Chapter 7 - Poco Loco

"A robot?!" My mind nearly exploded from the shock upon being handed a present by the royal butler.

"Ahem, it is a personal creation, your majesty. So please forgive its imperfections," Daisuke bowed even as I'm sure that my reaction did not escape him.

"How did you know how to create this? How are you able to create this without advanced technology?" It doesn't sit well with me that he can do robotics despite the setting of the story being backwards.

This doesn't happen in the story I have written. I never painted him to be this unusually smart, no never in my mind have I painted him as such.

It dawned on me that Daisuke was the most unusual character in this story, his behavior is not only different from what I have written, but even his intellect and knowledge on far too many subjects.

A master of royal social etiquettes, an advanced strategist, and now, robotics! What the hell is happening in this world that I supposedly created?

It's like it is being controlled by a force unknown even to me, the writer. Have I entered an entirely different story? But the characters are the same, so it can't possibly be, right?

Daisuke clapped his hands and the robot puppy moved, angling its head just a bit, and smiling the cutest of smiles.

"Ahem, Poco loves," Daisuke said, and the puppy bot responded, wiggling its tail.

"Poco loves Momma and Dada," the puppy bot talked back and melted all my anxieties away. For he was the cutest robot in the world, both in my world and in this one for sure.

I laughed as it wiggled itself more so that I let it down on the ground. "Thank you, I'm sorry for how I reacted earlier. It is a very beautiful creation, are you sure you are giving it to me?"

Daisuke, hugged the robot pup and cradled it in his arms, sat down on the grass beside me.

"Princess, if you can accept my humble gift. Please let him call you his mom. He was programmed to have some sort of emotions, so accepting the role as his mom will make him very happy, and I as well, as the giver," Daisuke said, those eyes of blue sky smiled so sweetly as well.

He was breathtaking, and even more so now. His black blazer was left on the chair, and his long sleeves white shirt and uncentered necktie just make me want to fix it for him, like in those romantic animes I have watched.

"Ahem, what do you say princess? Will you be Poco's mom?" his eyes just melted my heart over and over again. He was the sweetest, most perfect guy any novel can ask for. Too bad, I'm not even the protagonist!

"Yes, I would love to be his mom. But then he said he loves both his momma and dada. So, do you mean?" I blushed from realizing how it sounded.

"Ahem, that will be me, your majesty. His dad," Daisuke said, his eyes just hypnotizing me to agree to everything he just said, and everything he is about to say.

"Then how about custody issues," I said, breaking our eye contact and staring at the blue sky instead. Damn, even the skies make me miss staring into his eyes! There is simply no escaping this man.

Stop this, Maru! Stop simping! He is not an anime guy! I repeat, he is not an anime guy!

"If you can allow it, your majesty, then let's have joint custody of our child," his voice suddenly turned serious, like we are discussing our child's custody or something.

I blushed profusely as I was forced to look at him again. It was a mistake for nothing is as magnificent as the view of Daisuke's silver hair against the sun.

Silver as the moon when it is in an eclipse, and eyes as blue as the deepest ocean. Daisuke is the weakness that my otaku heart can't handle!

I'm simping way too fast and way too much. I'm just glad he can't read my thoughts, or I will surely die from embarrassment!

"Princess, your nose," Daisuke said, as he hurriedly took out his handkerchief to wipe the blood.

I forgot that nosebleed from too much otaku chills is possible in this world!

Damn you, Maru! Stop being a simp!