Chereads / After the Marriage Cancellation, She Becomes a True Ancestor / Chapter 1 - Ancestor’s Spirit Shows Up

After the Marriage Cancellation, She Becomes a True Ancestor

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Chapter 1 - Ancestor’s Spirit Shows Up

"It's over, it's all over…"

It was August, which meant it was summer. The cicadas chirped outside the window, but the ancestral hall on the fourth floor of the Su family mansion had a chilling presence. 

Su Ye, the eldest daughter of the family, staggered drunkenly into it and sat down in front of the table with the plates of her ancestors. 

"I thought that I could turn the tides once I got engaged to Bo Yunli, but even after I tricked him into drinking that drug, he refused to sleep with me… It's my mother's fault for coming up with such a stupid idea!"

She got up swiftly and pushed off the incense burner and offerings placed neatly in front of the plates. 

"What's the point of dad making offerings to these stupid plates every day? He said that the ancestors will protect us. Protect, my foot! Will the ancestors clear my debts?"

There was something strange about the situation. While she swung her arms around and shoved all the items on the floor, one plate of roasted chicken still sat properly at the center of the table. 

Su Ye's expression suddenly turned savage. She grabbed the roasted chicken, tore it in half, and threw it on the floor. "Even this roasted chicken is going against me!" 

When the roasted chicken fell on the floor, a dust-covered plate in the corner of the room swayed violently. Su Ye looked at the plate in confusion. Were her eyes playing tricks on her because she had drunk too much? 

The words "Su Ye" were carved on the plate. 

This ancestor shared the same surname and given name as her. Considering their statuses, she was her grandaunt. 

Su Ye did not look away. Instead, she decided to yell at the plate. "You're the person I hate most! I've heard about what you and your father did in the past! You humiliated the whole Su family! Well, weren't you amazing? You didn't have any children and died in your twenties. All your troubles ended the moment you died, huh?

"But what about me? I don't know what dad was thinking. He just had to give me your name! But that's not all, he actually said that I look like you as well! Because of this, everyone talks bad about me behind my back! 

"Now, my prospective marriage is ruined, and I don't have any means to get money. If my mom learned about how much money I owe, she'd definitely yell at me until I went deaf!"

Su Ye threw her head back and drank a mouthful of wine before she smashed the bottle on the ground. 

The floor was now a mess. 

Su Ye got up and turned to the window while ignoring the plate which was swaying violently and about to crack. She lurched forward with her head down and looked at the ground under the window. 

The wind blew up her shoulder-length hair, and it was as if time stopped at that moment. 

"You want me to die, right? Fine, I'll do as you wish!"

The moment she said that, she jumped out. 

At the same time, a rather deep voice of a young woman echoed in the empty ancestral hall. "It's your honor to look like me! If it weren't for the legacy I left for all of you, would you enjoy your current riches? You actually believed the rumors outside and humiliated your ancestor? You let down your status as a child of the Su family!"


Nanny Zhang had been hanging the clothes to dry on the balcony when she heard a heavy thud and registered what was the black shape that fell out the window. She rushed out in a hurry and saw the eldest daughter lying on the cement floor at the center of the garden. 

"Miss Su Ye…" Nanny Zhang's face instantly drained of color. 

But before she could register the situation, she saw the eldest daughter stand up. 

Oh. My. God.

Nanny Zhang nearly died on the spot. 

Su Ye patted away the dirt on her body and, in a feisty manner, rubbed off the blood that had flowed out of her nose. 

She actually fell on her face. There had been no skill involved when the girl jumped out. 

She turned her neck and moved her shoulders. Once she was sure she was unharmed, she used the pad of her thumb to press down on the shoulder bone acupressure point and moved her thumb until she reached the heaven projection acupressure point on her clavicle. The buzz from the alcohol in her head faded away, and her mind became clear. 

She brought her hand up to press it between her eyebrows, and after taking a long time to acclimate herself with the situation, she opened her eyes. Finally, she had managed to come out of the dark wooden plate. 

She had wanted to stop her grandniece from committing suicide, but to her surprise, she had ended up entering her body. 

Did she get reincarnated into her grandniece's body?

This was the will of God…

'You foolish child. Your death won't punish anyone. I'll help you live and make all of them cry.'

When Nanny Zhang saw that the troublemaking eldest daughter was fine, she looked away and returned to hanging the clothes. 

She did not show any concern. 

Everyone in the Su family knew that their eldest daughter was a troublemaker. 

When she was in class, she yelled at teachers. When school was over, she beat up her classmates. She gossiped about others in their faces, lied behind their backs, stole things, and destroyed public property. The madam disliked her, and the family of her fiance regarded her with scorn. On top of it all, she was nineteen years old, but she was only in the third year of high school!

It was no wonder then that she looked so much like that grandaunt of hers. Both of them brought about misfortune. 

With that thought, Nanny Zhang cast a disdainful glance at Su Ye. Right away, she saw something amazing behind her. When had the young masters of the Bo and Lin families arrived?

