Chapter 2 - Eye Witness

A chill suddenly crept up Qiao Mu's back as she felt a sense of danger, the kind of danger that comes from being targeted by a ferocious beast. It caused Qiao Mu to tense up, then her head suddenly shot up as well.

She turned her line of sight as a trace of icy killing intent sprang from her pitch-black eyes; however, it unexpectedly clashed with a pair of placid and austere ink-colored phoenix eyes.

Qiao Mu's heart sank with a thump.

This was her first time committing a crime after reincarnating, and she just so happened to be caught red-handed like this?

It made Qiao Mu somewhat speechless, but she was not too frightened as her pitch-black eyes eerily and unwaveringly watched the other person.

Thus, two pairs of eyes maintained contact across the two shores of the half-abandoned irrigation ditch.

Qiao Mu's side of the ditch was a deserted mud road littered with small and shallow potholes at every step. The side below the youth, however, was layered loess, and its landscape was pervaded by a storm of dust and sand that was caused by the horses' flying hooves.

The period between 13 and 14 years old just happened to be the time of fine clothes and magnificent horses.

The youth's outfit consisted of a thin, sleeveless spring jacket, wide open and untied at the waist, on top of a white robe. His black hair fell down his back like a waterfall, gracefully dancing and fluttering with his clothes in the breeze.

The sleeves of his robes were lightly rolled up to his elbows, revealing the bronze-colored skin obtained from time spent under the brazen sun.

When Qiao Mu looked over, she only saw how the hair on his forehead was slightly messy from the gentle breeze and how his phoenix eyes, which were as bright yet bottomless as pitch-black gems, shimmered with a bedazzling light that was as unfathomable as the abyss with every glance.

It was unknown how long he had sat there on his horse. His unworldly handsome looks blazed like the scorching sun while his expression was laden with spirit. Meanwhile, a group of youths collectively dressed in black, short-lapel clothes sat behind him.

The handsome and slender youth stood in the midst of the waltzing sand and dust atop the rich, yellow earth in spotlessly white clothes. Although he did nothing but stand silently on the side, he naturally formed a sight that could not be overlooked. It was as though everything in the world would lose its color the moment he chose to walk to that spot, and the world would be reduced to a backdrop that complemented his perfection and beauty.

He was clearly standing on nothing but the village's desolate land, but it looked as if he was standing in the country's most regal hall, looking down on the world. The incomparably noble aura of a leader emanating from him.

Qiao Mu could tell that a penetrating sharpness laid hidden in the youth's seemingly placid eyes, causing other people to be unable to directly look at him. People instantly associated him with the keen and crafty leopards in the grasslands, and the way in which they could ferociously latch onto your throat without warning, evoking an irrepressible sense of danger in people.

Of course, if you merely judged someone by their appearance, you would completely lose! Qiao Mu had lived two times already, and if she still did not understand this principle in life, then she would have lived in vain.

Qiao Mu could instinctively sniff a sense of "danger" from the unknown youth before her, so she immediately retracted her hands and released her death grip on Wu Yanzhen before expressionlessly glancing at the other side again.

Then, she calmly fixed her clothes and smoothed out her slightly messy hair before turning around and leaving leisurely with her hands tucked inside her pockets.

Ten to twenty similar-aged youths in black stood behind the white-clothed youth, and it was a while before they regained their breath.

One of them immediately trotted up on his horse and looked at where Qiao Mu had disappeared to with an astonished expression. "My lord, that little girl just now… she was killing someone, right?"

This question was evidently superfluous. Didn't any person with working eyes see it just now?

The white-clothed youth turned his head, a sneer showing on his matchlessly beautiful face—comparable to the blooming willows of spring.

The youth in black, whose eyes were sharp like an eagle's, scratched his nose with embarrassment. "This subordinate was just saying."

That little girl had grabbed a hard rock and fiercely smashed it to the back of the fat woman's head. After the fat woman rolled down the slope, she had indifferently plunged her into the muddy waters, trying to asphyxiate her. The whole series of killing motions were done adeptly, and her expression was also oddly placid—to the point of setting a person's hair on end.

However, in the end, she was hindered by the discovery of their presence and did not succeed. She was vicious to this extent, yet she looked like she was only five or six years old at most.

There also appeared to be something peculiar about her actions and the grasp of her strength?

Most importantly, after later realizing they had witnessed her entire act of murder, she could still act like nothing was wrong and calmly leave after fixing her clothes.

This… just what kind of broken child was she! Was she truly not a demon?

"She was stoic the whole time, and her disposition was calm to the point of apathy," another youth in black stated as he trotted up.

They must have opened their eyes wrong! Therefore, they witnessed a five-or-six-year-old girl's act of unsuccessful murder in this tiny, ordinary mountain village.

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