl she takes care of is no longer a teenager with unstable emotions. She has grown into a mature woman and is much calmer.


Scarlett was relieved to see Aunt Lana understood what she was saying—no more worry from the look in her eyes.

"Aunty, I will never let that woman take this house and control the company my mother owns. I have a plan, but I won't do it now. I'll do that later."

"Miss…" Aunt Lana's tearful eyes looked at Scarlett proudly. Finally, young Miss Scarlett will do something to that evil woman.

"Auntie, even if I leave this house, I will not leave you." Scarlett squeezed Aunt Lana's hand gently before continuing her sentence. "I will take you to live with me in the Capital. But you must leave this house properly without arousing any suspicion from that woman. If you have left this house... you call me, and I will send someone to pick you up."

"Y-You are moving to the capital?" Aunt Lana was shocked to hear about Scarlett's plan.

Scarlett wasn't planning on inviting Aunt Lana to stay at Xander's house, but she would get her to live in her penthouse at her office building. She had prepared her home long before agreeing to make a marriage contract with Xander.

"Yes, I have a house in Capital, and I'm also starting work in a few weeks, so I need your help to take care of me..."

"That's good. I'll follow wherever you go, young Miss!" Her teary eyes blinked a few times, too happy to hear she could finally leave this house and live with Miss Scarlett.

"Okay, now do as I told you. I don't have much time to stay in this place. I'll talk to the two of them first, and then I'll leave…"

Aunt Lana nodded. She immediately left Scarlett, walking towards the back door with tears in her eyes because she was too happy.

"Auntie! Stop crying…" Scarlett chuckled, seeing Aunt Lana's back disappear from her sight.

Scarlett stood there, trying to adjust her emotions. After a few minutes, she entered the house. Logan followed closely behind.

When she entered the living room, she saw her father and stepmother looking dreaded about something — they didn't notice her presence.

Scarlett took the opportunity to hear about their shameless plan.

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