Nanny Zhang quickly washed her hands clean, removed her apron, and trotted over. She dipped her head respectfully before the guests and said, "Young Master Bo, Young Master Lin, welcome. We deeply appreciate your kindness for coming from afar. I will report your arrival to the madam."

Bo Yunli let out a faint hum. His eyes shone with a cold light when he looked at Su Ye standing in front of him. 

His voice was deep. Even when there were plenty of people talking at the same time, they would immediately hear his voice. There was a raspy quality to it, and it sounded gentle and warm at first, but if anyone listened to it more, they would find that it was actually cold and aloof. 

Su Ye looked at him with no emotion. 'Where did this gigolo come from? He looks pretty good.'

Just like when she was alive, she was not interested in love and relationships, but it would not cost her anything to have a look, and she would waste her chance if she did not look now. 

The man had a lean figure and stood straight. He had an eye-catching appearance, and a pair of thin glasses rested on his tall nose, which gave him an air of elegance and abstinence. 

The long and narrow eyes behind the glasses were really good-looking. The canthuses of his eyes were deep set, and the corners hung down a little, making his eyes look like a deep and dangerous ocean. When he raised his chin a little, his face gave off a gloomy but cold air, which made him really imposing. 

The one next to him was handsome as well, but if the two were compared, he would be very inferior. 

The much more inferior Lin Zhan sized up Su Ye with terror. "Cousin, I swear I really saw her jump from the fourth floor just now! It's too bizarre..."

Bo Yunli remained expressionless. 

"I'm telling you, forget about jumping off the building, it's useless even if you hang yourself! You actually did something as lowly as drugging a person! We came here to cancel the marriage!" Lin Zhan said.

Su Ye realized their statuses based on how Lin Zhan referred to them. She showed no signs of anger and just smiled before she said, "Are your grandfathers alright?"

Lin Zhan became wary. "My grandfather passed away two years ago. What do you want?"

Su Ye shook her head with a serious expression. "A pity."

In the past, when her father, Su Chenshuo, was falsely accused, the entire world became the Su family's enemy. Only Bo Zhan and Lin Zhengen, who were the grandfathers of the two people before her, had helped them. 

Lin Zhan was slightly stunned, but he immediately asked, "What do you mean?"

If it were anyone else who said it, they would really think the situation was regretful, but when it came to Su Ye, it was definitely some kind of curse!

Su Ye habitually ignored the words of the one with the inferior looks. She looked at Bo Yunli as if she was waiting for his answer. 

Bo Yunli frowned a little, and with his cold but pleasant-sounding voice, he said slowly, "You're asking the obvious."

"That's right," Lin Zhan said. "If Master Bo didn't force my cousin to get engaged with you, do you think you'd be worthy of the Bo family, considering your family's strength?"

Speaking of which, it was strange. Master Bo had always had keen judgment and hated shallow people who fawned over the rich. Yet for some reason, he was always biased toward Su Ye. 

Su Ye placed her hand at the center of her eyebrows. The ancestors were kindhearted and just people, but their descendants were really tactless.

More than forty years ago, she was the most powerful businesswoman in Imperial City's business circle. She excelled in both sports and academics, and the Su family's strength even surpassed the Bo family's for a period of time. 

Truly, the moment something strong fell into decline, even trash would bully it.

Oh well, judging by their positions, the two were her grandnephews who had yet to grow up. Why should she lower herself to their level?

Su Ye pointed at Lin Zhan and said calmly, "Your face has a waxy hue, and your tongue is thick and white." She sniffed the air and frowned. "There's a strange scent coming from your mouth, too. These are symptoms of too much heat in one's kidneys and a weak stomach."

She had noticed it when Lin Zhan spoke, and since he was her best friend's grandson, she decided to tell him about it. 

Lin Zhan's face turned red when he heard it. Did the crazy woman start cussing at people without a single swear word now? Was she beating around the bush and saying that his breath stank? How was that possible?

Su Ye did not care about his reaction and continued. "I'll write a prescription for you tomorrow. Take it three times a day. But it will only take care of the symptoms. It's not a radical treatment for it."

Lin Zhan's rationale might have been thrown out the window because of anger, but he still asked, "How do I get it radically treated?"

He regretted it the moment he finished saying it. 

"The cause of your illness is… in layman's terms, you are holding back your lust. If you got married soon, you would get rid of all that pent up energy and heal without any medicine."

Lin Zhan let out a bark of laughter from anger. "I knew it, you're just trying to deceive me! After beating around the bush so much, you came back to the main topic. But don't you think you're telling this to the wrong person? You should be trying to persuade my cousin to get married soon, so you'd get what you want!"

He thought that Su Ye would reveal her true colors now, but she did not look nervous after he exposed her. She just said calmly, "He doesn't have to. His complexion is pale, and he gives off a hint of coldness. By the looks of it, he has not thought of those things for a long time. Otherwise, it'd be impossible for aphrodisiacs to not work on him."