Chereads / Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild / Chapter 9 - A Sharp Observation

Chapter 9 - A Sharp Observation

Once Chu Sihan returned home, he had heard that the girl whom he was about to marry had suddenly gone missing.

As his father was still concerned about what the National Adviser had said, he ordered his men to report the case to the magistrate office so that they could look for her in Liu Yue Village.

After Chu Sihan heard about this, he brought Chu Yun, Constable Wang, and ten other officials to Liu Yue Village.

Although he disapproved of this marriage, it was still a missing person case.

As the magistrate of the Lin Jiang Mansion, he had to come.

The moment he entered the courtyard, Chu Sihan could feel someone staring at him.

He sharply glanced toward the direction of the gaze. However, upon realizing that no one was there, he could not help but frown.

Lu Sheng looked at him in surprise.

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