Chereads / Sweet Beauty / Chapter 6 - Can You Stop Staring At Me Like That

Chapter 6 - Can You Stop Staring At Me Like That

Liang Zixuan was stunned.

This man's smile was way too charming!

In the past, he always had a cold expression on his face when he was seen on TV or in magazines. It was as if he never knew how to laugh.

That smile was like the first melting of snow and the first blooming of spring flowers. It was truly pleasing to the eyes!

Liang Zixuan almost lost her composure as she quickly shifted her gaze away.

She felt around her body and found nothing but the cell phone and an extremely flat purse.

And Han Yuanjun was short on money?

He earned billions of dollars for his project. No matter how much money he spent, he wouldn't bat his eyelids.

She smiled embarrassedly, "Young Master Han, there shouldn't be anything on me that you can take a fancy to. Other than thank you, I'm really powerless."

Han Yuanjun suddenly stood up. Stood tall and straight beside her.

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