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Chapter 5 - Chapter 5: The Child Is Not Mine

In the hearts of thousands of women, Huo Xishen was the best candidate for a husband. He was wealthy, powerful, and good-looking. It was no wonder the original owner desperately wanted to marry him.

Unfortunately, the only memory of this man she had was the glimpse of him that she caught at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Yan Jinyi was still organizing her thoughts when she heard a timely knock on the door. 

When the door opened, she was greeted with Huo Zihang's demonic, handsome face. 

At this moment, disgruntlement was written all over his face and he urged in displeasure, "It's time for dinner, hurry up." 

Yan Jinyi did not answer him immediately. Instead, she pointed at herself and said, "Who am I?"

He thought, 'Is this woman out of her mind? She doesn't know who she is?'

"I'm asking you a question, hurry up."

Startled by her sudden holler, the dumbfounded Huo Zihang answered, "Yan-Yan Jinyi."


"Second Brother's wife."

'Although Second Brother doesn't acknowledge you as his wife.'

Yan Jinyi did not miss the derision and contempt in his eyes at all. Smiling coolly, she lectured, "You're the son of a prestigious and rich family after all. You must have basic manners and etiquette. Remember to address me as your Second Sister-in-law in the future."

After saying that, she made her way down the stairs. 

Huo Zihang stood rooted to the ground. 

'I... I seem to have been defeated by Yan Jinyi's dominance again?'

There were many delicacies on the huge dining table. 

Yan Jinyi was a bandit who placed huge emphasis on congeniality and she often demanded the basic, mandatory etiquette from the people around her. 

When Huo Zihang took a seat, he saw Yan Jinyi eating the food in her bowl very elegantly. 

She was eating very slowly, and every action of hers was pleasing to the eye, resembling that of the noble ladies and consorts in TV dramas. 

"Hey, are you very good at martial arts?"

For a long time, he did not get an answer from Yan Jinyi. Huo Zihang frowned and began to find that she was getting increasingly haughty and arrogant.

"I asked you a question!"

After drinking a mouthful of soup, Yan Jinyi picked up the napkin by the table and wiped the corners of her mouth with it. She then drawled, "Don't talk when you're eating. Must I teach you this? It's basic common sense." At the mention of this, she glanced at him and added, "Also, I am your second sister-in-law, it's not illegal for me to hit you."


'I can't let such an arrogant woman stay in the Huo Family to harm Second Brother.'

While Huo Zihang was secretly thinking about his plan to chase Yan Jinyi out, he suddenly heard the sounds of a woman clamoring outside. 

Huo Zihang, who was initially already full of pent up anger and irritation because of Yan Jinyi, slammed his chopsticks on the table after hearing the sounds. "Who has a death wish and decided to come to the Huo Family's manor to make a din?" 

The butler hurried over and looked at Huo Zihang anxiously. "Third, Third Young Master, there's a woman outside the door claiming to be pregnant with your child. She wants you to take responsibility. Why...why don't..."

Huo Zihang asked with a furious expression, "Or else what?"

"Or else she will expose the matter to the media."


Yan Jinyi drank a mouthful of juice, folded her arms, and leaned on the backrest of the chair. "I couldn't tell that you'd be so thoughtful as to create an heir early for the sake of the Huo Family, Third Young Master Huo."

'This vicious woman is adding insult to my injury!'

Huo Zihang said while gritting his teeth, "The child is not mine."

"We'll know whether the child is yours once you see her, won't we?" After saying that, she stood up and walked towards the sofa. "Uncle Zhang, take my future sister-in-law in and let us take a look at her."

"Yan! Jin! Yi!"

Young Mistress ignored Huo Zihang and stared at the hesitant butler who was standing at the door, her gaze gradually turning stern. "Seems like my words have no impact at all even though I'm the Young Mistress of the Huo Family."

"Yan Jinyi, what do you mean? That woman is obviously a conman. Am I the type to mess around outside and get girls pregnant easily?"

"Are you not?" Yan Jinyi asked. 

Huo Zihang felt humiliated. 

The person who showed up was a tall model who was dressed sexily. As soon as she saw Huo Zihang, she immediately weeped aggrievedly. "Third Young Master, I know you rich people look down on women like me who have a lowly status, but the child is innocent! Those maids even tried to hit me!"