Chapter 6 - Directions

"Qiaoqiao." Seeing how her elder daughter had left on her own, Wei Ziqin clutched her mouth, her eyes containing unconcealable worry and fear.

"Now you can lead us there, right?" Crown Prince Lian looked at the tiny girl with a grin. Since the first time he met her by the irrigation ditch, the little girl's face had been devoid of any expression. That apathetic indifference on her face… it truly was not endearing.

Like now, her eyes—which were clearly alluring, sweet, and soft—glimmered with a light as resplendent and bright as the cold moon. Even the bottom of her eyes was completely solemn and dead without a single ripple.

Her paralytic-like face did not reflect anyone's figure; there was only coldness and a mixture of indifference and disregard.

On that day, among a random mountain with trees shooting up into the sky and forest green moss sprawling across the earth as it was illuminated by the rays of the sun, that person, like the elapsing of time, slowly entered his eyes, his heart, and even his bone marrow, and that person burrowed herself immensely deep.

Years later, when Mo Lian reminisced about this, he could not help but sigh. This was the fated bewitchment—the inescapable plummet into the arms of predestination.

Even if he could choose once more, the outcome would likely not alter.

Crown Prince Lian subconsciously extended his hand, but Qiao Mu avoided it with a dodge.

Qiao Mu glance at her parents and lightly nodded to reassure them before turning around and heading into the mountain.

Hulan Mountain—a mountain that encircled the entirety of Qiaotou Village in the center—stretched extensively across the land.

Qiao Mu moved very swiftly, and when she found the path at the bottom of the mountain, she sturdily climbed up using both her arms and legs.

Mo Lian and the group of youths in black closely trailed after her, followed by the Heavenly Dao Sect disciples and their hyenas and servants.

Third Prince Mo Teng gritted his teeth as he followed in the back, his face drenched with sweat. He was intently glaring at Qiao Mu's figure, a cold glint emanating from his eyes.

As the mountain path grew more narrow, the path became harder to tread, and Mo Teng's face also turned more unsightly.

This was inconceivably terrifying!

A malicious glint surfaced in Mo Teng's eyes as innumerable thoughts passed through his mind. Just who was this little girl, and how was she so knowledgeable about this secret trail?

Hulan Mountain was overrun by vegetation and had been deserted for many years, but why did it feel like this little girl was strutting through her own backyard as she navigated through the mountain? The extent of her familiarity caused a chill to run down his back.

This strip of mountain path was immensely precipitous and was not composed of any man-made paths, so all the walking also involved climbing on a muddy road. Moreover, they were surrounded by branches sprouting everywhere, so their clothes would be snagged by the sharp branches if they were careless.

After climbing for about two hours, Qiao Mu stopped in front of a hidden cave. To a normal child, this was practically a herculean journey full of peril.

Even the disciples from the Heavenly Dao Sect were panting for air and had several torn spots on their clothes, but this little girl's expression remained unchanged.

The Heavenly Dao Sect disciples faced each other, astonished.

On the other hand, Qiao Mu stood straight and was expressionlessly looking at the cave.

She remembered that it was around this time in her previous life that the scandal of the third prince of Mo Kingdom, Mo Teng, secretly extracting from a magnetite mine exploded in the streets and created a great commotion. The disciples of the Heavenly Dao Sect had also brought people along to search the mountain, and they finally discovered this hidden cave after five days and four nights.

The opening of the cave was extremely obscure and situated near an overhanging cliff, and the entrance was messily buried by withered grass and branches. If it were not for Qiao Mu casually pointing it out, people normally would not have discovered this cave while passing through, and it would be even more unlikely for them to run to the cliff and look around for fun.

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