Chereads / Sweet Beauty / Chapter 3 - Shouldn’t You Take The Responsibility

Chapter 3 - Shouldn’t You Take The Responsibility

Wasn't …This…. Han Yuanjun?

Liang Zixuan had never seen him in her previous life. However, she knew him as the President of Han Group Media who always appeared on television and in magazines.

He also had a face that could bring disaster upon a country. He was cold and arrogant and completely matched to the women's fantasies of a domineering CEO.

Therefore, even though she hadn't seen him with her own eyes, Liang Zixuan still recognized him at a glance.

But why was he here?

Could it be that he also happened to be sitting in this car in her previous life and then passed her by?

Han Yuanjun turned around and saw Liang Zixuan staring at him. He frowned slightly.

Yao Xiu opened the car door and put his hand on the top of the car door. Then, he gestured to Liang Zixuan, "Miss, please get inside."

Liang Zixuan was about to get in the car when she saw Wei Xiaoqing climb out of her car. When Wei Xiaoqing saw her again, she immediately ran towards her.

Liang Zixuan didn't dare to stay any longer. She endured her body's pain and slipped inside as if she had seen a ghost.

Due to her actions being too hasty, she threw herself into Han Yuanjun's arms indirectly.

Wei Xiaoqing ran over in a hurry. She wanted to grab Liang Zixuan, but when she saw Han Yuanjun in the car, her eyes lit up, and even her breathing became hurried.

That's Han Yuanjun!

Just a single word from him would cause the entire Entertainment Circle to tremble.

Wei Xiaoqing immediately tidied up her messy hair. Then, she smiled sweetly at Han Yuanjun, "Young Master Han, Hello. I'm Wei Xiaoqing."

Afraid that Han Yuanjun would not recognize her, she specifically reminded him, "I'm the one who sang 'Tune of My Heart'."

How shameless!

Liang Zixuan buried her head in Han Yuanjun's chest, gritting her teeth in hatred. She grabbed his waist tightly as if grabbing the last straw of life. Her knuckles were turning white.

Han Yuanjun clearly felt that after the woman in his arms heard Wei Xiaoqing's words, her body was shivering. The grip on his waist also hurting him.

He lowered his eyes to look at the woman in his arms before asking Wei Xiaoqing expressionlessly, "What is it?"

Even though Wei Xiaoqing had the guts to show off her face in front of Han Yuanjun, she was still scared by the iciness in his words and backed off.

She took a glance at Liang Zixuan, who was in Han Yuanjun's arms and said, "She's my makeup artist. We just had a car accident; I'll take her to the hospital."

Liang Zixuan didn't believe Wei Xiaoqing's words. She definitely wanted to ruin her throat by taking her away.

Liang Zixuan raised her head and looked at Han Yuanjun with teary eyes. She pouted, "Young Master Han, your car hit me. Shouldn't you take the responsibility?"

Wei Xiaoqing was shocked. She could not believe that Liang Zixuan would dare to say such things to Han Yuanjun.

She was waiting for Han Yuanjun to kick Liang Zixuan out of the car. She wanted to see her being humiliated, but then she heard Han Yuanjun chuckle, "I'll definitely take the responsibility for what I've done!"

He raised his eyes and looked at Wei Xiaoqing. His gaze and his tone were cold, "You heard her too, I have to be responsible for her."

Hearing Han Yuanjun's words, Yao Xiu immediately started to chase Wei Xiaoqing away. He pushed her aside and closed the back door, "I'm sorry, we have to take this lady to the hospital now. Please don't block our way!"

Wei Xiaoqing has pushed aside like a piece of trash. She watched as Liang Zixuan left with Han Yuanjun's car. She stood in the night wind, stomping her feet in anger. 'Liang Zixuan, you bitch! Do you really think that you can avoid me for the rest of your life? Just you wait and see!'